3 Nathan Performance Accessories You Need for Fall

With fall races on the horizon, it’s crunch time. Your training runs are getting longer, your running shoes are getting down and dirty with the pavement or trail, and your confidence is soaring because you keep nailing your pacing (or at least you’re trying!).

While it’s true that gear doesn’t make a runner, it’s hard to argue that having the right gear in your arsenal can make training for race day feel like bliss rather than blah. And these Nathan picks? They’ll help make those long miles feel like a walk (or easy run) in the park. 


Nathan Lightspur ($15.99)

This handy little light is one of the more creative ways we have seen to stay safe during those low-light pavement or trail sessions. The LightSpur wraps around the heel of your running shoe to give you powerful illumination. It’s lightweight so you don’t feel it when you’re cruising along, and it can withstand almost all weather conditions. And the battery? It lasts 100+ hours. Just think about how many miles that is!


Nathan SonicBoon Armband Phone Case ($23.99)

Ready to head out the door but realize you don’t have a pocket to hold your phone? Make sure a device case is in your gear arsenal. They keep your phone safe from the perils of sweat and bad weather to ensure it stays safe. And with easy-touch windows, you don’t lose an ounce of ease when it comes to hitting the next track or adjusting the volume. Plus, Nathan’s cases promote low-light visibility up to 1,200 ft. Gear up and go without your phone holding you back.


SpeedDraw Plus BlackLight Water Bottle ($26.99)

Nathan is perhaps best known for its hydration products, and it’s rare we leave our doorstep without a bottle in our hand or a pack around our waist. New for fall is the SpeedDraw Plus Blacklight water bottle, which displays shockingly bright reflectivity.  The 18-oz. flask is ergonomically designed to keep your hand from feeling fatigued when you’re carrying it. And with the zippered pouch, it’s easy to stash keys, phone and fuel without worry. If you prefer a waist design, the BlackLight technology is also available in the Peak BlackLight Hydration Pack. 

What’s your favorite running accessory? Tell us in the comments section. 

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