Brooks Pure Project Preview [VIDEO]

Brooks had the busiest booth by far at Outdoor Retailer 2011. That’s probably because it contained some of the sexiest footwear we’ve seen in a long time.

Don’t believe us? Watch video footage from the show (below) to witness it for yourself.

With the catchphrase “feel more with less,” Brooks Pure Project aims to take the barefoot-yet-not movement to new heights.

While barefoot running has been around for a long time (ahem, racing flats anyone?), Brooks’ spring line is definitely leveling up. Its seductive color schemes and product names such as PureFlow, PureConnect and PureGrit emit a vibe of chicness, striving to be unlike anything minimalism has seen before.

PureConnect is set to be the lightest, most flexible shoe in the lineup—coming in at 7.2 ounces for men and 6.5 ounces for women. Some of the first reviews call the shoe as light as a hairbrush and say that you can actually feel the ground beneath you while running. After a first run in PureConnects, the same calf soreness common with barefoot shoes was also reported. Of course, that will vary depending on body type and weight.

Some features of PureConnect seen throughout the line include:

  • Ideal Heel – An inverted heel, which promotes a more natural lay-down.
  • Toe Flex – A toe split allows the big toe to create natural stability.
  • Nav Band – Wraps in-step, keeping foot in correct position.

For a bump in cushion, try PureFlow. It incorporates the same technologies found in PureConnect with a little more shoe. Then there’s PureGrit, a trail runner that infuses the innovations of PureConnect. Its outsole is non-slip to help you stay on track.

Lastly, PureCandence is the gateway shoe for the Pure line. It’s the best place for people to start if they’re a little skeptical of running barefoot, as it provides the most support and guidance. It features internal PDRB to prevent overpronation.

Overall, Brooks Pure Project appears to be a promising chic addition to the minimalist footwear movement. The entire line is expected to launch January 2012.

Do you run in barefoot shoes? Will you be adding Brooks Pure shoes to your lineup?

One Comment on “Brooks Pure Project Preview [VIDEO]

  1. I got to say Brooks hit the nail on the head with the Pure Connect all I can say is wow!
    I think they make me want to run more,& I don’t have a problem with that at all!

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