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With so many races to pick from, how is a runner to choose? Consider one of these for your race-day bucket list.

12 Standout Race Medals

Finishing a race is always an exciting accomplishment, but a great race medal makes the occasion even sweeter. Check out this offbeat bling.

Top Runners of Instagram

These athletes have a penchant for sweat, determination and smashing their goals—all the while showcasing why there are no boundaries in this sport. Although they might not make you faster, they’ll help you get your feet out the door. Follow along as they set their sights higher and higher.

What Runners Do

Who doesn’t love a good meme? We had some fun with the “What I Do” meme that is circulating the Interwebs this week. Check it out!

Forbidden Runs: 10 Alluring-Yet-Prohibited Places

Your runs have taken you to plenty of strange and interesting locations. But has it ever taken you somewhere outlawed?

Looks Like Brooks Glycerin, Tastes Like Wedding Cake

Do you love your running shoes? Would you ever eat them? One groom was happily surprised when he saw his groom’s cake for the first time. For more information and the picture, check out the rest of the story.

Guess Which Billionaire Wears Brooks

One of the richest people on the planet laces up Brooks running shoes. We will give you one more hint about his identity: He would probably “Like” this post on Facebook. Any ideas? Read on to find out.

Top 9 Ugliest Running Shoes Ever

Ever spot something that just makes your nose crinkle up in disgust. And it’s not the scent of the shoe we’re talking about. Oh no. We dug up nine ugly shoe styles that give Vibram FiveFingers, Uggs and Crocs combined a run for their money.

Best Running Shoes for Zombie Apocalypse Survival

For Zombie Awareness Month, one staff member stepped into 12 pairs of running shoes in order to determine the best set of kicks for the always-looming zombie apocalypse. After testing out shoes from six brands, she gives us her top picks.

Poll: Where Do You Keep Your Running Shoes?

Assuming you don’t sleep in your running shoes, where do you store them when you’re not out on a run? From the closet to the garage, discover where others store their kicks.