Contest: Win Mizuno for Your Valentine

If there’s ever a time to tell someone how you really feel, it’s right now. Valentine’s Day lets us tell our friends, relatives and special someones how much they really mean to us. We’ve partnered with Mizuno to encourage you to share something heartfelt about your running valentine.

Why all the encouragement? Well, there’s something in it for those who share. One commenter will receive two pairs of the Mizuno Wave Enigma 2. Part of Mizuno’s neutral collection, the Enigma gives runners an ample amount of cushioning for a smooth ride.

Mizuno Wave Enigma 2




  • Drop: 12 mm
  • Weight: 11.6 oz
  • Mizuno Wave Technology dissipates impact forces away from the foot for a smoother, more cushioned feel.
  • SmoothRide Engineering promotes natural movement from the back of your foot to the front, initiating that rocking-chair motion.
  • Dynamotion Fit reduces lateral stress for optimal fit.
  • AP+ midsole designed for long-lasting durability and unparalleled responsiveness.

Love is kind of like an Enigma, right? To enter for a chance to win, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post. The staff here at will choose a winner from our favorite answers.

Who’s your running Valentine? Tell us why you love him or her!

Let your running valentine be anyone special to you—a husband, a mother, a best friend—someone who brings joy and color into your world; the person who makes you smile on a rainy day. Share your story about them, gain some good vibes, and potentially pick up some free Mizuno shoes. Sounds like a win-win to us!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats to Debbie, who submitted the following note about her valentine:

I know most people choose their valentine to be their boyfriend, significant other, or spouse, etc. and I am married and love my hubby with all my heart but this year I would choose my son, Benjamin, as my special valentine. He has been an inspiration to both myself and my husband. A couple years ago he boldly came to us and told us that he was concerned for our health and he loved us so much and he wanted us to be around for a long time and that he wanted to make sure that he could help us do anything he could to encourage us to get healthy. Through a lot of encouragement we have joined weight watchers, started an exercise program and more recently Benjamin is encouraging us to run in the Pat Tillman marathon. Benjamin runs/jogs right beside me like my personal trainer encouraging me with every step cheering me on. Our other three children are also jumping on board in getting healthier.

Debbie and her son will each receive a pair of the Mizuno Enigma 2. We thank you to all who participated. There were some really great entries. We hope you shared your kind words with your special valentine!


Debbie sent us a picture of her and her son enjoying their new shoes. She writes:

My son has now convinced my husband and I to start hiking mountains. We are here at the top of North Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been a fun and challenging journey. Thank you again for the shoes.


This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 15. 

** CONTEST CLOSED** Thank you for submitting your entries!

133 Comments on “Contest: Win Mizuno for Your Valentine

  1. My Valentine is also one of my teammates. We met this past summer during cross country conditioning. I always admired her bright smile from a distance. As the season went on, we got to know eachother more. I learned she was on the swim team also. I had been wanting to train for a triathlon, so I joined too. She was new to running and I was new to swimming so we helped eachother until she was forced to choose swimming or running. She chose running. This made me come to track practice everyday before swim to see her. The two-a-days were hard, and when I wanted to quit, she kept me going. Not only did she help me with achieving my goals, she has helped me morally. She would never approve of crude jokes, so it stopped. I couldn’t afford flowers this time, so I carved a wooden rose for her. Nothing is better than seeing that bright/shy smile and those blushing cheeks. She has helped me become a better person and must be the best person for me. I just hope I can be as great for her as she is for me.

  2. Heather and I met on the road one day both training for our first full marathon. It was a match made at a 10:30 pace. She had beat CANCER. Conversation started with training tips and running stories and soon led to more relaxed conversations. Time passed and with my race comming up I was starting to enter my long runs of 15+ miles. At this point Heather had to go in for surgery #2. I ran my first full and later that year she did too. I will never forget running with her on her last few miles of her race to cheer her on stride by stride. What I didnt know was how her strength would pull me through an unfortunate injury. A BROKEN FOOT is a runners worst nightmare. Even though the doc couldn’t promise me that I would run again, Heather did not loose faith. Long story short I made my way back to the road. Currently Heather and I are training again. Both of us increasing our distance slowly as she is taking care of an IT band issue and me recovering from my foot injury. Guess we will see where the road takes us next, but we would sure love to have some awesome shoes on our runs.

  3. My running Valentine is my daughter. I only started running a few years ago, about 6 months in to my running she decided she wanted to give it a try because the yearly elementary track meet was coming up and she thought it would be fun. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed running until I started running 3 evenings a week with my little girl. She has even told me it’s easier for her to talk to me about things when we are running. Running together helped us both so much during my husband’s last deployment. We both seemed less anxious than previous deployments throughout the year he was gone. We decided to run the Indy Women’s 5K together this year, it’s in September but she is already telling everyone she gets to run a race with Mom. She also wants to try out for her middle school cross country team next year, she has become my inspiration!

  4. my husband! he can’t keep up but he tries his best! thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. My running valentine is my amazing wife of 10+ years. She’s always so encouraging and strong. She’s so dedicated to a life of good health, and inspires me to live a healthy lifestyle. She’s such a great inspiration for our two young daughters, and motivates me to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  6. My running valentine is my husband. He is the reason why I started running years ago. While we don’t always get to train together, we do enjoy doing it when we can. We think of it as a perfect date when we can run together. We support each other through our training endeavors. He actually paced me through the last 8 miles of my last marathon – carried my gear and got me through some tough hills. I on the other hand, love bringing the kids with me to cheer him on at his races and am looking forward to cheering him on again at the Boston Marathon.

  7. My husband is my running valentine. If it were not for him, I would not have even tried running. He helps me keep me motivated and is my inspiration when trying for a new goal. My favorite runs are long slow runs on the weekend with him by ny side.

  8. my running valentine is my best friend Belen. even though she is all the way in France she still keeps me smiling and full of love. we talk nearly everyday online, and she is supportive of everything I do, whether she agrees or not, as long as I’m doing the best for myself, she’s on my side. for example, I’m joining the military and even though this means I won’t see or talk to her as often nor do we get to be roommates because of it, she’s on my side and supports me fully. I love her so much for all her support and friendship. she means everything and i wouldn’t have my valentine be anyone else.

  9. My running Valentine is my lovely wife. She used to wear Acics shoes for running, but she loves Mizuno after I gave her a pair of Wave Precision 13 as her b day gift.

  10. My running soulmate is my wife of 27 years, Darlene. Here’s why…

    I was nearly 280 lbs when I decided to get into shape five years ago. As part of that effort, I started running in local 5Ks and was bitten by the bug almost immediately. My wife became “Team Dwain Train” for those early contests and ever since and was always there to cheer, encourage and most of all, cart my sorry butt back home when I finished.

    In 2011, I won an entry into my first marathon. The experience was life changing, but I was ill-prepared for what I was getting into, having never run a distance longer than 10K. I was good through about the halfway mark when my legs started to give out. By Mile 18 I was cramping pretty bad and by Mile 20, I was a shuffling, limping mess. Little did I know that Darlene has covered almost as much ground as I had trying (unsuccessfully) to intercept me at some point along the route to cheer me on.

    I got to the last 500 meters and as anyone who has run the Chicago Marathon knows, the only real incline is the bit at the end. Any other day, it’s not much of a hill, but that day it looked like Mt. Everest. I started to climb, when both calves locked up solid. I was barely able to hobble over to the snow fence behind which stood these awesome spectators urging me to finish. I wasn’t sure I could even walk, much less get to the end, even though it was so close I could almost feel it.

    I gave the calves one more good stretch and then straightened up only to find myself looking at Darlene dead in the face. Our paths had finally intersected and by some miracle she appeared, right in front of me. As I looked into those beautiful eyes, the pain in my legs melted. She smiled, told me how great I was doing and gave me a kiss as the other spectators went nuts.

    I told her, “I’ll see you in a minute. I gotta go take care of something.” I then kicked the living daylights out of that hill and crossed the finish line. My time was terrible and I hurt all over, but tears of joy streamed down my face.

    For giving me that moment, and many more since that day, Darlene will always be my running soulmate.

  11. I would LIKE my running Valentine to be my husband. We were married August 25, 2013, and since then we have both faced family loss, job changes and financial difficulties. With the added stress my husband has also added a few extra pounds, which does lot make me love him any less, but it does make him more self conscious. I have been making an effort to eat more healthy and work out more with him, but it’s not always easy, and he is discouraged that he has not seen any changes in his physical state. Together for eight years, our mantra has always been “we’ll make it work,” and I know somehow, with our strong relationship and strength to stand together, we will find a way to become running buddies and get him over this plateau, but it’s not an easy road we are facing (as anyone who has lost weight can attest).

  12. Dara is my valentine and my running partner. She makes time for me to run and will lead the way through the NYC Half next month!

  13. My running Valentine is my friend, Beverly, who encourages me even though we live in different states. She periodically will travel down to do a race with me which always results in a great time even though I am sure our times are a bit slower due to all the chatting (LOL).

  14. My running Valentine is my wonderful boyfriend. He was the first guy I met in college, before classes had even started freshmen year. We were great friends until a couple years ago we started dating. He encourages me in whatever I do, running, work, even painting my nails. He ‘dislikes’ running but will head out with me anytime he can. I love him!

  15. My 14 year old daughter is my running valentine!! She is in 8th grade, plays every sport available to her including cheer and still brings home straight A’s!! I would love to win her a pair of Mizunos to keep her running smooth for track and cross country. Plus I love my wave riders!!

  16. My running Valentine is my running partner in crime. Before meeting him I ran and occasionally raced but didn’t consider myself a runner. He sent me inspirational/motivational quotes, coached me through races, and taught me to believe in myself and my abilities. In November, we both qualified for Boston and I couldn’t have done it without him.

  17. My wife is my Running Valentine. She has inspired me to lose weight and to exercise more. I would like to get her a pair of nice running shoes so that she can join me. Her current cheap-o sneakers just don’t cut it and I think that is what is holding her back.

  18. My running Valentine is my wife. She always encourages me to run and eat healthy. My dad has had 5 heart bypasses and she pushes me to avoid that as my future. We run and work out together and have fun in a healthy way. I look forward to logging many more miles with her.

  19. My running valentine is my beautiful wife. She has always been very motivated about fitness and has always tried to motivate me to run. I decided that I would make a resolution to motivate myself about running and fitness. Having lost a mother to heart disease i realize that i do not have good family history. i want to be there for my wife and children. i now look ofrward to my running every day. i especially look forwad to running with my wife becasue I can now motivate and push her.

  20. My Husband is my running valentine. He wanted to run in our gyms 5K last August and I decided that I would join him. Neither of us had run more than a mile in the last 10 years but were very active people. So we each took 6 weeks and trained for our first 5K. We didn’t have a babysitter so I pushed our almost 2 year old and we ran in our first 5K as a family. It was also the first time that he had ever ran the full 3 miles. We are now both hooked and have run in multiply races since then. We are going to do a 10K this summer.

  21. My running valentine is my 5-year-old daughter, Jocelyn. She is full of life and joy and reminds me every day why I run… to be a strong healthy mom and to give her the example of loving and taking care of herself. She always encourages me to run and sometimes will go on short runs with me (and chatters the whole way). When we run together, sometimes we play the thankful game where we take turns saying what we are thankful for. We choose things like strong legs, healthy hearts, fresh air, and, of course, each other!! When I am injured, she helps take care of me (by letting me rest with her little stuffed animals). When she asks why I run, I tell her….. We run to be strong and smart…… and running helps us find our inner happiness!!

  22. My four amazing kids are my running valentines. I am a divorced mom, and I am very blessed to have them. They may drive me crazy at times, but they truly are my driving force. I think of them every time I take off on a run, and I get such a smile on my face when I see them waiting at the finish for me. I would also like to add that my oldest daughter is becoming a runner, and we will complete our first race together before St. Patrick’s Day.

  23. My husband is my running Valentine. He introduced me to running and is supportive of my efforts and sets a good example of working out for our family.

  24. My running Valentine is my beautiful wife. Last year while training for her first half marathon she encountered an injury that thwarted her running. Because she works in the health care field she decided to not miss any time from caring for her patients despite having a fractured pelvis. After almost a year she is back to training for the same half. Her healing time and rehab was elongated due to not taking time to heal and in doing so also caused an i inguinal hernia. It has been a very long road back for her and she has not complained or doubted her decision to put her patients first. Her dedication and strength is why I’m lucky to have her as not only my running Valentine but my life partner.

  25. My boyfriend is my running valentine! He is so supportive and comes to all my races no matter what the circumstance. I wouldn’t be as encouraged and motivated as I am without him 🙂

  26. My running valentine is ME. I am single and don’t have any friends who run. I rely on myself for motivation and inspiration. Although it’s kind of a lonely existence, I feel good about reaching my goals and hope to run that elusive marathon someday. Go ME!! 🙂

  27. My running valentine is my girl Anna. She is one of my best friends and definitely helps me keep a smile on my face. We run, walk, hike, and bike together and make each other stronger!

  28. My favorite running valentine is my husband Michael. Back in 2009 I decided that I wanted to pick up running and complete a 5k. I was nervous about doing it so my husband (who is not a runner) said he would sign up and run the 5k with me. We trained together, he supported my dream of running and we finished the race together. Without his love and support I would not have ran this 5k, nor the other handfuls of them I have run since. Earlier this year I pulled the trigger and signed up for my first half marathon, which is in May. He has been nothing but supportive of me and encouraging me along the way. I don’t know where I’d be without the love of my life. Since our first 5k he has made a commitment to fitness and goes for regular walks and recently he also incorporated running into his program. I couldn’t be prouder of him!

  29. My mom is my running valentine. She inspired me to start running in early 2012. She runs 3-4 days a week plus does boot camp as cross training 3-4 days a week. In 2012 we ran two 5ks together and I must admit my mom is still faster than me. We recently ran a half marathon together (my 2nd, her 4th) and have plans to run at least 5 more races together this year. My moms support and encouragement pushes me to continue to train so hopefully I can be faster than her someday.

  30. My hubby! I started running in 2010 and he supported me but never was interested in running, too. Then about a year later, he agreed to run a half with me and trained well and surpassed his goal! I wouldn’t say he’s as excited about running as I am, but I am so proud that he made the effort! <3

  31. My husband of almost 24 years is my Running Valentine. Not a consistant runner, (he prefers speed walking, cycling, and strength-training), he’ll take in a fun 5K with me every now and then. He’s been my paparazzi, documenting races with a small digital camera; my cheerleader, cheering me on and wooping it up near finish lines; my chauffer, driving me to and from races allowing me to truly enjoy the beer at the post-race gathering; my caregiver, applying cold packs to aches and massaging cramped muscles; and the best provider of encouragment ever, especially when I get anxious about races. He’s tolerant of sweaty and smelly workout gear, of conversations on times, temperature and hills (those d*mn hills) and Sundays spent with other runners. There is no one more deserving then him! Thank you!

  32. My running valentine is my best friend and workout partner, Jennifer. She keeps me accountable to get into the gym – even when I *really* don’t want to go. We’re both trying to make exercise a priority and it’s really, really hard to get out at 5:30 in the morning when it’s below freezing and it seems like the whole city is still sound asleep. She’s working 12 hour days through tax season and that’s the only time she can go. We’re good exercise partners and I’m so thankful for her! I’d really love to win these for both of us. THANKS!

  33. My running valentine is definitely my husband who always motivates me and supports me with my running and workout goals.

  34. My mom is my favorite running partner, my best friend, and my “sole” mate. We run together almost every day, and it is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love my mom more than words can say, and we have been through a lot together. It would be amazing to give her a valentine’s gift of running shoes, because not only is she in desperate need of new ones but she deserves it!!

  35. Well this is a no brainer. My husband of 14 years is my running Valentine. He has gotten back into running the last couple years and is very supportive of mine. So supportive he looks for races for me/us, when I come in from a run he’ll ask how far I went, if I tell I ran 8 miles he’ll encourage with ” why didn’t you do 9 – I know you can do it!”, and two days ago he came home a bit early so I could get my run in!! Now THAT is being supportive! He puts up with my drawers and closet being taken up with workout clothes and running tech shirts and doesn’t question another pair of running shoes in the closet anymore. Since he’s taken up running we’ve also proceeded to get our kiddos involved. The older ones (9,8, and 5) ran at least five one mile organized fun runs last year and have one under their belt already. The youngest (3) did his first mile fun run on my husband’s shoulders New Yea’rs Day last year and on my shoulder’s this year. Running is now a family affair and I couldn’t be happier about it! No more questioning why Mommy needs to get her long run in!!

  36. My running Valentine is my best friend.. She pushes me and is an awesome motivator and truly an inspiration losing 85 lbs!!!! She has the most beat up, ugly, over-worn “shoes” that she runs in but doesnt buy new ones because of her budget.They look so sad! I’d love to win this for her so she can have new running shoes that match her personality and success!!!!

  37. My fiance is my running Valentine. He’s not a runner himself (yet!) but has been an avid athlete his whole life and he encourages and supports my running!

  38. My running valentine is my colleague Mike. Over the past six months he has been losing weight like a champion by making changes in his eating habits. In November he started running. It wasn’t pretty at first, but he has come such a long way. We now go out for runs over lunch at least three days a week for nearly an hour at a time. It’s been fantastic to be a part of his journey. It makes me so proud to watch him progress. Throughout this process he has been wearing this old pair of shoes that he admitted had started disintegrating when he was on the treadmill last weekend. I feel as though he has earned a pair of shoes that can help him continue to improve while avoiding injury. He has done so much for me by keeping me motivated, I hope Mizuno can help me do this one thing for him.

  39. As a New Years resolution two years ago, my husband and I decided that it was time to break the cycle of eating poorly, lose weight and repair unhealthy habits. We weren’t sure how, but saying it out loud was step one. We noticed people running around our neighborhood, and discovered that they were coming from the storefront around the corner. We scoffed at the thought of paying a trainer, but found ourselves, heading over to see what they had to offer. I wasn’t sure if we could afford it, but I refused to start the New Years Resolution quest without my husband by my side. My husband suffers from heart disease and, changing our eating and exercise habits so drastically really started to benefit our overall appearance and attitude. We even incorporated running into our training, and have run ten races to date. Our goal is to run a marathon this year. I’m so glad that we I took our lives back and we take pride in the fact that we did it together. We vow to never go back to the old way of unhealthy living. It’s just not an acceptable option.

    With that said, my running Valentine is my wonderful husband!
    Mike is the most selfless person that I have ever met. Marrying him four years ago proved to be one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Mike has always done everything in his power to make my life easier, his compassion and optimism keep me grounded. 1/2/09 was the day I without any hesitation married my best friend.

  40. my sweet running Valentine is my Wife of 36 years, Mother of my 5 children and Grandmother to my 14 precious little runners!!!

  41. My running valentine is my boyfriend. Even though he’s not a runner himself, he’s amazingly supportive of my running. I particularly appreciate that he’s willing to plan our vacations around my races.

  42. My running valentine is my boyfriend Drew who likes to ask me questions like “did you go to boot camp today?,” but never judges me based off the answer.

  43. I choose Marvin Champion to be my running Valentine. Yeah, Marv has a sweet wife who is his Real Valentine and I have a loving husband who is My Valentine. The reason I choose Marv is that he runs despite some physical problems that would have most people lying on the couch refusing to run at all. He runs with us, whatever our pace is that day. He runs whether his back is screaming or his leg is hurting. He never complains and ALWAYS has funny stories for us, whether it be about his former helicopter flying days or old I Love Lucy episodes. He loves Mizunos and he exemplifies his last name. The man is a Champion.

  44. My beautiful wife of 25+ years, Cathy, is my precious running Valentine. For many years, I was the only runner in the family; Cathy did not like to exercise. In 2005, we were involved in a serious car accident. Cathy was severely injured and hospitalized. It took months of physical therapy for her to learn to walk again and regain her muscle tone. After the PT ended, we bought a treadmill so that she could continue to build up her strength. She worked so hard, and eventually got to the point where she was doing 3 miles at a time. She then surprised me by signing us up for a 5K, and even set a goal of finishing in less than 45 minutes. What an awesome feeling it was when we finished the race together inside the baseball stadium in just over 42 minutes! Ever since that time, we have encouraged each other to keep training and keep ourselves fit. God has work for us to do, and we need to stay in good shape to do it well!

  45. I love my local running meet up groups!

    I am a single, very shy person but running with others I’ve only just met not only gives me confidence to push myself a little harder but to connect with my neighbors. I get to hear about all kinds of backgrounds and occupations or stories about their families or just how their day went. If there is silence, it’s never awkward because we are just running at a good pace! They always make me feel welcome, and I love that.

  46. I love my local random running meet up groups!

    I am a single, very shy person but running with others I’ve only just met not only gives me confidence to push myself a little harder but to connect with my neighbors. I get to hear about all kinds of backgrounds and occupations or stories about their families or just how their day went. If there is silence, it’s never awkward because we are just running at a good pace! They always make me feel welcome, and I love that.

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  48. A great pair of running shoes that fit well is so important to happiness. Because of that I hope you select me, since I live near your business. Suzanne Parsons is my favorite running buddy, since she lives near the beach where we can run on hard sand, which gives under our feet. Suzanne is a great runner and runs every day. She has three grade school age children who love to interact noisily, so running is a great escape from the trials of family life. Suzanne goes through cheap running shoes in such a hurry, that I know she will appreciate some high quality shoes that last. Suzanne was a diver and a gymnist in high school, but does not do those sports now that she is a mom. So running is her best pastime. I love Suzanne dearly, as she is a warm, happy, fun person.

  49. my running Valentine is my wife who has recently started running after being motivated by seeing me stick with it over the years so I know she’d appreciate the shoes as a special surprise!

  50. My running Valentine is Deb. My first date with Deb was February 14, 1981. We had spaghetti before going to a movie. We dated for about 3 months before my friends convinced me that she was taking too much of my time. We both got married to other people. Her marriage lasted 25 years, mine lasted 22. She became a runner during that time, ultimately qualifying for, and having an amazing run in, the Boston Marathon. My life became sedentary, working a corporate finance job, sitting at a desk, and getting extremely out of shape. Both our marriages unraveled about 3 years ago. After our divorces, we reconnected. She got me into running. A few months ago, I completed my first half-marathon at 48 years old. My goal is to run my first marathon at 50.

    We love running together. We ran a 5 mile race today, both finishing well under a 9 minute mile pace. But here’s the best part. On February 14, 2013…32 years after our first date, we’re getting married. She’s the love of my life and the one I should have married so many years ago. We have many miles of running together to go, but I’ll always regret the miles we missed.

    Whether we win this contest or not, I have the biggest smile on my face writing it, so thank you for the opportunity.

    Neil David

  51. I know most people choose their valentine to be their boyfriend, significant other, or spouse, etc. and I am married and love my hubby with all my heart but this year I would choose my son, Benjamin, as my special valentine. He has been an inspiration to both myself and my husband. A couple years ago he boldly came to us and told us that he was concerned for our health and he loved us so much and he wanted us to be around for a long time and that he wanted to make sure that he could help us do anything he could to encourage us to get healthy. Through a lot of encouragement we have joined weight watchers, started an exercise program and more recently Benjamin is encouraging us to run in the Pat Tillman marathon. Benjamin runs/jogs right beside me like my personal trainer encouraging me with every step cheering me on. Our other three children are also jumping on board in getting healthier.

  52. My Valentine is none other than my wife.

    Without her I would still be an over weight guy who was headed toward a dead end. She helps me wake up for the early runs. She allows me to run in the evenings when I need to and doesn’t complain. We have 2 beautiful children and without her wonderful attitude I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. She is fan number 1, cheering me on at all my races and my kids are fans 2 and 3 thanks to her. This helps us teach them about life’s lessons and hard work in the process.

  53. I would choose my best friend to be my Valentine on Valentine’s Day, but I would like to go for a run and get her off my mind once and a while. I’m always so concerned about her since she’s got so much on her mind right now. What better way to clear our minds than to win a pair of Mizunos for the both of us to take for a run? Thank you, Mizuno Staff for the opportunity to win your top of the line running shoes. Please choose me. You won’t regret it.

    Raven Flores

  54. My wife is my running valentine. After 12 years together and nearly 10 years of marriage, we’re still chasing each other. Believe me. We have the worn out shoes to prove it. LOVE YOU MICH!

  55. My Mom – My one and only Valentine and best friend! She actually does not own a pair of sneakers and actually takes walks in flip flops! She is retired in her 60s and definitely goes for pure comfort. I would love to surprise her with a beautiful, supportive pair of Mizunos for her to enjoy her strolls outside!

  56. My running partner is my creative, loving, romantic boyfriend Andy.We head to the gym or the beach (weather permitting) and run our little tooshies off together. When I’m down or slow, he pushes me with encouragement…or actually pushes my back to make me keep going! Or when he’s feeling sluggish I drag him to the gym and we pound the treadmills to tunes that inspire our feet to keep moving. Mizuno has helped my running immensely over the years, and was actually my inspiration to start running at all. My boyfriend is my love that keeps me running, for life, health, and happiness. Plus, they make great gym shoes too! And with the 4-5 times we go a week, a new pair couldn’t hurt.

  57. My husband is most definitely my valentine & best running coach (&cheerleader). He just revived his running routine & thankfully listened to his wife regarding getting fit for sneakers. With no intervention from me, he found himself in mizunos! My favorite & I’m on my 4th pair of wave rider 15s. Now that we’re both logging lots of miles we’d love to be rockin’ new mizunos!

  58. My running sweetie is definitely my husband because he agreed to tag along and joined my very first run clinic with me. It was hard but we did it together and I love him so much for that.

  59. My runner Valentine is my wonderful husband. He was and is an incredible runner. He ran for NCSU XC and Track. He won the first marathon he ever ran. He is my inspiration in so many things and my constant encouragement. I never ran before in my life; I was a swimmer. He has shown me what a joy it has been to run and how much fun it can be. He has coached me through every step of the way. He is defintately my Valentine:)

  60. My valentine is my hubby Ronnie. He is motivator and my partner. Training for my first half and he pushes me and tells me what a great job I’m doing and never makes me feel slow. He also keeps his eye on me while we are running and if I get too far behind him he comes and gets me. Love him to pieces!

  61. My valentine is my girlfriend, best friend, running support, and about a hundred other worthy titles. Running is something that connects us in a very strong way and keeps the ties that bind us perfectly intact. She has inspired me to see life in a different, more positive light and it has made all the difference. She also inspired me to get more into running and introduced me to Mizuno. I have taken Mizuno as my second love and it has made all the difference with running, after a couple failed experiences with other brands. When I watch her getting suited up for a run, I am enthralled and motivated to not only be a better runner, but a better person as well. So as we take our steps forward with each other and Mizuno, we chase the brighter days that lie ahead.

  62. How could it be anyone other than my wife? She has changed my life!

  63. My husband is my running Valentine. We like to run races together and push each other to do our best.

  64. My running valentine is my best friend who has no doubt put up with all my crazy analytic mind! From making a play list to match my cadence to keeping a stat board in my garage to track my “best ever” even if it is my one or two seconds she’s there everytime! She encourages me when I think I’m running two steps backwards. She makes a great coach, trainer, pacer, friend and one of my biggest fans!

  65. Mina is my running valentine and my best friend. She inspires me to be a better person, and to live and enjoy life

  66. My favorite valentine runner is my precious Cupcake. She’s there with me through rain, snow, and heat. She never complains about a run being too hard or the time is to early to go for a run. When I’m ready to give up on a hard run she pulls me on. She challenges each step of the way. Cupcake is my sweet two year dog! I wouldn’t be as an accomplished runner without her. Sometimes she’s even able to convince my hubby to come on a run with us!

  67. My husband. He is the reason that I started running. I “blame” him.

  68. Without a doubt it’s my husband. We have 3 young daughters so he must care for them when I go on my runs. He’s always encouraged me and has been my greatest supporter! I wouldn’t be the runner that I am today if it wasn’t for him.

  69. My husband is my running valentine. We show and breed dogs together. it is our passion. He carries everything at shows, runs errands for people, encourages new members without being asked, plays with others dogs even though they are competition. thanks for encouraging me and my friends. wonderful husband, friend and dog daddy.

  70. My valentine is my wife of 15 years and the mother of our two boys. We have to take turns running so that one of us can stay home and watch the kids while the other runs. Which means that he/she who can run the furthest gets the longest break from the kids. We’ll be ultra-marathoners before you know it.

  71. After years of subtle hints, my wife ventured onto a treadmill last year for the first time. She has blown me away by her drive and determination to build up to her first 5k. Holidays and ‘life’ threw up a roadblock toward the end of the year but she’s back to the grind.

    She started this journer witn a stern warning to me…”don’t get all crazy and think I’m going to run with you every day”. But, a boy can still dream….

    Some new shoes would definitely sweeten the deal and make for a great Valentine’s Day for my Valentine!

  72. My wife Sarah is a passionate walker. In late August 2011, she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.Surgery to remove the cancer quickly followed. She was told by her oncologist that she would probably live only five more years. After six months of chemotherapy she recovered enough to begin walking again. We have learned to celebrate every step as a gift. In addition, walking is an important part of helping her fight against cancer. I have never enjoyed walking. I am more of runner myself. But now I am longing to become a walker simply so that I could share that time with my wife. Time is so precious these days and if it means becoming a walker to spend more time with Sarah, so be it. We have accumulated thousands of dollars of medical bills so my wife continues to walk in old worn out shoes that are now several years old. I’m hoping this post would help her get some new shoes to walk in. I could use some as well but it’s not necessary; I’m more interested in Sarah being blessed. Sarah is my walking valentine and much much more. We have been married for 25 years last December. Add 5 years of special friendship before that and she has been my walking valentine for over 30 years now. There will be a time where she won’t be there to walk with. Until then I’m hoping to make her time here as precious and special as could be. A new pair of shoes would be a special touch to remind her how special she is to me, her five children and a host of people that have been touched by her life.

  73. My husband is my running valentine. He is my inspiration to keep running, despite hurdles such as bad weather, tiredness, illness, or just plain having a bad day at home or work. This is a guy who, when training for full marathons, ran home from work which is nearly 20 miles after working a 10 hr shift to get his “long run” in after work, all before dinner… Where does he get his energy? He’s been running for nearly 40 years, and at the age of 51 now, he is actually improving in his times in some of his shorter distances such as 5Ks and 10K’s. His best marathon is a 3:40 which is fantastic considering he didn’t start running marathons till his early 40’s. His competitive spirit may have originated in high school track & cross country to make his team better as well as his own personal goals; however, as he has had to work many long hours at his refinery work, as many as 70 hours per week and sometimes 30 days or nites straight w/o a day off, his dedication outshines that of many other runners. While others run after a 40 hr week at work, or during their time off as seasonal workers, people in education who have long breaks and summers off, my husband keeps training 3 to 4x per week, every week, making other sacrifices in his social and personal schedule, sleep, etc. to show his dedication to his sport and his refusal to become one of the too many 50 + yr olds who gain a lot of weight and have related health issues. After suffering from three blood clots, two of which resulted in pulmonary embolisms, he never gives up. He keeps his chin up and his feet down on the ground, pounding out hundreds of miles on the roads and trails, to stay as healthy as possible in our society that seems to be overrun with unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles and overeating. He is amazing and I love my running valentine:)

  74. My wife continues to be my running valentine, though our two baby girls are always trying to steal daddy’s attention. This Valentine’s is especially important for my wife who is officially cleared to resume exercising again, after 2 surgeries over the holidays, ON February 14. It would be an amazing gift to us both if we could slip into some matching Mizuno’s and, each pushing a little girl in a running stroller, head out for a nice leisurely run around the neighborhood together to celebrate.

  75. My valentine is my husband–he’s a better runner than I am, but despite that he still runs with me. 🙂

  76. Rain or shine, I know that I can count on my friend Mandi to show up at my doorstep with her hair in a ponytail and a smile on her face.

    We were fast friends in high school – doing Calculus homework (ok, fine, she was tutoring me), performing in musicals, and running in P.E. After graduation, she went to college in California and I chose a university in Arizona. She became a pilot and moved to Africa. I become a school counselor, then a mother of three little girls, then a writer and blogger.

    Thirteen years later, we re-connected on Facebook and now run weekly. I look forward to our discussions about books, fitness, family, faith, culture, and city life. We also occasionally reminisce about aging…we blinked and we’re now in our early 30s. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were 16? 😉

    I’d love to win a pair of shoes for both of us. We’re clocking a decent amount of miles and both of us have worn off the tread on our shoes.

  77. My brother is my running Valentine. I bought him his first pair of Mizunos and now we are training for a half marathon together. I’m really proud of my lil running brother

  78. My running valentine would probably have to be my fiancé because I have encouraged him to run a half marathon after he had encouraged me to run my first one.

  79. My valentine is my wife just because she bears with me.

  80. My running valentine is my amazing boyfriend he has been running his whole life and without him I never would have started running and now I have done a ton of races and two half marathons! We love mizuno running shoes so much we named our first dog Mizuno 🙂 and our 3 year anniversary is on February 13th. Our goal is to someday run the Disney half marathon together.

  81. My heart, my soul, my inspiration, my running Valentine is my beautiful wife Kari. There was a time early in our relationship when I still played football in college that Kari, my girlfriend at this moment, would go out for a run with me. I would always get annoyed when she couldn’t keep up and she didn’t understand why. Fast forward a little bit and we both graduated college, got married and time continued to pass. I started working out and running less and she found a new passion for running. Eventually, when I tried to get back in shape and run with her she left me in the dust and now understood my frustration many years ago. Seeing her passion and commitment to being an elite runner added to her growing concern that I was getting too far out of shape, I decided to set a goal of running a marathon within a year. So last April I started my journey and Kari was right there every stride I took. She was encouraging, loving, and most of all inspirational by example throughout the ten month training. I proud to say that on Jan. 13th at Walt Disney World we ran and completed our first marathon, together! There really are not many words created that can truly express my feelings as I looked over at Kari with her arms raised over her head and giant smile crossing the finish line but trying to attempt it, I have to say that I’m the luckiest man in the world to have this passionate, loving, friend to see me through all life’s challenges big or small. Kari I cannot thank you enough for that and for being my best friend! I Love you.

  82. My wife Christina of 20 years is my running Valentine. She just started running for the first time last summer. I have been running for 20 years solo and it is such a pleasure running with her. She is running up to 4 miles and is having such a good time; I never thought I could enjoy running more than i already. Yet running with her jow completes me – my soul mate is now my running mate i couldnt ask for more.

  83. My Running Valentine is none other than my fearless running buddy that I randomly met at a race in Brooklyn two years ago – she’s truly an inspiration. We now run weekly together, have ran races together, and have planned for 2013 to be the year we both tackle a full marathon.

    Little did I know that I would find my best friend when heading to that race in brooklyn very early in the morning – she’s truly a game changer and an inspiration.

  84. My running Valentine is my friend Christine who had decided to race a 70.3 this summer with me!

  85. My valentine is my husband. I would love to give him a pair of Mizunos. He’s always wanted to try and start running with me, but he likes to feel prepared. I would love to give him a pair of running shoes so that we can run together. He’s my <3!

  86. My running valentine is my husband, Jesse. When we started dating, seven years ago, we both quit smoking and started running together. Now, he’s much faster than me but we still love running together and cheering each other on at races!

  87. My Valentine is my husband, he is a bodybuilder and did not run. I began running 2 years ago, he has since started to run so I have a running buddy. I admit he can’t go as far or as fast as I can, but the fact he is doing it for me, is a great gift from him. He’s the greatest in my eyes!

  88. My running valentine is my father. He was a world class distance runner in his prime. But he still encourages me and cheers me on with such pride as I slowly attempt running and come nowhere near his running accomplishments.

  89. My valentine is my hubby Chuck. We have been running together for the past 5 years, numerous 5,10, and 15K’s. A handful of half marathons and one full marathon. He is a lot of fun, always the entertainment on our group runs with friends. He is the best. He also stays home with the kids a few days a week so I can get my 4:30AM runs with my best friend. Yes, he really minds getting to sleep an extra hour or so… haha…

  90. Love mizuno shoes! My wife and I decided to get healthy in may 2012- made the change in diet and increased exercise and running. We have had great success in doing so! We changed our lifestyle! I personally lost 57 pounds and can run faster and farther than ever at age 34. Best of all we did it in Muzuno running shoes! It is so much easier when doing it with the one you love! Love my wife so much and am so happy that we made the change!

  91. My running valentine is not only my boyfriend but my dietician, health coach, weight lifting coach, and forever best friend. He initially was strictly a heavy weight lifter and never would run long distance. Since we met he has now run 3 1/2 marathons and loves it! He is even faster than me now! Even when that stupid curb causes me to trip and fall he always waits! Now that’s true love. I know he would love a pair of Mizunos, maybe with a pair I could finally catch him and keep up!!

  92. My wife! I started running 3 years ago to lose weight (have lost over 100lbs!!) & now I can keep up with my kids. I have shared my passion with my wife, and we are now both fit together, and our kids love running too!

  93. Since things fizzled with my girlfriend, my mother is my Valentine. I run as often as I can during my hectic work week. I make it a point to run from the office to the various jobsites no matter the weather. I often have strangers blurt out “Run Forrest!’ when I am running here and there. Why walk when you can run? I get that attitude from my mother. She often points out the “slow” people in the family, but says I take after her, haha. We both take our time with life, but when it comes to moving about, we always at least scurry if running is not a safe option. I’d love to win a new pair of running shoes for myself and for my mother. Thanks for the chance!

  94. My running valentine is Gil Castaneda, he is not only my lover and boyfriend, but he is my dietician, health coach, and weight trainer. When we met he was totally into lifting heavy weights and scared to run. I encouraged him to run and now he loves it! He will be runninh his fourth 1/2 marathon on Sunday with me! Even though he is now much faster than me now, he always waits, even when I happen to trip on that side walk that always gets in the way! Now that’s true love! I bet with these Mizunos I could actually keep up with him 😉

  95. My valentine is my hubby. He has run one 5k with me and is ready to start running as soon as I have the baby. We have our BOB ironman all ready for once baby girl gets here. He isn’t a runner but wants to do something that we can ddo together as a family. I am hoping I can talk him into a half marathon in the fall!

  96. My Valentine is my boyfriend (and running coach!). As a lifetime runner, he’s not only inspired me to start racing to my potential, but he’s been instrumental in teaching me how to do just that. His support and encouragement (and tough love when necessary!) have helped me to reach goals I never thought imaginable. With his help, I PR’d by 83 minutes in my Fall marathon, and am now training to BQ this Spring. It’s an unbelievable feeling to cross these metaphorical “finish lines” throughout training, but to do so knowing that he’s there at the ACTUAL finish line to celebrate my victories is icing on the cake.

  97. My Running Valentine is my best friend and love, John Waszak. He’s the one that got me into running and showed me how it’s more than just a workout; that it is inspiring, exciting and fulfilling. He encourages me and supports me every step of the way. He may be a faster runner than me but he’s always willing to sacrifice his time to push me to do my very best. He’s my number one fan and the one that is always there for me at the finish line with a big smile on his face. I love you 🙂

  98. The one I adore is all kinds of wonderful! She’s a full-time graduate student raising four girls. What free time she has she’s spending it working out and running. What a great idea to have a couple that enjoys running together to have the same running shoe!

  99. My Valentine and favorite running partner is my husband. He is great at encouraging me to push myself in running and to be proud of even the worst runs. Also, he is not bad to look at when I am running behind him. 😉 Love my mizunos too!

  100. My vanlentine and my love is my wife. With 2 young kids she has stuck it out while i made a commitment to lose weight and keep it off. That was 80 lbs ago. Now i am working towards my first half marathon and she is still right beside me and anxious to cheer me on.

  101. I wear my running Mizuno’s at work.. very comfortable in my line of work..

  102. My running Valentine is my soul sister, Erin. She is an inspiration to many folks in our running community. She has run a marathon in every state and then some! When I met her five years ago, she encouraged me to start walk/running. I was 44 years old and overweight. Since that time, I found out I was diabetic. With running and proper nutrition, I’ve been able to manage my diabetes without medication!
    My friend and I run together nearly everyday. She has helped me train for and run 2 half marathons and many 5K races. I hope to continue running for the rest of my life and that she will be right there running with me!!

  103. My running Valentine is my incredibly courageous son Troy. I am a single mother of two with a son that has Leukemia. He has been fighting it for the past 7 years and just went through a second bone marrow transplant. Running has been this amazing therapy for me to handle the stress and the emotional highs and lows. It’s become a constant for both of us. He’s been in the hospital for almost a year now and every day I go for my daily run. I use to only do 2-3 miles and have built up to 5-7 miles daily, running several half marathons and now working towards a full marathon. He is very proud of me and seeing me taking care of myself encourages him to stay positive and keep fighting. I hope that he will be out soon and we can go for a run together.

  104. My sister Beth is my running Valentine. We both live in the same town, far from where our family is from, so we make time whenever we can to run together. She’s a much more talented runner than I am, but she always runs at my pace without making me feel bad. 🙂

  105. My running valentine is Carol from my tuesday night run group! she is at my pace and I finally have a running partner! she is 68 years old and has done 199 marathons! she is amazing she use to be a race walker she gives me tips on how to run better! I didnt realize i was holding my arms too low down when i was running! It feels really good to have someone teach me new tricks and someone to run with!

  106. My faithful running partner is my little sidekick Lilly Belle 🙂 She keeps me motivated and doesnt argue w/me one bit. Faithful companion.

  107. My wife is my running valentine. Running is how we met and we are still together after almost 8 years of running together.

  108. My running Valentine is my Father. He started running when he was 40 after years of smoking and being sendentary ….. I was in 9th grade. I attended his first 5k and from that point on we became running/ racing buddies. He not only inspired me to run , he played an inspirational role in Miami influencing others to run of all ages. Giving seminars on “your never to old to start being Healthy” . He started the first triathlon club in Miami and I was beside him the whole way. We began racing triathlons together he trained me for my first, later I trained him for Ironman. He qualified for for the Superbowl of triathlons in Kona when he was 68!!! My dad is now 80 sadley he can no longer race due to dementia , however he still is active.
    He inspired me as I became a personal trainer, certified triathlon and running coach. Each race I participate in now , my dad is in my heart!!! He will alway be my running Valentine!!

  109. My running Valentine is my daughter Mickala. We don’t have runners bodies, but we are definitely trying to get there. She has been a great helper to me. We recently adopted my special needs niece and nephew and times have been very trying for me, but she is always there to help me out when things get tough.

  110. My sweet husband is my valentine. We met 8 years ago when I was looking for a running partner. Running is how our friendship began. Then one morning on an early run by the river Adrian got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. This year we will be married 5 years. On our wedding anniversary we are running the Crescent City Classic 10K (its the biggest race in New Orleans). I am so grateful for my husband and for all of our running adventures! Here’s to many more years and miles!

  111. My valentine is my soon to be husband Cecil he motivates me everyday in my fitness goals and I do the same for him in hopes we can inspire our 5 children towards health & fitness in their futures.

  112. My valentine is my fiance Candice. She is such a strong, independent, and amazing woman. She is a hard worker and an awesome mother to our cadre of 5 children. We knew each other when we were kids and here we are later in life together; soon to be forever.

    I love you babe!

  113. My running Valentine is my son. He has asperger’s, he is not athletic and dislikes competition. I have found that run/walking and biking has been great to get him moving and something we can spend time doing together that doesn’t feel competitive. It gets him away from the computer and his games, and gets him outside on some great trails surrounded my nature where we have some amazing conversations, something I don’t get when he’s absorbed in a game 🙂 He feels great when he accomplishes a new challenge, like an extra mile, etc. and I feel so happy that we get the time together.

  114. My running valentine is my boyfriend. He got me into running and has pushed me to become a better runner. He had been running way before I had and was (of course) much better. I worked hard and he has motivated me to become a faster runner! We can now run together 🙂 We have completed three 10 mile road races and are coming up on our 4th half marathon together on valentie’s day weekend — what a perfect way to celebrate our love for each other by doing something we love doing together!

  115. My running Valentine is my mom. She has had a lot of health issues these last couple of years and it’s time to get her moving. She’s ready!

  116. My running Valentine is my friend Kat. She has been running almost a year and has completed two 5k and one zombie run. She often says, “I may not have a runner’s body, but I have a runner’s heart.” This year, she set some goals and has been consistent in staying on task to meet them. Last week, I was with her when she did something she said she never thought she’d do, log 50 miles in one month. The look on her face when she reached that goal was priceless. I look forward to seeing her exceed many more goals while hearing her state her running mantra, “don’t quit!”

  117. my mom is my running valentine. For my 50th birthday i wanted to run a half marathon and found one in florida. i decided to fly down and do it, by myself. well, mom decided she would fly down as well and meet me, cheer me on and we would have a birthday celebration. what an awesome time we had! And then later that year when i ran my first FULL marathon my mom was there also, cheering and being awesome. And then taking me for a yummy celebration brunch!

  118. My best friend Kristel Sherwood. She has been there from day one of my running encouraging me to do my best. Even when I fell she was always there to lift me back up again and keep me going. Even 2000 miles away she is ALWAYS there in heart and in my head telling me to keep going when I’m ready to give up. I could never ask for a better friend in my life who has NEVER put me down and only lifts me up everyday and encourages me to do be a better person every day of my life.

  119. My valentine is my best friend Trisha. She motivates me to continue my running even when I think that I can’t and want to give up. She challenged me to my first 5k and I have been hooked ever since!

  120. my running valentine is Jen – she is awesome and motivates me to run!

  121. My running valentine is my boyfriend!!! Although he is not a runner himself, he is a professional athlete so he understands hard work, passion, and determination! He is always there for me to vent to about good runs, bad runs, hard runs, and just everything!!! He motivates me to be better and be the best runner I can be. He is my rock.

  122. My running valentine is my boyfriend. Even though he’d rather be cycling, he’s started training for a few local 5Ks with me and is supportive of my running and always comes to my races, no matter how far away or early they are.

  123. My running Valentine is my girlfriend and partner Terri. She is the one who planted the running seed with me . I had said I want to run but I can’t and she said why not? That was 2 years ago and I am since hooked. She encourages me on my runs, and wants to know how they went. She will even get up early on my race mornings to go with me and cheer me and other runners on .She was there when I ran my first Half Marathon 9/2012.
    She is Valentine everyday!

  124. My new husband is my Valentine!! He has been there for just about every race, including marathons. My favorite – I ran the Illinois Christie Clinic Marathon and he was spectating. He borrowed a bike and found me at mile 15 and rode the rest of the miles with me. He encouraged me, told me I could do it when I said I couldn’t and reminded me how hard I trained when I wondered why I was doing this! He didn’t leave my sight until about half mile from the finish, where he gave me a high five, told me I did it and to finish strong. I will never forget that marathon experience and to date, it is my favorite!

  125. My dog, Syd, is my running valentine!! Although she doesn’t go on runs with me (her vet advised against it as she is a large breed dog and running could aggravate her hips), Syd is always there waiting for me when I get back with lots of love and licks!! I think of her as my little cheerleader; she’s always there to congratulate me on a run well done!

  126. My fave running Valentine is hands down my husband! We met at a 50K and less than two years later were married. He is not only my fave running partner, but also my fave cheerleader. He pushes me to run faster and stronger, helps me with my training and supports all my goals. I suffered from heat exhaustion at Boston and he had to wait forever, not knowing where I was, so when I finally finished, he scooped me up and took care of me. — He also gives me a good view to look at when I’m moving a bit slower than he is 😉

  127. My dad is my running valentine. He encouraged me as a kid in high school running and 12 years later still runs with me in my big races and kicks my butt! This encourages me to train harder and that I can better myself. He is always happy to hear when I run a PR or if I need some running/injury/training advice. I Love him and am so Thankful for him!

  128. My running Valentine is my best friend Lorraine Jones. We keep each other running and laughing.