4 Can’t-Miss Races


Ask a runner which races top a course bucket list, and you’ll learn about 10 starting lines, minimum. Because of running’s increased popularity, more and more events are popping up each year, giving runners so many great opportunities to crush their goals. From the silly, à la the Krispy Kreme Challenge, to the serious, like Boston, it’s easy for the dreaming and scheming to go on and on (as it most definitely should). Here is just a small sampling of races that, if not already on a runner’s radar, should migrate there immediately.

Cougar_mt_runningCougar Mountain Trail Series If you are looking for a picturesque race, the Cougar Mountain Trail Series is for you. Located within a luscious green forest near Seattle, runners can take-in some of America’s best beauty spots. There are a range of races to be ran here, with different lengths and difficulties, so there really is something for everyone.

450px-Mount_MarathonMount Marathon Race Despite being only three and a half miles long, it would be foolish to class the Mount Marathon race as easy. In fact, the race is far from it. Competitors will ascend 3,022 feet up a mountain, facing steep, rocky terrain. Often, runners use tree branches to help them climb the mountain and will have to deal with the added test of icy ground too. The race is a true test of any runner’s ability.

NIKE WOMENS MARATHON 1Nike Women’s Marathon The Nike Women’s Marathon is certainly unique. Whether it’s the half or the full marathon, both races will show you the best that San Francisco has to offer, including the Golden Gate Bridge and park. On finishing the race, you will be presented with an official finisher’s necklace designed by the iconic Tiffany & Co. There are even free make-up kits, yoga mats and chocolates to be had, making this every woman’s dream race.

emeraldnutsNew Year Midnight Run One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get fit and be more active. What better way to make sure you stick to your resolution than with a midnight run on New Year’s Eve in New York’s Central Park. The emphasis is on having fun, so warm up before the race with music and live entertainment that is performed in the park. When the race begins, enjoy the spectacular firework display whilst you run and make sure you make a pit stop at the non-alcoholic champagne stand to toast the New Year. This really is a race not to be missed.—————————————————————————————————————————————————- Guest author Autumn Wiberg is a keen runner who enjoys finding interesting new races to run and keeping fit more generally. She regularly writes on the topic of fitness for Millet Sports.  

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