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A Conversation With: Buddy Teaster

Teaster is the CEO and president of Soles4Souls, an international charity that collects and distributes shoes and apparel to stop the perpetuation of poverty.

The Mental Side of Marathons: An Interview with Vicki Weitz

Vicki Weitz ran 26 marathons in as many days. Find out how she overcame the mental challenges of long-distance running.

13 Questions with Skora Founder David Sypniewski

Skora has been called the Bentley and the Lexus of the barefoot running world. What makes its minimalist shoes so special? For that, we turn to the brand’s founder and CEO to discover the secret behind his success.

Meet Co-Founder of MapMyRun Empire

He’s one of the brains behind the infinitely popular MapMyRun app. Join us as Robin Thurston talks tracking tips, success stories and the longest run in MapMyRun history. He also gives us a hint about what’s in store for the fitness app empire.

Q&A: How to Start Eco-Running

Ever notice unsightly debris near your running path and had a strong inclination to pick it up? Then you might be drawn to eco-running. What is eco-running exactly? We chat with an expert in the field of running green to find out more.

Run Abroad: Tracking 101 Bucket List Races

Sure, your hometown marathon might be great. But don’t forget: There’s an entire world out there to race! Renato, editor of, schools us on international marathons and the 101 races to add to your bucket list.

Q&A: Trail Running Tips

The trail can prove to be the ultimate challenge for some runners. Why? There’s a whole new set of rules that apply. Trail running blogger Phong Chieng shares his experiences with us on what to expect when taking your jog off track.

Q&A: How to Run and Lose Weight

Weight loss and running go hand in hand. This week we hear from a man who started running to do just that. Meet the brains behind Running … Because I Can and #runchat, a live Twitter question-and-answer chat. He shares his story about the ups and downs of working out and dieting.

Finding Humor in Running

Is running funny? At least one person in the world seems to think so. Find out what in particular about the sport really tickles his funny bone. His answer might not surprise you, but it will most definitely make you laugh.

Q&A: The Running Moron

While his nickname might suggest it, Brett Stevens is no fool. Sure, he might not be an Olympic athlete, but his Average Joe take on running is certainly turning a few heads. Find out more about the man behind the blog The Running Moron.