Contest: Win Mizuno This Valentine’s Day

We are given one day a year to really put our feelings on display. This Valentine’s Day, we are giving you the chance to do just that. We’ve teamed up with running shoes maker Mizuno for this heart-filled holiday to give away two pairs of the 15th anniversary limited edition Mizuno Wave Rider.

We chose this specific model because of its color scheme—a crystal cranberry for the ladies and a very bright ruby red for the gentlemen. While these are truly the hues of love, we all know that there’s more to running shoes than the color. The latest generation of the Wave Rider is an amalgamation of greatness that the Wave Rider shoe has come to represent. It balances light weight, cushioning and stability with a super smooth ride.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15


  • Weight: 8.7 oz
  • Limited Edition
  • Mizuno Wave: Combines cushioning and stability
  • Dynamotion Fit: Reduces lateral stress for optimal fit
  • AP+: Increased rebound and a “bouncier” feeling, extending the cushion durability, while maintaining the light weight performance
  • SmoothRide: Engineered approach to minimize the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible
  • Gender Engineering: Maximizes performance by tailoring footwear to the separate needs of men and women
  • Mizuno Intercool: Full-length midsole ventilation system reduces heat and humidity buildup inside the shoe
  • VS-1: Shock-absorbing cushioning compound found in the heel
  • Mizuno Airmesh: Provides the utmost in breathability and comfort in the upper
  • X10: Durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impace areas and supplements traction at heel strike

So, how can you win yourself a pair? All you have to do is answer the simple question below in the comment section of this post. Then the staff of will vote on their favorite answer.

What do you love about your running buddy?

Do they always say the right thing to get you motivated? Or do they make killer post-run smoothies? We know there is something about them that keeps you running with them (and not away from them!). Whether it is your best friend, your pet or your significant other, tell us what it is that makes them so darn special.

And if you’re buddy is of the human variety, they could score themselves a pair of new Mizuno kicks too!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will be announced on Feb. 15, 2012.  

Congratulations to Aubrey Pollesch. She has been selected as the winner! Her inspirational story about her mom and running buddy won over the staff at Please check out the winning entry below. Thank you to everyone who entered. There are some truly amazing running buddy stories out there!

My favorite running buddy is my mom. As of the summer of 2010, my mom could not even run a block. Using her competitive nature to my advantage, I challenged her to run a 5k with me. While I was away at college, she would run in the morning with our dog and call me every day to update me on her distance progress. I would come home almost every weekend to run with her as well. After we completed our first 5k, I challenged her to run 12 races within one year–including a half marathon. At first, it would be me pushing her on the long runs during the weekends- reminding her of what an accomplishment she was completing and how far she had come in just a few months.

Over time, my mom became the motivator. She became excited about running and was always there to push me when I had my rough days. She did her research and made sure we were always prepared with the best running gear and running fuel. She began looking up more races for us to do to meet our 12 races in a year goal. Within a year–together–we ran over 12 races including multiple 5k’s, 8k’s, 10k’s, a half marathon and a duathalon! And there is no end to my mom’s running now that she has completed her goals! While we may not be able to run side by side as we train for races, she is always a phone call away to motivate me to be just like her.

Some of my favorite memories over the past year include: long runs with my mom training for the half, running with my mom the day before my wedding this December (my last run as a single woman), running with my mom around the hospital as a way to clear our heads while my dad was in the ICU for over a week, running with my mom and best friends in a “Race to the Alter” wedding race this November, and the list could go on. At first I thought I would be the one to push and motivate my mom to become a runner. I have quickly learned my mom is the runner in the family, who is always there to push and motivate me to become a better runner and a better person. I am always excited to head home for a weekend to spend time on a long run with my favorite running buddy–my mom! She is the best motivator anyone could ever ask for!

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  1. Mizuno is my ‘Shoe ‘O Choice”! My running buddy is myself! I recently lost 130 lbs! I used to have trouble climbing 1 flight of stairs. I just finished my 2nd Half Marathon. I even ran Ragnar Key West! I’m a 56 yr old grandma and I’m now a Runner! Happy Valentines Day to MEEEE!

  2. Mizuno are great running shoes, both in apperance and function. That said, the best running buddy for me is my dog. He is pretty big and makes me feel quite safe.

  3. Sometimes it’s like an adventure, we’ll head on a trail and run with no plan or direction, just have fun. He makes me believe I can run,…. when I am pretty sure I’m done.
    We’ve run in 100 degree and -3, we run in wind and rain and snow, and sometimes more than one of these at the same time.We have raced the sun going down and the moon. Once he ran a 16 miler w/me,because the person I was supposed to run with dropped out and he wasn’t even doing the marathon.! He ALWAYS shows up, ALWAYS runs the “extra” mile ! When I feel like there’s no end, that I can’t possibly go another mile he’ll say ” Yeah Baby!” and then something like “it doesn’t get any better than this” and then we keep moving ! I don’t know how far I’ll run in my life, but I do know it’s farther already than I imagined. Someday, I’m gonna be as good as him. :))

  4. My running partner is my mom. She is great because she keeps me accountable and competitive!! I know if she is able to run that far and that fast at 42, I can at 23!! She definitely pushes me!

  5. My favorite running buddy is my hubby. He keeps me going even when I have a bad day. On good running days, he is happy for me even if I run at a faster pace. I love running with my husband, he is my best friend.

  6. My running buddies and I met in a beginning to run class hosted at our local running store in the summer of 2010. The class was made up of roughly 30 people, with various athletic backgrounds. I myself had never run before and signed up so I could learn how to do the one thing I never thought possible. As the weeks passed we got to know each other, and we became accountable to one another. We supported one another and cheered each others accomplishments, even when we couldn’t remember each others names. When the class ended with a 5K that September, a small group of us decided that it wasn’t enough and we wanted to keep running. By October our group decided to shoot a little higher and we started to train for our first Half Marathon, the Flying Pig that May in Cincinatti, OH. We trained in all sorts of weather and we were flying high after we crossed that finish line. We started the tradition of having coffee after our runs and we became fast friends, analyzing our performances, blowing odd steam and lending a listening ear when needed. We became each others best cheerleaders and we are still running together at least twice weekly, training for our second Half Marathon this May. I will be forever grateful for the support I have found in Tammy, Heather and Stephanie.

  7. My running buddy is my best friend. I moved 550 miles from home to take a teaching job. I ran into her in the hallway at school as I was in my running clothes, ready for my afternoon run. She told me she runs, too! We trained for a half marathon together. She is my home away from home. She will run endless miles with me; help me through my homesick days, listen to stories about my family and never complains! She is the BEST running partner and I couldn’t have survived my first year teaching without her!

  8. Even though my husband can run much faster than me, he always stays at my slower pace while pushing our child’s stroller. With us both working full time and having a child with autism, he knows that our family run has become a cherished moment for me and lets me enjoy it to the fullest. I have also been able to improve my time with his gentle pushing, and I hope to eventually run the Disney relay with him. I can’t imagine having a better running buddy than him.

  9. My running buddy is simply the best! They’re always eager and ready to run, whatever the time of day and distance. They don’t complain as we log mile after mile through neighborhoods and over trails. They continually support and encourage me, even when I’m struggling physically and mentally. We’ve conquered many races together with many more to come

  10. what do i love about my running buddy? i love the fact i can count on him in rain, sleet, and snow. i love that he was my pacer for a crazy ultra marathon and practically held my hand as i cried through the last 10 miles of the race in a serious running meltdown and was the reason i finished the race running, not crawling. i love that on any given weekend night he is also at my house with wine and a date, hanging with me and my love.

    nancy burgin… i don’t know you or kim…. but wow!

  11. My running story starts w/my younger sister, who is full of life, an inspiration, & a true hero! You will see why she is a HERO! Long story short my sister organized a team of family & friends to walk/run together for the Breast Cancer in our friend’s honor which she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As a new runner I knew it was going to be a rough start, I started running and thinking of my sister “Who is a cancer survivor and is an amputee” I kept telling myself, how am I going to run a 5k and catch up to my sister?? and at the same time I’m running for my friend…Up to this date she has been my #1 inspiration to keep running to keep getting better and better at it. I must admit up to this date I can’t catch up to her, she is a fast runner & we have ran several races together and they were all awesome experiences, specially when I see her waiting for me at the finish lne..I’d like to mention that, I’m finally running my very first half marathon with her this Sunday the 19th Houston, Tx …As I trained this couple of weeks she was in my mind, I would love to cross the finish line with my hero next to me. This is what inspires me! My Younger sister who rocks & loves life …..and she is a PROUD RUNNER!!!

  12. My favorite running buddy is my husband, Bill. I got into running before he did and have always tried to be consistent but by no means fast. He started running with me in order to spend more time together. When we run together it is obvious that he could be going much faster than I go but he always stays with me to motivate me along. I feel better about myself when I am able to run but I also feel better knowing that my running is encouraging my husband to run as well.

  13. My running buddy is my friend Kim. We have been running almost every Saturday morning for the last 10+ years. We have trained for 2 marathons together and multiple 1/2 marathons. A couple years ago she developed a very rare disorder called Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (AKA The Dancing Syndrome, mostly seen in children with cancer). She went from running one Saturday morning to not even being able to walk unassisted on Thursday!!! To see someone deteriorate from a vibrate 50 year old woman to being almost a total invalid! She had to retrain herself to stand, walk and then very slowly run. I continued to run while she was rehabbing and I would be in an area that we ran frequently and would have to stop til the tears stop and then take off again. You don’t realize how much your running buddy means to you til they aren’t! We ran our local half marathon last year in 3:30….for the first time ever, time didn’t matter, what matter was crossing the finish line holding our hands high and smiling the biggest smile EVER!!!!

  14. What I love about my running buddy: 1) He ALWAYS shows up and is ALWAYS on time. 2) No matter what distance we want to run that day, he has a route committed to memory that turns out to be the target distance on the nose. 3) He politely and without saying anything makes sure we run by a public bathroom around the 2.5 mile mark because he knows that’s when I will need one on morning runs. 4) He is not obnoxious in pushing the pace, but stays a half stride ahead and pushes the pace just enough to make sure we both get a great workout. 5) He give great encouragement and advice. 6) He is a role model and example to follow regarding fitness, family, faith and life.

  15. i like to run because having kids,a house to clean, a husband,work & Life!! It’s my stress reliever!!!!It clears my head for awhile! Then life doesn’t seem so stressfull!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  16. I love my running buddy Toni. We make a strange running couple- I’m 4’11” and she is 6’5″. I take 3 steps for every one of hers. People tend to giggle when they see us out together. But Toni doesn’t let me give in. Even though she is faster than me, she sticks with me on training runs and keeps pushing me to do better. On race day, we run our own pace and as hard as I chase her, I know she will have already finished but be waiting 0.1 mile from the end to cheer me on. My favorite thing about her though, is that when people are laughing at me trying to keep up with her, she will correct them. Sure, she always beats me on a 5k or 10k. But when it comes time for the half-marathon, slow and steady wins the race. Around mile 10, some of those faster people are starting to fade but I’m still plodding along, just like before. And then for those last 3 wonderful miles, she gets to chase me, knowing I will be waiting 0.1 miles from the finish to cheer her on.

  17. I love when I have time to go with one of my running buddies, they are some women from my church that we got into triathlons together and are now getting bigger and better. We cheer each other on, challenge each other, and give each other motivation to keep going. Running is always easier with a buddy!

  18. I am my own running buddy. I do all my own homework to keep myself motivated. I am the one who pushes myself as far as I can get away with. Since I have started running again, I have not had a need to return to prescription medications to treat my depression/bi-polar illness. Running has completely altered my life, my way of thinking, my relationship with my self and others. I walk more confidently. I feel energized physically mentally and balanced emotionally. Running has become a way of life for me. Running is my medication. Running is a gift that has been given to me. I am grateful every time I hit the road for the gift of motion. Thank you for presenting this opportunity to us. Am keeping my fingers crossed! :O)

  19. I love my running partner as it is my true soulmate! Every run, with me. every step, with me… through the pain, and my partner is with me. I can verbally, and mentally attack my partner as i run thru the wall and back… and my partner takes it no questions asked. It even yells at me to pick it up… keep going… don’t quit now…. My partner knows 100% of what each step feels like. My partner even tries to trick me every now and then to keep me on my toes. I love my mind!

  20. My running buddy is my 6 year old golden/Aussie mix Mr.Koalie. When I’m getting dressed to run after work he is always waiting by the door for me to take him running with me! Often times his excitement pushes me to go a little bit harder because I usually do shorter runs with him.

  21. I love my running buddy because he loves to run with me! I am someone that typically doesn’t like running with other people but my running buddy has pushed me outside my comfort zone and opened up what seeing the world with another person can be like. One foot in front of the other we have grown as a couple and for that, I am thankful!

  22. I love that my running buddy keeps me connected to my “old” life. Since I’ve retired my running buddy fills our runs with news of former co-workers, funny happenings around the office and she never lets me forget that I am missed. Why she is so sweet to me when I make her do hill repeats I’ll never know.

  23. My favorite running buddy is my garmin. She never fails to kick me in the butt on killer half and full marathon workouts. She is there to tell me how fast I am going and how much I have been improving. She took me from a 40minute 10k time to a 38:28, a half marathon time of 1:27:30 to 1:23:52, and a marathon time of 3:07:52 to 2:56:03. She has improved me in so many ways and I hope she can bring me to the 2016 olympic marathon trials. But, I sure wish she could cook too!

  24. My FAVORITE running buddy is My husband. He has helped me develop a LOVE for running over the past 8 years. We do not always get to run together, for one he is much faster than me(I am working on it); and two we have a 3 year old daughter. We run as a family a lot, we take turns running during her nap time, and occasionally we will have a fried or family member around to watch our daughter so we can run together. My husband is my best friend and my running coach. I did not always listen to his advice because I am stubborn! Since really listening to his advice and not overtraining and really pushing myself, I am the fastest that I have ever been! He has been at the finish line with my daughter cheering me on at my last two half marathons, and there is no greater feeling at the end of the race to see their two smiling faces! To them I am the winner of that race, no matter how fast or slow! I still hope to one day run along side of my speedy husband at his pace for 26.2!

  25. Up until May 2011 I was only a 1 or 2 mile treadmill user. I wouldnt event call myself a runner.
    Until my neighbor told me about the team she is a part of for the Army 10miler. I joked and send sure Ill train and run it with the team. This past summer was the hardest and the most challenging of my life. But I ran the Army 10miler in October and finished with the team only because my running buddy made sure I got out and ran with her and trained properly. I am now completely addicted and am training for the Providence 1/2 marathon in May. I have my running buddy to thank for my new way of life~!

  26. I’m 33. He’s 52. My hair is long and black…his turning a shining silver. It’s an unlikely friendship, but because of running, it’s possible. My running buddy is someone who’s pushed me through the miles, but he’s also stood beside me in the hard times. He’s stopped a workout to give me a hug, offering nothing but a shoulder to cry on. He’s the one I chased in the beginning and now, on those tempo runs and track workouts, he watches as I speed ahead. But there’s no competition. He’s simply happy so see me succeed and I’m glad to be there for him as he’s on the side of life where, in his words, he’s “not going to be getting any faster.” He has seen me through a lot, inspired me, but most of all, been a friend and a father figure. The miles we’ve shared are not just about training, but the conversations run deep. Our families connect. He loves my husband too…and our three boys. The mentoring and friendship is priceless. This year, we’ll run a marathon together. It’s my first. He’s run more than I can count. Who knows if we’ll have the chance again, so I’ll take it. Here’s to those who pass the miles with us!

  27. I am a lucky man – I have 2 running buddies, and OMG are they always up for it and always kicking my butt as well. Unfortunately I have to travel for work and some times I have to catch the early morning flight out of my home town which meens leaving for the airport at 5 am (worst case) but my buddies are there for me – and we can still get a quickie in before I head out the door (and boy does it help to have had a quick run on those long flights to far away places). Then when im sitting in a hotel or whatever I often think about them and go to my happy place (the thought of seeing my 2 little bitches in front of me kicking up their paws as they run through powder and I slog on in my snow shoes).
    Got to love running buddies.

  28. My running buddy is my husband, Kevin. Even though Kevin doesn’t actually run with me, he is still my best running buddy because he does all the things a great running friend will do: he listens to me complain about my injuries, about the weather, about the traffic, etc., etc., he listens to me rave about my good runs and cry about my bad ones; he tells me all the time how much faster I’m getting (even though I’m not!); he buys me running stuff for Christmas, and he even created a water/G2 stop for me when we went on vacation last year and I went out on a 14 mile run! He supports me, he loves me, and I know that he’s always there for me waiting at the finish line (in spirit always, if not always in body) and he’s proud of me for getting out there and going!

  29. My running buddy is my husband. He will make sure I get up in the morning to run or wait for me to come home in the evening to run. He will go to any run I want to go to, with out questions asked. He buys me my shoes when I say I can’t afford them, He goes back and get them and suprises me later. My husband motivates me when I need it most (mostly in the winter months) He will drive any distance and do what ever wierd or challenging race I find. The best part about him being my running buddy is that he hates running. . He runs just to spend time with me and to support me and also just to make me happy! I love my running buddy!!!!!

  30. My running buddy is my friend, Jennifer. Our pace is similar and we talk the entire time, therefore the miles tick away and I barely notice. Oh, and she doesn’t mind if I run ahead of her in a race. 😉
    Even thought I beat her this past weekend, she was still excited for me and supportive!

  31. I have had many great running buddies through the years. Being in the Army, I have had platoons of running buddies. Singing cadence and pushing each other. I recently had a great running buddy that was also a great friend. We ran together to get through our husbands being deployed together. And of course my husband is a great running buddy.

    So imagine my surprise when I find the best running buddy yet in my 13 year old son. He is a pretty amazing runner and naturally great at it. Even though I am so slow that he can “orbit” around me (run circles around me), he would rather run with me than run up ahead and finish quicker. But what is so incredible is how he opens up and talks to me while we run and cool down. My son has Asperger’s and isn’t that great about expressing himself and talking about things. But get that boy out there running, and he is changed. He talks so much and so easily it makes you wonder how he can hold it all in the rest of the day. And it touches my heart so deeply that we have found running as we can connect.

    So on this Valentine’s Day I am waiting for my running buddy to get out of school so we can go for a run and talk about his day. Love you Eric.

  32. My favorite running buddy is my ex boyfriend as strange as that sounds. He isn’t a runner at all, but had an extremely rare form of cancer (adrenal corticoid carcinoma) before and during the 3 years that we were together. I started running while we were dating and every time I went for a run the thought that ran through my head motivating me was, run because you can, because you are well, and to stay well because some cannot. He also taught me to live in the moment and that missing a run or a workout wasn’t the end of the world. I began running for my health instead of focusing on my looks and my weight. Although the doctors diagnosed it as a terminal form of cancer, after 5 years of experimental medicines, treatments, and many struggles he went into remission in June of 2010.

    Although we are no longer together, he remains dear to me and I still think of him when I’m out on a long run by myself. I often think that our paths crossed to give each other hope and strength. He called me last week to tell me he was just diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. I continue to run for both him and for myself because fate is out of my hands, but it’s the only thing I know to do. Running has given me the strength to be supportive, to run away from the stress, and to feel as though I can overcome anything.

  33. My favorite running buddy is my neighbor. We don’t always run the same pace, but we can always guilt each other into running when we really just want to skip out. Hard to say no when the person is already standing at your front door. And it’s nice to have such a “healthy” relationship with your neighbor.

  34. My running buddy and friend, Wolfie keeps me going even when I get tired. Hes a trooper and pushes through fatigue. Its exactly what I need.

  35. My running buddy is never grumpy, is always ready to go, and is even more excited when I give him a treat when we’re finished. I love my dog. =)

  36. I have recently made the decision to give up sleeping in to hit the roads at 5 am with the local running group. Some are teachers, nurses, oil field workers, or probation officers. My running buddies are the reason I get up. I have made new friends with these great people, and they are my motivation to skip sleeping in and get healthier Whether we run 6 miles, intervals, or 10 miles long and slow, the miles fly by. Before you know it, we’ve reached our daily goal. 50 minutes seems like 10. We catch up on life, our schedules for the day, and other goings on around town. I don’t want to miss these runs, ever. My fellow runners have become my family. Getting healthy one step at a time, with your friends…can’t get much better than that!

  37. My favorite running buddy is ME!!! As a working mother of two, running is my own personal time. The time in which I can clear my mind and become energized for the day ahead. I run first thing in the morning. I believe it is invaluable to set aside time for yourself. Running is the best way to do this in my opinion. After a run my mind is clear, my confidence up, and energy is boosted. This is one thing I do for myself. Of course the benefits continue on to my family and co-workers as well! Also, as the saying goes: “If Mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy!” So, yes, my favorite running buddy is me!

  38. My running buddy does not run with me, but motivates and inspires me. My husband, Chris , cheers me on and encourages me to get out and run. He constantly cheers me on and knows that I can accomplish to whatever I set my mind to. Prior to our wedding I training for and completed a Triathlon, and really showed the work how proud he was of me and my accomplishment. In fact he wrote he documented the experience for me in photos and words for the world to see on Facebook. More recently I was training to complete my first Marathon. During my training I learned I had a misshapen hip and had damaged my labrum. He supported me through the recovery and cheered me on as I mostly walked to complete the Marathon. This year for Valentines day, he is home helping me recuperate from Hip surgery last Friday to repare the damage, and he is getting on the treadmill and running for me , while being at my beck and call and taking care of me like a regular Florence Nightingale. And when I am fully recovered I hope to get to run a road race along side him. <3 My rock, my partner, and my Love. My Husband!

  39. So I love to run with my Yorkie, he may be small but he can run like its nobodies bussiness. He is fast and when I slow down he drags me along. We are talking about 5 lbs of terror here with 4 inch long legs, but hey does have two more legs than I do so I guess that’s where he gets his speed from. He always wants to go for a run and will through a fit if I don’t run. He is always eager to run and without excuses and he makes me want to keep up with him not the other way around.

  40. My favorite running buddy is my wonderful puppy Molly (black lab/boxer mix). Got her when she was a tiny little thing and have had her for 8yrs! She knows the word walk and gets way over excited when she hears it, but I love that about her. I will put all my running gear on, Mizuno’s Wave Rider being my shoe of choice (for 7yrs), and get the leash out and she just can’t wait!!! I all i have to do is say, “Let’s run!” and she starts going! She keeps a great pace with me, never falling back, never pulling ahead. She is the perfect running partner. She keeps me motivated, happy, and doesn’t tire me out, and I don’t tire her out. Because I know how much she loves walks/runs it motivates me to want to get out there more, just because she loves it so much. Who could as for a better best friend than that!!! 🙂

  41. What I love about my running buddy is this person knows when to push, when to let the pace slow down because we got out of control for whatever reason and when to talk or just be by my side during the run. I think all those qualities are very hard to find in one person, especially one that runs about the same pace as you. But if you are blessed to find that person it can be as valueable as gold especially if you are training for a longer race. I am glad that I have the motivation to get out there and run by myself on days and I am truly blessed that when I really need the motivation or just time with a friend I am able to count on that person.

  42. My favorite running buddy is my fiance, Austin. It is always a great time for us to talk, and really just focus on each other without the distractions of life. Plus, he always pushes me to do my best since he is a much better athlete than I am!

  43. My favorite running partner is God, I run alone in the country and I at some point in my run, every run, I say “Thank you God for letting be be able to do this”, or “Thank you God for the beauty around me” or sometime it is just “Help me God get through this run”.

  44. My running buddy is a close friend who continually inspires me! She motivates me and she encourages me to strive for excellence in everything I do. Running with my buddy is so much more fun than running alone!!

  45. My running buddy is my girlfriend, Mary. She does not run. She has tried but as you all know, running is not for everybody. But, she is always there for me at every event. We just had our 26.2 With Donna Breast Cancer Marathon. The gun went off at 6:30 a.m. We had to be on the shuttle bus by 5:30 a.m. We got up at 3:00 a.m. and it was below freezing outside, very unusual for Florida. She insisted on getting up (as usual) with me, having coffee and something to eat and joining me on the shuttle bus. We had to wait out in below 31 degree windy weather for an hour before the gun finally went off. She stood there waiving as I went by. She had to make it back to the shuttle bus area and find a ride back home. She was waiting for me in the parking lot when the race was over and I took the shuttle bus back home. There she was like every year before. I love her so much.

  46. My running buddy is my best friend. He pushes me, encourages me, challenges me and believes in me more than I believe in myself.

  47. My running buddy is also my soulmate. Though we work opposite schedules and rarely physically run together I know that he is there in spirit every time I step out the door for a run, as am I for him! He encourages me to keep at it when my heart is not in it and always points out the positives when I am feeling down and discouraged. Because of his dedication and motivation I will be running my first half-marathon in 4 weeks, a feat he accomplished a year ago. Running is my salvation and he is with me every step of the way. He is the ying, to my yang:)

  48. To My Favorite Running Buddy ~
    I love you more than you know….you bring so much to our EVERY run. You push me when I need to be pushed. You provide me with encouragement just when I need it. You tell me you ‘love me’ when I need to hear it…..I feel you in my legs, my arms, my heart… ears!
    My ears? Yes, to my Favorite Running Buddy ~ my 80GB iPod with over 9,000 songs….don’t know what I’d do without you…Let’s go for a run, Running Buddy, right now! 🙂
    Much Love,
    Your Running Buddy

  49. Can’t wait to run with my wife this spring. she is recovring from knee replacement surgery . Walk -Run training soon

  50. Though I view running as a solitary activity, I find that I am always accompanied by a very vocal companion: my mind. Sometimes she says, “Stay on the couch, watch that extra episode of Modern Family.” Other times she says, “Where’s that last piece of cheesecake?” But more often than not, she speaks really loudly and encouragingly: “You can do it!” (mostly in that booming Romanian Bela Karolyi voice that urged Kerri Strug to vault to Olympic gold… despite the fact that I am in no way Romanian, but hey it works). Waking up early to run often is plagued by an incessant battle with the “snooze button,” but thankfully my running buddy chimes in: “Roll out of bed and throw on those sneakers, you lazy girl!” (Although, sometimes she sleeps in, too.) I find that I don’t need another cheerleader or another runner to motivate me when my ever-vocal mind always has something to say. After coming back from a foot injury a year ago, I have since run 2 half marathons and done a 200-mile Ragnar Relay through the hills of Tennessee. Who encouraged me to get back out there and lace up those sneakers? The little voice in my head that sounds curiously like a gymnastics-god from Romania.

  51. My running buddy is my own determination. Occasionally I run with others but for the most part, it’s just me, myself, and I. For a long time I’ve been working myself back up from a devastating accident (I got hit by a car while biking – sliced my tailbone, dislocated my hip) and it’s something that I knew I had to fix for myself. Slowly, but surely, I went through physical therapy and worked my muscles back up to where they were before the accident. Today, I’m about a month away from the LA Marathon and more nervous than ever for the fact that I’ll be participating in it. But baby, I was born to run.

  52. My running buddy is the best, Sandra. She keeps me motivated. When we get to run together she makes sure that I take water. She is faster than I am but we worked it out ahead of time so I don’t slow her down and I don’t injure myself. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have completed the half marathon in October. She has encouraged and listened to me.

  53. The thing i love most about my running buddy(s) is that i am fortunate to have many of them. I live in a town that has organized a running group, which has given me the opportunity to run with many different and amazing runners, from first timers – to boston qualifiers. I love not knowing who I will get a chance to run with each week. Each weeks provides me with inspiration, motivation, distraction and fun. My running buddies are all amazing in their own way and I love knowing that I inspire them to keep running, as much as they inspire me.

  54. My favorite running partner is my son. I’ve been running with him since he was born, pushing him in a stroller, and now that he’s 6, he enjoys running along on short runs with me. Nothing is more fun than an easy run turning into a full-out game of tag (almost a mini-fartlek!) or noticing things that he points out that I would normally miss if I was focusing on a training run.

  55. My running buddy is my oldest son Bailey. He started running cross country last year, following in my old footsteps. I joined him it had been 18 years since I last ran. I was 215lbs and hyper tension blood pressure. My first 5k was well over 30minutes. Bay continued to encourage me. 2 half marathons, several various races later I weigh 170lbs and own a 19:30 5k. I am a better father and husband. Bay is also the 2011 runner up conference champ and owns about 30plus medals. I enjoy bonding with my son and running daily with him. My other son and daughter now run as well. The father has learned from the son. Nothing beats a long run with family. I am running my first 25k trail race in April, and running 2 full marathons in 2012. My son has been my greatest inspiration and he loves your shoes.

  56. My running buddy is my sweet BFF, Kimberly (aka “Salt”)! She has truly been a blessing to me in my everyday life and in my running life! She is always positive and encouraging. I have so much respect for her as a person, as a friend, mom and wife. Running with her is so much more fun because she sees the positive and “benefits” of the difficult moments of our run! I am a better person and runner because of her! Lily (aka “Peppa”)

  57. My wife is my running partner. She is special to me because we work so well together. We push one another, motivate one another and are there for one another during bad times and injuries.

  58. My running buddy is my husband and he is my greatest cheerleader. I love how we push each other to do our best. We just ran a 5K this weekend and got second place in the “Sweetheart Challenge”. So fun to meet our goals together!

  59. my favorite running buddy is spike, our rescue mutt. without fail, at mile 4 he always looks up at me with a big smile. what more do you need.

  60. When I am freezing in the cold, she is the sun’s radiant warmth. When I am burning in the summer’s blaze, she is the tranquil rain, cooling me. When the squalid gusts slash at me like daggers, she is the trees, valiantly shielding me. When aching pain overcomes me at mile 26, she is the booming spirit which pushes me to cross the finish. It’s with titanic love and unmatched gratitude that I thank my heroine, my savior, my life, my mother.

  61. I love that my running partner, my dog Trixie, keeps pace and always motivates me to go faster. She’s so tiny, but never gives up! Love her!

  62. My favorite running buddy is my girlfriend. She’s the only one I’ve ever had that can keep up with me! Our Sunday afternoon runs together are the most peaceful and relaxing ways to unwind before the start of another hectic week at our college. Even when we aren’t deep in a conversation, just knowing she is there next to me, plodding out mile after mile, it helps me feel closer to her then I ever have before. Running is a very spiritual experience, and sharing it with someone you love is a very special thing to do!

  63. My favorite running buddy is my husband, even though he’s faster than I am, if we run together he will hang with me every step of the way!

  64. My favorite running buddy is my sister, though we don’t get to run together often. She lives across the country. Our parents both ran marathons growing up, but we hated running! In the past year, we have both grown to love it, and both completed our first half marathons in 2011! My favorite holiday memory this year, is a nice long run with my sister on Christmas Ever. In 2012, we will run part of a race together, as she runs her 2nd half marathon and I run my first full marathon!

  65. My favorite running buddy is my dog! I love how excited he gets the moment I pull out my running shoes. It makes me laugh every time and gets me excited for my run too!!

  66. My favorite running buddy is my girlfriend Sommer. What I love most about my running buddy is that she pushes me to run my best all the time, and I do the same for her. She also makes me laugh all the time.

  67. My favorite running buddy is my best friend. We’ve worked out together since we were in 7th grade when we met in gym class. We went out for track and field together and spent countless hours running in the spring rain. In college we both got a gym membership and refused to put on the “freshman 15”. This past year we got back into running and both completed our first half-marathons. When you’ve known someone’s every wish, fear and motivator it really pushes both parties to the limit. She’s like my sister so there is always some element of competition, but that just makes each of us work harder.

  68. My favorite running buddy is my friend Crystal. We have the same pace and is really encouraging!

  69. My favorite running buddy is my wife. She recently had foot surgery so she can’t run with me, but she will bike with me whenever she gets the chance, even though she has to pedal very slowly. She allows me time to run, knowing that it is good for me and for our relationship in the long run (pun intended). She will even check with me on long runs to make sure I am safely on my way back. Two days ago when there was a WNW wind over 20 mph, she drove me to her mother’s house so I could run eleven miles back home with the wind at my back 95% of the time.

  70. I love all my running buddies, however, my favorite one is my husband! I couldn’t do it without him pushing me to keep me going and his quick observation when I am losing my running form. He my best friend and running partner!

  71. My favorite running buddy helps the miles tick by without my noticing! It’s so wonderful to have that distraction from the mental blocks I often get when running longer miles.

  72. I love my running buddy because we hold eachother accountable to actually lace up our shoes and go–that can sometimes be the hardest part!

  73. Well happy Valentine’s Day to all!! And most of all, to my running buddy! My best friend Em and I have both trained separately for years until we decided to finally do a race together. Since entering, we’ve both become more ambitious, sharing recipes/running blogs/techniques/stories, etc. We’ve also come to realize we run almost exactly the same pace in our half marathons and are both looking to improve when we run our first one together next month on a day celebrating both of our heritages—St Patty’s! If that’s not mutual motivation, I don’t know what is!

  74. I’m in search of a running buddy in my area. I love running with my mom when I visit her. She shows me that I can have a long running career ahead of me!

  75. My favorite running partner is my ten month old daughter, I love running with her. My husband and I even fight over who gets to push the running stroller, I always tell him since I pushed her out, I get first dibs on pushing her running. I love sharing my runs with her, I get to enjoy a runners high while watching her enjoy watching the world zoom by. She is also great motivation to run faster, when we cross the finish lines at races I want her to be proud of her mommy….plus it is always makes me feel pretty bad ass when I pass people while I am pushing the running stroller.

  76. After many years of begging him to run, my favorite running buddy is now my husband! He has just started running, and I am so proud of him! He was motivated me to go faster and longer (we’re about to do our first Ragnar this spring!) He keeps me suprised after 10years together!

  77. I love the way my running buddy supports me. Especially when he is willing to be awake at 4 am on a weekend.

  78. My favorite running buddy is my 10 year old daughter, EJ. She cracks me up every single day. Being with her lets me see the world through her eyes. And I love being a healthy influence on her! Running allows us to strengthen our relationship as she grows older and more independent. And I like the challenge. She’s faster than I am, but I have her in indurance!

  79. Like many others, I love running with my iPod and my Garmin. However, those days may be in the past as I have a freaking fabulous new buddy to run with. After finally breaking down to get a gait analysis, I went into my local running store for an analysis and new pair of shoes. The sales person just happened to be a super nice, super friendly, and pretty darn cute single guy about the same age as me! We have been hanging out for the last week and are scheduled to run a 10K and a 1/2 marathon together. He promises to pace me appropriately and encourage me the whole way. Yay! Running has changed my life in more ways than one 🙂

  80. I love my running buddies because they keep me entertained through long runs, and push me during speed workouts. Who said running on the treadmill had to be boring? I can’t complain, since I run while watching 30 Rock and spending some quality time with Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. Best running buddies ever.

  81. My running buddy usually is much further ahead then me, but Mike always pushes me to be faster! I hate being beaten 😉 10 miler this weekend and MIZUNOS FOR LIFE.

  82. My favorite running buddy is my sister. She loves to run and got me into it. We’re not fast but we get the job done.

  83. I’ve tried running with a friend, but it doesn’t seem to work out for me. I always feel like I’m holding people back or pushing them too hard. However, my phone/music player is a great running buddy. It always helps to give me an extra push!

  84. My running buddy is my IPOD. It is most DEFINITELY better than running with my brother who has “high arches” and “is too tired” about 8 minutes into every run we share. My IPOD is also better than trying to run with my puppy–>a short legged, sniff everything I see, crazy nub-tailed corgi. The IPOD also saves me from hearing every self degrading word of the females I may choose to run with. The IPOD never disappoints. I pack her with all sorts of music from booty bumping 90s rap to the FOOTLOOSE soundtrack to country boys singing about fried chicken. My music makes my heart happy and makes my feet move with confidence and pride. One bad thing about my running buddy, when “she’ decides to die in the middle of a blood pumping workout…My run slowly becomes a jog, which makes its way to a walk, which eventually becomes a STOP. I NEED, BREATHE, and am INSPIRED by my buddy. Music just makes me move.

  85. My running buddy is the cutest boy in the world. We can’t run togeether right now because it’s too cold, but when it warms up it is so wonderful. He usually caries a butter knife or a rope and he loves looking at all the dogs out with their owners. Hopefully he’ll have one someday soon. I strap him into the jogging stroller and run six or eight miles while he waves to all the doggies. After we are done running we head to the playground so he can burn of some steam and then we go look at the horses. He is my favorite running buddy and he’s my two year old son Will.

  86. My favorite running partner is my husband, Chris! There are a few reasons why this is the case. First off, he is the best SILENT running partner. I love to run- but I love to run to clear my head- so have “alone time”- to just relax and chill out- and I love that he is right beside me with his headphones on and not in the least bit offended to be sharing our “alone time” together 🙂 Secondly, as if I have every admitted this out loud… but, I am slightly competitive and would secretly resent the fact that my husband was a faster runner than I was! I know its horrible- but its honest– so truth be told- my husband knows this- without ever having to say it aloud- and so he always always always lets me lead- just a few tiny inches ahead- so that I am always leading the pace and he’s just following it! HOw can there be a better partner!?!?

  87. My runnimg buddy is my MP3 player. Its full of awesome music that keeps me going on even my longest runs. I’d be lost without it!

  88. I LOVE having my running buddies to push me to my full potential, keep me motivated along the way, and celebrate with me at the end of a run, no matter the distance!

  89. My running and workout buddy is Kelly. We talk about anything and everything. She is a great encourager and a wonderful listener. If we hadn’t started running together, I don’t know if we would have become friends.

  90. My favorite running buddy is my iPod…never lets me down < 333…especially when it plays Zeppelin nonstop.

  91. I love my running buddy, who is my best girl friend. She keeps me motivated and encourages me to run farther, longer, faster, harder. She knows the “real me” and doesn’t let any of my excuses ride!

  92. My favorite running partner is my boyfriend. He’s much faster than me, so we don’t run together often, but when he’s on a recovery
    run or just enjoying the company, I love to run with him.

  93. I recently joined a running group and they are all great running buddies! There is always someone who runs at my pace and they are all so motivating and encouraging!

  94. I love that my running buddy keeps me going when I think I can’t go any further. Always a source of constant motivation and a friendly push when I need it the most! Keeps my spirits high, even when a 20-miler is on the schedule and it’s raining outside 🙂 . They offer me the encouragement when I need it most, and keep my favorite activity entertaining, and bring a competitive edge to training runs and races!!

  95. My favorite running buddy is my dad. I cannot say how much I appreciate the love and support he has given me over the years. We are now a plane ride apart but he is still constantly motivating me to wake up before the sun in order to get a long run in before work. He helps inspire me on days I don’t think I can lace up my sneakers and get out the door. I cannot thank him enough!

    • My dad was once a marathon runner but is no longer able to run, due to multiple injuries. He doesn’t get angry or jealous of my ability to still run but uses it to remind me to take advantage of the amazing ability to run since many people do not have the ability. So I run for my dad and all those people who cannot run. I am very thankful to be able to lace up my sneakers multiple times a week but know that I must cross-train so I do not wear my body out early.

  96. My running partner and I keep each other in check via emails, texts & phone calls bc we live in different states! We have done several races together, however, and love to meet up for fun runs and some face time!

  97. My running buddy is my boyfriend. He ran cross country, was a skier and played a lot of other sports in high school so he has always been in good running shape. I just started running in August. He pushed me and motivated me to keep going and now I can say I have ran 8 miles. Going from 0 to 8 in 6ish months is a great achievement for me. Not only can he motivate me but he makes the best smoothies. There is always a great amoung of oj and raspberries that hit the spot! 🙂 I never thought I’d enjoy hill workouts but when I’m competing against my boyfriend, it makes them much more enjoyable!

  98. I love running with my running buddy, Zara because she is the only person who has ever suggested that I could run 26.2 miles (in a row) and offered to run them with me.

  99. I love my running buddy (boyfriend) because he pushes me to be faster, and motivated me to keep going when the going gets tough!

  100. My running buddy is my friend, Diane. I love her because she always has an upbeat attitude, always chats with me to distract me from steep hills, and always walks with me when my legs crap out on me. She’s a great support system on and off the pavement.

  101. My favorite running buddy is my dog! He is always willing to put in some miles with me and the pure joy he demostrates everytime he hears the beep of me turning on my Garmin makes it impossible to not go outside and run! He gets extremely jealous if I come home from the gym sweaty because he knows that that workout could have been done running with him. He alwasy has enough energy and encourages me to run faster and he even has a doggie grunt that tells me I am taking it to easy on myself and I need to step it up!

  102. My running buddy? My “saddlebags” that I’m trying desperately to run off! They go everywhere with me no matter the weather, mood or time of day, they’re always there.

  103. I have to running buddies, my husband and my dog. Running with my husband challenges brings out my competitive side, as we both want to be in the lead. Running with my pup gives me a killer arm workout in addition to the run.

  104. My favorite running buddy is another endurance runner that I met at my gym. We don’t hang out socially, which makes our runs the best. I have what we call the “den of safety” because whatever we say stays between us. I have always believed running is your truth serum (much like when one has too many adult beverages!) – you cannot tell a lie on a 20 mile run (or any run!). It’s great to get everything off your chest (brutal honesty and all) without the worries of anyone knowing!!

  105. My favorite running buddy is myself. I can be my own best friend or my worst enemy. In the past, I have been my worst enemy. I would tell myself I couldn’t do it. I had to stop. I had to slow down. I told myself that it was impossible to run or do anything else. Then I became a friend to myself, my own running buddy. Now, I tell myself that I am strong. I tell myself that I can do it. I tell myself that no matter what anyone else says I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. As my own running buddy, I talk to myself and sometimes yell at myself. But most of all, I believe in me.

  106. My favorite running buddy is my pair of Mizunos! While I’ve yet to find a friend that runs the same paces or is available to run at the same times as me, my Mizunos are always up for it.

  107. do satellite radios count? my slacker radio keeps my feet moving to the beat – I love it!

  108. I’m just starting to graduate from fast walking to running. When my dog Sadie doesn’t go with me, I go it alone and my favorite thing about that is that I am doing it.
    I need new shoes, so thank you for the opportunity to win a awesome pair.

  109. My favorite running buddy is my iPod shuffle…it drowns out that voice in my head that keeps telling me
    I am dying. Can’t imagine running without it!

  110. My running buddy is usually just my good ole treadmill with my ipod. There is nothing more motivation then some heart pounding fantastic music.
    My favorite would be my husband though. Im new to running and he understands that. My husband is an active dutysoldier and pounding out 6 miles is nothing for him. Although he is a fast runner when he takes me along he goes at my pace and motivates me to keep going when my head is saying STOP!

  111. My favorite running buddy is my past roommate, Marisa. She motivated me to start running again and to begin training for a 1/2 marathon. She’s always very encouraging and pushes me to do my very best.

  112. My running “Buddy” is my i-Pod…… That thing helps me in sooooooo many ways: it paces me, keeps me company, cheers me up with songs that have great memories, puts me in a dancing mode with techno tunes, and accompanies me with inspirational music when I pray while I run. Running without my iPod seems ten times as far and twice as hard!

  113. My favorite running buddy is my friend Sarah. Even though her marathon season is over, she has been meeting me every Saturday AM to push me through my long runs and is even driving to my race this weekend to run miles 20-25 with me. She is always motivating and the person that knows just what to say when I hit the mental wall in my runs! Every runner needs a great motivator and personal cheerleader, and Sarah is that for me!

  114. My favorite running buddy is my son! He loves the ride in the stroller as I get a run in!

  115. My running buddy is my mum. She suggested we start running together two years ago, when I moved back to my home town after a very rough year, and was working through some anxiety issues. We’ve since done over 300 runs, covering 2100km, and have worked our way up to 25km a week. It’s so nice to head out early in the morning and have some time to laugh and joke, and have someone who keeps me motivated and inspired to keep running, even when I don’t want to 🙂

  116. My fav running buddy is one of my best friends. First of all she is a little faster than me so I love that. We never run out of things to talk about so time flies by. I wear the Garmin so I am the time keeper. We usually start from my house since I live by the running path so we hang out before and afterwards too. Lately we have to work hard to warm up. Sometimes we end up going out for lunch for soup etc. it is great time goes so fast and we love running together so there is never a reason to not get our mileage in for the day. Thanks! Mizuno rocks! I love mine!

  117. I love my running buddy because he knows that I can go further and faster – especially when I am unsure of myself.

  118. I currently don’t have a running buddy, but my first and most memorable running buddy is my friend Kelly. She is a seasoned marathoner and was the one who encouraged me to run when it seemed like an impossibility for me. I love that she stuck with me through early mornings and endless miles on the treadmill. And to top it off, she’s a great friend too 🙂

  119. My running buddy is more like a coach! He’s always making me push the pace, watches my form, gives me tips on fueling or recovery and even comes to cheer me on at races that he isn’t doing. It’s a pretty sweet deal and I try to be as good of a running buddy to him as he is to me!

  120. My favorite running buddy is my dog Maddie! I love running with her because I feel safe when I am with her! I also love that we both get exercise and than she is tired for the day 🙂

  121. My running buddies are my co-workers. I love that we are always motiviating each other to get out and run or workout. Even when we can’t all go together, we divide and conquer, so we can all get a great workout in. We vary in ages from 30’s to 50’s, but have family, friends and workouts in common that keep us want to run to keep up with what everyone is doing in there lives. I love them all!

  122. I love that my running buddy and I are there for each other every holiday. We live in different states but come home for the holidays and get up before the rest of our families to go for a run and reunite.

  123. I love that my running buddy is running more and more in order to run with me more!! What a wonderful and selfless husband I have! 😀

  124. I could not ask for a better partner in crime when it comes to running than my 9yr old daughter. She never fails to amaze me with her determination towards a healthy lifestyle. She has a few kids runs under her belt and decided to jump into the big leagues by doing the Disney 5k. A little mini coach, that will provided you with a bowl of cereal or toast with PB & J, and filled water bottles ready to go. During my long runs (4 miles and up) she rides her bicycle along my side caring water and making sure that I’m well hydrated. When she’s not running along side of me because I’m on doing a half marathon race, she’s in the sidelines with a sparkly, colorful, big poster giving myself and other racers support to keep going. A true running partner, whether by running along my side, cycling and or being support in the sidelines. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else…and that’s why I love my running partner 🙂

  125. I have two running buddies. Some days they don’t want to run, but I drag them out of bed, get them ready and make them come with me. (like they have a choice!) Some days they are super speedy and other days I wish they were faster, but I’m proud of them nevertheless. When they have had an especially good week I treat them to a spa visit to pretty them up (they’re not so good looking -shhh!) If you haven’t figured it out my running buddies are my feet and we’ll be running together, hopefully, for a life time. If we happen to be running together in the Mizuno Wave Rider that would be all the better!

  126. I have a great friend who got me into running. She had a goal to run a marathon, so we started training. We were so excited the first time we ran a 5k without stopping! Less than a year later we crossed the finish line together at th St. George marathon. It was an amazing experience. We still run together 3 days a week and love our time with the road. She talks nonstop (I am too busy breathing) and makes the miles wiz by.

  127. I love my running buddy’s because if I set up a time to run with them I know I will be committed to showing up!

  128. My running buddy is one of my best friends. She truly inspires me and pushes me to my limits. Our runs consists of great talks and when we push ourselves, we are always there to make each other go just a little bit faster and farther.

  129. I always ran by myself up until recently when a friend from my gym asked if I wanted to start running together early in the morning with her (5 a.m!). She didn’t want to run alone because it is so dark outside and we agreed that buddy system is much safer! We dont do all of our runs together but the runs we do have I love because it isnt just about the pace or the distance, it is a much more enjoyable run where we get to de-stress and get in some girl talk that we normally wouldn’t get. A lot of times catching up with friends includes alcohol and lots of eating but it is nice to be able to catch up while doing something we both love and burning calories and not spending and $$$ is an added bonus!

  130. My running buddy is my husband and with two small children this is a great time to spend time together and exercise. It is a time for us to re connect and be healthy! I love the feeling of finishing together and the bonding time we have. He is the best partner!

  131. My 5 year old white lab Kostas is my best running buddy. He keeps pace with me and his positive and energetic attitude make me smile and keep going! Running with a Kostas is a reminder to stop and smell the roses–well, we don’t stop, but we do take it all in!

  132. My favorite running buddy is my iPod shuffle. Don’t get me wrong I like running with real people too, but the shuffle never lets me down. Friends can sometimes cancel or have other committments come up. As long as my shuffle is charged I can get out there, zone out to my music and run. I don’t have to worry about anything or anyone else.

  133. I love that my running buddy is faster than me, so I am pushed to go faster to keep up.

  134. Best running buddy, without a doubt, is the guy I’m dating. And my boyfriend. Oh, and my fiance, Can’t forget my husband! No, I’m not dating 4 guys…but 6 years ago, my then casual date turned me onto triathlons, and here I am now, an avid runner and Ironman….with the best boyfriend turned fiance turned husband ever! He’s been with me every step of the way, from long training runs to post run foot massages, and I couldn’t ask for a better guy!

  135. My running buddy is my aussie shepherd mix, Charlie. His enthusiasm and energy helps me not make running so dramatic– he turns it into something to be happy about, which can be hard to do alone!

  136. My running buddy is my husband and there are several reasons why he’s an amazing running buddy but I’ll try to be brief. He runs 5K’s alongside me motivating me to do my best and helping me to run with good posture and use good form. This past summer I set a new 5K PR by nearly 4 minutes with him at my side encouraging me and pushing me. In my quest to run 12 half marathons in 2012 he is by my side driving me to races, taking pictures, waiting patiently for me to finish, and pampering me the entire weekend. Our entire relationship I have been the one supporting him in his athletic endeavors. While we were in college he wrestled and as we moved to a new city he joined an adult soccer league. It means a lot to have him in my corner and it’s his voice I hear in my head while I run reminding me “Pace, Posture, Knees.” Love this man and I’m so luck to have him as my running buddy and coach!

  137. My favorite running buddy is my boyfriend. We don’t really run together much but he has done several marathons and has been my running inspiration. He also always cheers me on and has great advice when I need it. There is nothing better than the person I care about understanding what running is all about and being there to support me when I need it!

  138. I used to work with my best running buddies. We’ve known each other from the work locker room for the last nearly 19 years! Unfortunately, I changed jobs 6 months ago so I’m lucky if I get to see them on the weekends for longer runs. My buddies are my inspiration and when I don’t want to go out during the week now, I just think of them and the ribbing I would get if we still worked together, and that gets me out the door! Yea for running partners!

  139. My running buddy is my 4 year old son Baker. He has a very serious terminal illness called Menkes Disease and amoung other things is unable to do weight bearing things such as sit or stand so obviously he cannot actually run but he is what gets me through every run. What i would give for that boy to be able to take one single step – i would give my everything. The fact that I know he cannot physically really do anything makes me work twice as hard b/c i need to work for him. Each step I run is dedicated to my sweet boy!

  140. Do you know who my running buddy is?? It’s ME!!! I love that while I’m running I have a constant dialogue going in my head. I try to pump myself up by imagining what a “fast” runner I am becoming. The reality is, I’m still pretty slow because I only recently started running. Hopefully a new pair of shoes will keep me motivated to stay on this path 🙂

  141. My favorite running buddy is my iPod. running is my Me Time so I take advantage of the hour by listening to audio books. My 7th old is starting to run though and is my partner on very short runs around the neighborhood.

  142. I have a lot of friends who run that I love to run with. During the many miles we spent together talking, laughing, and having fun – my favorite running buddy (I call him coach for the way he pushes me) became my boyfriend!

  143. My favorite running buddy is my best friend! I’m good at trudging along through long, slow miles, but she’s a champ and pacing and hills! She motivates me to pick up my pace and pushes me up the hills, while I motivate her to keep going. Our running compliments each other perfectly, plus I get the pleasure of spending time with one of my favorite people in the world!

  144. My running buddy is my iPod. Music motivates me and fuels me like nothing else in life. I love my alone time to think and get lost in some really good music.

  145. Truth betold I love running alone! It helps me clear my mind and I love the calmness of it! I do sign up for races with my girls, but we all run at different paces so it works best to meet at the end! If I’m running on the treadmill my running buddy is Racheal Ray! I like to take my puggle for runs, but he can’t make it too far before I have to carry him home due to exhaustion 😉 During the summer also my boyfriend will ride bike next to me to keep me company, and I feel like we can figure out all of lives problems, all in one run and after getting over my runner’s high realize it’s back to reality!

  146. My husband is the best running buddy, ever. Although he’s much faster than me, he’ll slow down to my pace, circle back to check on me, or get his speedwork done first to help me slog through some long, basic miles. He’s my inspiration, my love, my everything!

  147. My running buddy pushes me to run paces I would normally consider too fast. In the beginning it scared me and I assumed I’d crash a couple miles in, but slowly I’m appreciating that you have to run faster to be faster.

  148. My running buddy is my best friend. We keep eachother going. We might not always chat to eachother, but sometimes we dance and sing to eachother while running to keep us pumped up. Sounds silly, but it works!

  149. My running buddy is my girlfriend Sue. While we are miles apart – she is one of my biggest supporters, and always checks in with me to see how I am doing, and encourages me to keep it up. We are virtual running partners, and if it wasn’t for her, I probably never would have gotten into running!

  150. My favorite running buddy is my neighbor’s dog. Max. I feel more comfortable having a dog with me when I run or walk and they don’t have time or the inclination to walk him so it’s a win-win for both of us. I love that he’s just happy to be out there with me.

  151. I love my running buddy, Barry. He keeps me running– he is a fabulous story teller (Are all those stories really true?!) and likes to gossip as much as I do! He is a great motivator–he had me back up and running less than a week after my first marathon when I was beyond burnt out. He is super supportive–he is still running with me even though I am currently 4 months pregnant and a bit slower than usual. Above all else, he is a great inspiration–he is a 2-time Ironman and the last one he completed was on his 50th birthday! I hope he’s still running with me when I am 50!

  152. My ulitmate running buddy is my doggie Archie. He is ALWAYS excited to get out and hit the road. He makes me excited to get out of the house on rainy days so we can get outside and get some new sniffs in (he loves the smells of everything we pass). Archie likes to go my pace, which is usually around a 9min mile, but he also has to stop and smell the not-roses, usually something much more “icky,” while he does that I usually take a few good deep breaths and stop to enjoy the sites, then we’re off again. Archie is the best for making even more running buddies, everyone loves him, so we almost always make a new friend along the way, which I can’t get enough of, new friends, new stories, and new smells for Archie! My favorite running buddy is my chocolate-y brown 55lb pound mutt I adopted this time last year, and he just can’t get enough of the outdoors, motivating me to get out and try new trails. Thanks Archie, love you puppy <3

  153. My favorite running partner is my dog! He is a small jack russell, so he can only go for a few miles. I always take him out on my short runs and he absolutely loves it. He is always willing and ready to go when I grab his leash! A bonus is that he can protect me (he’s small, but protective!) I love taking him with me because he’s the perfect running buddy!

  154. My running buddy is my very best friend. I purchased him for the sum of 250 dollars plus lots of treats! Montey, my labradoodle, is the bet running partner. I don’t run too far with him but he loves stretching his legs and burning off his retreiver energy. We might not run far together but he never complains when I need a walking break or if I need to turn around early. He pushes me because I know how much he needs to go outside. He is the best running partner because he is the best friend partner, I love my dog Montey!

  155. My best running buddy is my husband, he pushes me to be a better runner, plus it is a great de-stressing activity for us to do together!!

  156. I love that my running buddy keeps pace and keeps talking. I also love that she is always down for breakfast after a morning run.

  157. My running buddy holds my water bottle for me, buys me breakfast after our run (bagel egg & cheese, please!), and no matter how terrible I’m feeling during the run, always always always says “You’re doing great Rebecca! Let’s go faster.” And then, I do. And without him, I honestly don’t know if I’d still be running…and I definitely wouldn’t love it so much.

  158. I love that my running buddy helped make the half marathon I ran yesterday way more fun than any long runs recently. While my first half marathon was a dreadful, awful experience, I was crazy enough to sign up for another with a girlfriend, and had so much fun talking, joking, singing and motivating one another along the way. Seriously made me remember why I love running!

  159. I love my running buddy because she keeps my butt going. Anytime I’m thinking ‘oh dear God can we please stop” she whips me back into shape. It also helps that she too gets angry at hills and keeping up with race pace. We have a good time yelling at the world when we run!

  160. My running buddy is my dog, and he never lets me miss a run. He pushes me to go faster, to go harder and to go farther. He runs rain, snow, sun. He runs with pure joy and is a constant reminder of why I love to run.

  161. I love my different sets of running buddies. I have some that help me stay on pace for easy days and some that help me with a quick paced day! I like to be able to use my running time as a healthy way to see my friends too, instead of just at happy hour!

  162. When I felt like giving up early into a run, the best, most encouraging thing my running buddy has said to me was “Don’t cheat yourself out of a good run.” That simple line is one of the most loving things I’ve ever had said to me, and echoes through my mind whenever I feel like quitting early. It’s lovely to have others remind us to love and invest in ourselves.

  163. My favorite running buddy is my mother. She passed away two years ago at the age of 57 from cancer, but she continues to be my favorite workout companion. Before she became ill, she and I would meet at the gym three days per week and stake out side-by-side treadmills. For those forty-five minutes, she was my captive audience. We would cover every topic on our minds from relationship issues to politics before having to return to the bustle of normal life. After she died, there was a time that I avoided running and the gym because it seemed so painfully linked to her. Now, I have returned to running and that link feels a little less painful and more like one of my last treasured connections to her. Although she isn’t physically with me, I still use that time to talk to her about life.

  164. I love that my running buddy has a similar pace to me so we can fight it out as fierce competitors on the trail and still be best buddies at the brunch immediately after. She’s like another me so I’m twice as happy for us when we complete great workouts or finish races.

  165. I have been running regularly since 2005 and have had many, many running friends. Some have gotten faster, some have stopped running, some have found new distances, and some are still my favourites. But last summer I found a new favourite running buddy… my husband… We generally only run 5kms together a couple times a week… I good running weather… we usually start together but quickly separate… He pushes me to run faster as every run together is a race….I will never hear the end of run if he wins…. I

  166. I consider music the best running buddy!! It always keeps me motivated to keep going and there are never schedule conflicts 🙂

  167. My favorite running buddy is my dog, Molly. Almost every run I’ve ever taken has been with her (minus some races). She’s a great companion as she’s always ready to go, alway keeps me motiviated, keeps me safe from harm while out in the early morning hours and is always ready to race me down the home stretch. She always manages to win! She doesn’t care how fast, slow, short or far we go, she’s just always happy to be with me out enjoying one of our favorite activities. While in her prime, she trained with me for two marathons happlily pounding out the miles. At 13, her age is showing a little, so I’m not sure how many miles we have left together, so we’re sure enjoying every minute!

  168. My favorite running buddy is my pup, Sadie. She isn’t the fastest, she can’t run the furthest…but she never turns me down, she’s always happy to run, she doesn’t whine about the weather and she puts the biggest smile on MY face each time we “lace up” together.

  169. What I love most about my running buddy is that she is my best friend, my sister. She pushes me and I love that.

  170. My favorite running buddy is my sister. We have trained for a 10k and are now training for our first 1/2 marathon together. She has created our spreadsheets for our workouts, holds me accountable, lets me be gross when running (sometimes a girl has to spit!), and never allows me to apologize for needing to go slow or having a bad run. even though she is in a different city, our spreadsheets and texts messages pre/post workouts keeps us connected. i love her and couldn’t ask for a better running buddy!

  171. I don’t have a running buddy anymore, but right now is the time I miss them the most. I almost fell completely out of running this past year with my schedule so packed.

    I met running when I met my high school sweetheart. He was a runner, and we were from a small town where my dad was a legendary runner to the high school track boys. So my boyfriend decided that I would be good at running. I wasn’t, but I tried anyway.

    My favorite thing about running with him is that he made it fun. He would jokingly slap my butt (it would be a back and forth thing most times), come up with games to play while we were running, and we would get ice cream afterwards most of the time. He kept me motivated, and he knew that I could run farther than I let myself believe. I ended up running a marathon, long after we broke up, but he definitely inspired me to do so. Afterwards he tattooed wings on my feet.

  172. I love that I’m too proud to stop or ever get a step behind her – great to push myself!

  173. My running buddy is ME! I love having time to myself and being able to sort out all of my thoughts. Running gives me the time to work on my physical and mental well-being. It is so important to feel good about yourself and to be comfortable with who you are. Running with myself has helped me to feel that way!

  174. What I love most about my running buddy is that she is my Mom! How could I not : ) She truly is my best friend, she not only encourages me but, pushes me. We are each others free therapy, confidants and giggle monsters. I am 24 and she is 56 (& proud of it) we training and ran our first full marathon together last June, we ran across the finish line holding hands, smiling and laughing! Best bonding experience to date. We even have a date tonight to run a quick 4 miler, and i cannot wait to tell her just how much i love her!!!

  175. What I love the most about my running buddy is that I always feel guilty for bailing on her – so she motivates me to get up and go for a run even when I have a million excuses lined up!

  176. My running buddy is just my speed! And we both love an iced coffee when we’re done!

  177. I love my running buddy! She is my mom. And while she doesn’t really run with me she keeps me super accounatable. She calls to check in and see how my training is going. She asks about about me aches and pains and then gives me medical advice (she is a nurse of many years). If she deems it serious enough she will comes to my house with additional icepacks and ibuprofen. She comes to my races and cheers me on and always letws me know how proud she is of me. Though she is not running with me she is with me every step of the way.

  178. My running buddy is usually my husband. I love that even though he’s much faster than me, when we run together, he always runs at my pace and encourages me to finish strong.

  179. My favorite running buddy is my husband. He was a non-runner until the birth of our son. He decided to start running with me to help me to get back into shape. Two years later, we are still running together, though he is now faster then me…

  180. Oh how I love thee, my running buddy that is…

    He’s ALWAYS eager and happy to run, whether it’s a short and sweet, or a a salty long one…
    No matter rain, sleet, snow or hail, he’s happy to go with a wag of his tail….

    That’s my running buddy, Blitz, my adorable, dedicated and loyal German Shepherd!

  181. My running buddy is currently my blue iPod nano and my “Rock this Run” mix. It plays all my favorite tunes, keeps me motivated, never lets me down, and doesn’t talk back or complain like my previous human running buddy. Plus, it is always ready to go out for a nice long run and doesn’t make me wait around. While I wish I had a true running partner some days I’m completely content with my iPod, Garmin, and my own personal thoughts.

  182. My boyfriend is definitely the best running buddy a girl can have, even when he doesn’t actually run with me he motivates me by pushing me to go out there and run. Sometimes motivation is in the form of setting the alarm so that I can wake up early to run, or taking me to a new running spots and at times talking complete nonsense while run so that I can take my mind off of what I’m doing. I’m glad I have him as my running buddy!

  183. My two running buddies are my Boykin Spaniels, Cooper and Max. They are the perfect training companions because Cooper loves “speedwork” and Max loves a nice longer easy run. Plus, they remind me to just enjoy running – they don’t know what a “bad” run means. Every run we go on makes them so excited and it is really hard to have a bad run when you have such a happy companion!

  184. My running buddy always motivates me to run “just a few more blocks”. All of those add up to a few extra miles a week! She’s a great motivator!!!

  185. My running buddy is my dog! Sometimes he can be a pain by trying to stop half of the time, but he can sprint and run his heart out which helps me pick up my pace as well. Not only am I exercising for my health but for him too!

  186. My favorite running buddy is my dog, Mikaya (which means “my love” in Jamaican). She is an Australian Shephard who loves to run. I am a human who loves to run. Quite frankly then, we are a match made in heaven!

  187. My running “BUDDY” is my whole TEAM IN TRAINING! 😀
    I am so lucky to have several similarly paced teammates for our long runs as we prepare to run The Shamrock marathon in VA Beach.

  188. My running buddy is my lab, Scout. He’s always excited and ready to go for a run!

  189. My running buddy is my stepson. He keeps me entertained and I can parent while working out. 🙂

  190. My favorite thing about my running buddy (my best friend) is her ability to make me run faster without even realizing it. Some of my best runs have come from running with her. I always seem to knock a minute or so off my usual mile’s time when I’m with her.

  191. My friend is much much faster than me but slows down to my pace and keeps me on pace and gives good advice and tips

  192. My running buddy is definitely my dog…. she’s always eager to go, and keeps me on my toes! She pushes me to go faster and longer, and is always so much happier after running… and I am, too!

  193. My running buddy, if I have one, is usually my husband. I love him because he’s supportive and stays with me even when he could be running faster.

  194. My best running buddy is my bff, Kimi. When we run by her house she always has post-run goodies, whether it be chocolate milk, pancakes, or mimosas! Plus, she’s pretty awesome and we talk so much the run just flies by. 🙂

  195. My favorite running partner is my best friend Mal. It sucks that she lives so far away, but whenever we are together she pushes me to be super fast. I had no idea I had sub 10-minute miles in me until I ran with her (I’m a 12 minute miler on my own) and she just keeps me motivated to push harder, run faster and just keep going. I only wish we could be together more often- I like being FAST!

  196. My running buddy is my fiance and he is amazing! He can out-run me in a second, but he always sticks by my side. He urges me along during sprints and talks to me during the slow miles. I love that he sacrifices his time just to stay by my side! I often tell him to run on-but he replies that it isn’t about speed but about doing it together.

  197. My running buddy is my 14 year old son, Ezra. I am a run commuter and 3 times a week he runs up to my work, just to turn around and run home with me. Spending this special time together gives us the opportunity to have conversations that we might never have when he is burried in his iPhone. You’d be surprised what topics come up 20 minutes into our run home. Ezra tells me that he is proud that I exercise and take care of my health by running. I am proud to set an example for my son and that he is learning that exercise is just another part of the day, like driving to work.

  198. My running buddy is my husband of 15 years. He inspired me to learn to run a 5k and I have since run a couple of half marathons and a marathon. He always has my back and wants to help me achieve my dreams in life. If I want to run a marathon in another country, I’m sure he will find a way to make it happen. He tries to take a day off work each month so we can spend the day together while our son is in school and that day always includes a run together. He always lets me choose the pace and I always push a little harder so he doesn’t have to run too slowly. We are planning a marathon together this year and no matter how long it takes us to finish it, I can’t wait to go on that journey together <3.

  199. My running buddy is an awesome guy named Ed! He’s also my cycling buddy, yoga buddy, meditation buddy, cooking buddy, (I introduced him to all of these by the way!), former graduate classmate in business school, awesome friend, and oh yes, my boyfriend of almost 3 years. Ed was a big ole’ muscle-ly guy who pumped iron when I first met him (he still pumps by the way), but somehow I talked him into running, among other activities, with me.

    Then I talked a little faster, and got him to join a free, local run club with me! We trained for a 10K together, took a boat and car to get to the race, one of the most beautiful courses I have ever seen, and we crossed the finish line together in front of all of our friends, at sunset on this beautiful island off of Long Island, New York.

    Together Mr. Muscle-Man and I have tackled hills, long runs, tempo runs, injuries, cross-training, and the ever pressing questions of, “is it okay to ditch my boyfriend/girlfriend because he/she is running a little slow today; is that going to bite me in the butt when this run is done and we go home?”

    I have come to realize that at the end of the day, it’s easy to love your running buddy when you love him in every other aspect of life. Ed is patient, encouraging, strong, gentle, and fun-loving. He makes runs worth the time, effort, and energy, and I am usually guaranteed a PR when I race with him. But most importantly, when I begin to hit a wall, Ed keeps me going. He has been my pacer in both running and life these past 3 years. Together we’ll be qualifying for the 2013 NYC Marathon, and in all honesty, there’s no one else in this world I would want to to keep me company for all of those miles and cross that finish with!

    And yes, Mr. Ed (galloping horse pun intended) does in fact make an awesome post-run smoothie and cleans the blender too! What more can you ask for?

  200. My running partner, Jen, is the reason I started running two years ago. She finally convinced me that I could do it, so I bought my first running sneakers and headed out on the road. Jen started running with me on the weekends and always made me feel more empowered to keep pushing myself to run further. We still run together every weekend (and sometimes before yoga) and have trained for two half marathons and many other races together. Our group of two has grown to six amazing women (The Rail Trail Chicks). Jen has once again convinced me to reach beyond what I once thought was impossible…running a marathon. I know I can do it because she will be there with me to help me train and remain positive. She’s the best running partner a girl could ask for!

  201. My running buddy does it all. She motivates me to keep going when I just want to give up. She screams at me just at the right times when I think I can’t take it anymore. “Just keep running! You know you’ll be upset if you don’t.”

    She is there for every run.

    She listens to my latest aches and pains.

    She is ME!

    Honestly, I have never had a running buddy. At times I wish I did but I know my brain will get me through each and every run on its own. Would the miles go faster with a good running buddy? I’m sure they would. This is what makes me tough though. I am accountable only for myself and it’s my decision to get out and run each and every mile me and my shoes run together.

  202. My running buddy is my ipod,, my music and audio books help me run commute and get everywhere I run. I decided to sell my car this year to run, I would not make it without my ipod.

  203. My running buddy is one of my best friends, she lives 2500 miles away from me, but we always run on the same days, share war stories, and help keep each other motivated when we struggle. Long distance we did the couch to 5k program together to become runners, and have continued to run and improve. We trained “together” for our first half marathon, and met in Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half. She may be on the other side of the country, but when I run, she is right there with me, cheering me on, and pushing me one step further. She never lets me quit, and I never let her quit.

  204. My running buddy may be one of the best of all time. She makes me drag my butt out of bed at 5:30 in the morning so that we can get our mileage in. She’s always up for a run. We can talk about everything. There’s never any judgment if I’m having an off day. She makes a long run feel like an easy 2 miles. I don’t know many people who can do that.

  205. I am really fortunate to have an extended “group” of running buddies !!! Being a late bloomer when it comes to running (I hated running), there was a group of us (all over 40) sitting around in the early morning hours of a New Years celebration savoring another of several bottles of wine. Christy (her real name) thought that it would be a great idea if we committed to running a half marathon as a group…. Needless to say I was less than impressed with that idea but thought I would agree with the hope that it wouldn’t stick. Kind of sounds like a lot of New Year resolutions doesn’t it….. So we committed to some training and on the morning of our first group run (sub freezing January in Illinois) we arrived at our meeting point in an icy car park where I announced that we weren’t actually running this morning but this was an intervention for whole group for wanting to get up early and do this…… That didn’t stick either and we set off for a cold 4 miles…… I have to admit that the group have trained together and run few half’s since then and while I still complain about it, I will quietly admit that I enjoy it for quite a few reasons. Some of the the group have drifted away somewhat, and some have been relocated overseas, but my real running buddy out of all of this (and in life) is of course my wife as it is with her that I have put the most miles in. She ignores my complaining, lovingly pushes me to get up in the mornings, and is there for me all of the time. I wish I could say that I do the same for her but hey, she’s does it all on her own and I am so proud of her for that. That is why she is my running buddy, and she runs with me as well.

  206. My friends, and now Matron of Honor, Angela began this running journey with me a year and a half ago. We just completed our first half marathon last month. She is encouraging when I need her to be, and kicks me in the ass when I need it too. Through thick and thin she has been there and I am so glad to have had her there with me as we began this journey. She is the best!

  207. The thing I love about my running buddy is that he pushes the double stroller when we run together 🙂

  208. My favorite running buddy is Janna– I call her JCoop. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and she keeps me pushing myself, even when I complain and whine during our long runs. We met at the gym and started training/running our long runs every weekend. The fun thing about us is that we accept each other for the runner that we both are. I think the best running thing about Janna is the fact that I can do the weird things that running does to your body in front of her and she still want to run with me the next week– that is a bestie running buddy.

  209. My running buddy is my music – it gets me through any mood, any weather condition. I have multiple playlists for whatever the current mood/theme of my day is. Sometimes my “running buddy” is a compliment to my surroundings and enhances the scenery or the mood I’m in. Other days it can pull me out of a funk or remind me that even rain/cold/ice/wind can be appreciated and holds beauty.

  210. I love my running buddy Sara. She started as a running partner and has become a good friend. We run at similar paces. We keep each other going when one of us doesn’t want to run. We race together. We will PR our half marathon this spring together. We talk about everything and someday might solve world hunger on one of our runs. I never imagined having such a compatible running partner and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  211. My buddy is Joy. We gained each others friendship through significant losses we both had within months of each other. We have laughed and cried together, encouraged each other, cared for each other both emotionally and physically. We use to meet at a very bad for us fast food joint that we both loved and then we broke up with that place and strived to get back to healthy together.

  212. I love my running buddy for many, varied reasons
    My buddy supports my running passion through all Chicago’s seasons
    In the spring, muddy shoes and clothes scatter around our home
    Summer results in clothes with such an odor to the porch they are shown
    Fall, as my favorite, is when I can disappear for half a day
    Winter requires a specialized set of gear for which we must pay (dearly sometimes)
    On runs beyond her limit, she has accompanied me on blades
    Now with the arrival of the little man, the running jogger enables us to trade
    Responsibilities and time
    She understands my sport helps to keep life sane
    Perhaps that is part of why she has never complained
    My running buddy enables me to fulfill this important part of my life
    That is what I love most about my running buddy…my wife

  213. I was a college athlete and would run 8+ miles 3-4 days per week, with other various running workouts on the other days. My husband (then boyfriend) trained with me, and at that time I was in better shape and able to run longer/faster. However, it did not take him long to catch up with me. I loved that he wanted to train with me to make me a better athlete and also improve his fitness. Now fast forward 7 years and two kids later, I am getting back to running after letting myself get out of shape (very disheartening). My husband continued to run through all those years, so now he is the one who can run longer/faster, and I am chasing him….slowly 🙂 Even though I am not able to run a great distance at one time, my husband has never been more encouraging as he is now. He tells me how great I am doing, regardless of how far I run. He constantly asks how my runs go, and when he runs with me, I know he slows down so that we can run together! 🙂 He is the best running buddy because I know he loves me unconditionally, whether I am in shape or not, and that is all the motivation I need! However, I am still a competitive person, and thoroughly look forward to the day when I can beat him again 🙂 That’s what love is!

  214. My wife is my running buddy even though we can never actually run together…with three small kids at home one of us is always “on duty”. She encourages me in ways I probably don’t even realize, from simple inspiration and encouragement to book/blog suggestions, new healthy recipes and diet tips, surprising me with running clothes/wear (so nice during the long winter) and taking on extra kid time when I need to get in a longer run whenever. She encourages me to travel for marathons and never complains, all while trying to find time to get in her own training time. I couldn’t make it work without her effort and support.

  215. Lately I have been my own running buddy and have learned a lot about myself. Last year at this time, however I experienced my best college running career by having a training buddy that went through and felt every emotion I felt. Training can be tough and having a companion to vent to, push each other harder or create goals as teammates was an amazing feeling. I wouldn’t take back the four years I had competing on a team and having a training buddy to lean on. Having myself to motivate is hard, but after training with someone else you know just about everything you need to know about yourself and that reaching any goal is possible when you put your mind to it.

  216. My running buddy is my Girlfriend. She isn’t a big runner yet (I’m working on it) but she rides along next to me on her bike and she puts up with me going out at all hours to get in my mileage and listens to me babble about my runs. All in all she’s pretty much perfect to me.

  217. I hope my boyfriend forgives me for this, but my favorite running buddy is my iPod shuffle. Named “Thank You Sir Neti Pot” after a particularly silly brainstorming session, this guy has been with me for pretty much every run I’ve logged since 2008. He might not have the perks of human running buddies like being able to warn me of black ice or giving me career advice, but he’s sure been inspiring and encouraging. Whether it’s the Scissor Sisters telling me to “Take Your Mama” out at mile 7 or OK Go reminding me that “Here It Goes Again” at a miserable mile 20, I can count on my shuffle to keep me out there running fast in the unpredictable and usually less-than-ideal Boston weather. With its upbeat tempos (“How Far We’ve Come”), fierce drum solos (“Whole Lotta Love”), and some intense lyrics (“Break Stuff”), my marathon playlist was the perfect motivation to help me achieve my sub-4 time at Mount Desert Island this past fall. If you see me out there on the Charles River this month training for Boston, you can bet the best running buddy ever is out there with me, clipped comfortably to my waistband.

  218. My running buddy moved away, but the benefits of her introducing me to running continue! I was always in awe of her – I knew she ran many marathons (26, it turns out). One day I asked her if she ever walked (vs. run) and we started hiking on nearby trails. After awhile, I wanted to try to run. She was SOOO patient and encouraging, sharing many morsels of wisdom over the years. She told me about a team race, and I thought, why not? That was 2008, and I managed to run/walk my first race of 12.5K with her and two other co-workers.

    She gave me a lifelong gift through her generosity, patience and encouragement. I still run and love to enter races to challenge myself. Even though my running buddy moved away, we’ll still have a quick chat on the cell when I’m out on the trails.

  219. I don’t have a running buddy – but I do have a recovery buddy! My fiancé, who will cross-train with me and call me from class to make sure I got back from my run safely and of course who will eat with me after a run when I’m feeling famished. 🙂

  220. My running buddy is my husband! He got me into running and always pushes me when I am trying to give up. He always knows the right things to say to keep me motivated-anything from “getting close to the finish line and beer” to ” I know you can beat this time” and even in extreme cases telling me stories about a beautiful princess )who happens to share my name) in order to distract me. When i began running he would run at a slower pace with me to keep me company and to keep me from giving up. He has been there with me from my first 5K, mud-run and 10K. We will soon be adding 1/2 Marathon to that list and in October we will be running the Dublin Ireland Marathon together. I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

  221. My running buddy is my partner Eva. We have been running together for 8 years. After countless early morning Saturday runs, 5k’s, 10k’s, and 1/2 marathons I was diagnosed with a disease that caused me to loose most of my muscle mass. I was lucky enough that I could walk, but running was out of the question. During my recovery I was beyond depressed and angry that my love of running had been taken away. My Buddy took it upon herself to keep me motivated and focused on reaching my goal of running again. She even went as far as buying me a brand new pair of Mizuno running shoes to wear while I recovered and made me set a goal as to what I wanted to accomplish when I was able to run again. Two years later I still have that pair of shoes and in Two weeks (Feb 19th) she will be running by my side while I reach my goal of running my first 1/2 marathon since my diagnosis. It’s amazing how much you miss something when it get’s taken away, for me that was running. My Buddy made sure I would not be defeated by my illness and helped me find the joy in running again. For that I am forever grateful!

  222. My running buddy has made me the runner than I am today.
    For the better part of 10 years we ran together as many times as we could.
    Our first date was a “running” date. She would not give me any time unless we were running. Even today I remember some of our first runs all around Greencastle, IN.
    We raced together both locally and planned many destination races and the memories from those experiences continue to motivate me for every training session that I do and any race that I take part on.
    Unfortunately (for my running competence), life has giving us two of the most incredible gifts in our boys which has taken away the chance for me to run along side my wife. With our first one the running stroller got a serious workout but as he grew up and our second one arrived we had to divide and conquer in order to continue running.
    For now I am patiently waiting until the time in which she and I will be running together again as our time allows. But more so, I look forward to include two more running buddies to the mix and hope that I can keep up with them!

  223. My running buddy is the reason I started running! My boyfriend Paul never pressured me to run but I saw how much he loved it and I wanted to get more fit, so I gave it a try. I don’t know if I could have stuck with it without his encouragement and kind words. Even on bad runs he reminds me that he’s proud of me for trying. I’m a lot slower than him but he ran with me when I was training for my first 5k race, and he was even there the very first time I hit 3 miles! Paul has kept my confidence up and has helped me keep running any way he can – going with to get fit for shoes, taking photos of me in my race, and attending a good form running class with me. I love Paul and how incredibly supportive he is of my efforts.

  224. My favorite running buddy is my iphone. It keeps me entertained, keeps pace with me, and generally only smells as bad as I do.

  225. No running buddy for me; I prefer to run alone as it is my personal time to think and/or space out. However, I cannot go running without my MP3 player. My personal music mixes make all the difference in the world at keeping me entertained and motivated!

  226. I don’t have a running buddy, but I do run with a group on Saturdays from the Y nearest my house.

  227. It would have to be my husband. He pushes me out the door for those runs I’m wavering on, whether its by running with me or making sure I bring my gear for a post work run. He paces me when I ask, and pushes me when I dont ask, but need him too. Most recently, I’ve realized just how lucky I am as I train for my firat marathon. Not only is he picking up the slack at home so I can hit the gym more for cross training, but he’s joining me everystep of the way. Running 15+ miles on the weekend for a race you aren’t even running, that makes you the perfect running buddy.

  228. My running buddy is myself. Love to be out there with my own thoughts. 🙂

  229. I have 2 running buddies and I love them because they keep pushing me when I think I can run no more and they make for excellent company on long runs and for post-run brunches 🙂

  230. I don’t have a human running buddy, because everyone I know hates to run. But thankfully for all the internet bloggers, twitter, and my ipod, I can just keep motivated and just keep going.

  231. I have two running buddies – my husband and our dog Rocco. Nothing is more motivating than having someone else next to you – to push you or slow you down when need be. Its great to have someone train with you but it’s even better to have someone who can motivate you. On top of that we have Rocco – and what’s better than getting outside with your four legged friend – who loves to run circles around the yard anyway! No matter what the weather, you can always count on him to get you outside and get you motivated to have FUN! Unless it’s raining, Rocco HATES the rain! 🙂 LOL

  232. What do I love about my running buddy?
    That he is flexible-somedays my little girl makes me “run” a little late to our scheduled start times.
    We can chat about anything or we can just run in silence and not say a word.
    He is content to run at the beach, on the track, on the trails or wherever our little legs take us!
    I can always rely on him to make me smile and always be there for that extra “push” when I need it!!
    Thanks Marc! 🙂

  233. I am my own running buddy! You have to be your own motivation. I’m competing with myself every day to be better!

  234. My running buddy is my boyfriend – I am a distance running and he is a former college athlete trying to get back in shape. He signed up for a half marathon with me (we’re 6 weeks out!) and hasn’t looked back since. He runs in the cold NYC weather with me, and has battled through injuries and some huge blisters just to keep up with our training. And he gives great back rubs after long runs! It’s great to be able to share something I love with the guy I love 🙂 And not for nothing, but I love my Mizuno Wave Riders and would love to break in a pair before that race in March!

  235. I love my running buddy/training partner so much! She is one of the most generous people I know.
    She shares her 15 year knowledge of running with anyone who asks. She encourages everyone,
    and always has an uplifting, positive message for others. She has shared her old gear with me, she
    has motivated me to try some things I never thought I could do. (like a duathlon and a couple of half marathons) Her journey into running started when she lost a close friend to cancer and decided to change her life. Her own personal story is inspirational. She is now 60, has had 3 knee surgeries and continues to run and mentor others. I’m sure thankful she took me under her wing and I hope I can be the same to others in the future.

  236. Q: What do you love about your running buddy?

    A: One of my favorite running buddies is my boyfriend. He is extremely motivating, pushes me, and respects my boundaries and doesn’t judge me. There is this unexplainable happiness when working out with your significant other, and I am so thankful for having that luxury with him:) To learn more about how awesome my M.A.N. is, you can read this post: =D

  237. My son, Brian!!!! Brian is 11 and can beat me by 3 minutes in a 5K, but will run with me just to spend time with me. (even if he has to slow down his pace!) Love that we can do something like this together!!!!!

  238. I met my running partner about a year ago. This past fall we started running together to train for a half marathon. Once that was over, I decided to train and do my first full marathron. Even though she was not interested in doing it with me, she ran and trained all those many miles with me. What I love best about her is that even though she is a much faster runner than me, she allows me to go at my pace but knows when I’m just trying to get out of it and makes me push myself harder. She belives in me and that is more valuable than anything else I can think of. I love her dearly and have missed our runs lately (work schedules and injuries) but hope next weekend to be right beside her as we do the miles. We are training for yet another half in March and April. I am so proud for what she has accomplished. I love that we can run and talk or just be in our own little worlds and not have to say a thing as we log the miles.

  239. My running buddy Rocks! First thing is that he talks sooo much that I forget I am even running, particularly on the hills; he just never shuts up. The days he stops at Starbucks, I am in trouble cause he kicks it up a notch and I don’t even realize it. And on top of that he is a true coach, so what ever my pace is, he is one step ahead of me, pushing me. Needless to say, training wouldn’t be the same with out him, and with all that said, he is just an all around good guy.

    May We Always Be Crazy!!!

  240. My running buddy is my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Julia. She sits patiently with her toy of choice, snack and milk as we run together. She usually keeps me amused by singing or pointing out birds, animals or people – no need for an iPod! She also keeps me breathing and talking by constantly asking questions. I love our runs together and I couldn’t imagine a better partner!

  241. My running buddy is my “baby” brother.

    November of 2009 my little brother, the week of his 30th birthday, was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. He was given, at best, 2 years to live… even with intense chemo treatments. It’s now been 2 years and 2 months since he was diagnosed, and through many surgeries, and so so many rounds of chemo he is still fighting hard. He is sick. He is weak. He is tired. But, he is fighting.

    The cancer is most likely genetic. The only thing I can do at this point is keep my weight in check. I run to be healthy. I run to save my own life.

    My running buddy doesn’t make smoothies for me. He doesn’t help pace me. He doesn’t give me tips on my running form because he doesn’t see it. He doesn’t run races with me. He doesn’t stand at the finish line cheering me to finish hard. He doesn’t wake up at 5 am to meet me and run the streets near my house. He doesn’t go to my gym. He lives states away. He lives so so many miles away.

    What he does do is this: He inspires me. He encourages me. He teases me. He motivates me. He said this: “I can’t run very well right now. I can barely walk some days. That will change soon. But as soon as I am healthy enough to fly, I am going to hop on a plane and come smoke you in any marathon you pick. Won’t that be awesome? A stage 4 cancer patient leaving you in the dust. I can’t wait.” I don’t mind if he leaves me in the dust. But, I train so that he won’t leave me too far behind in the dust.

    The truth is, I don’t know that he will be healthy enough to fly. Or, even if he can fly, if it would be safe to attempt a distance such as that. But, I train because one day, I hope it will happen. And, I will gladly run 26.2 miles with him ahead of me.

    Running is what helps keep me sane. I can usually afford running shoes, although not as often as I maybe should. I would love, love these pink shoes. My brother isn’t able to work, and the “extra” money that he does get goes to making sure his wife and 3 kids are taken care of. He’d love these shoes. And, I’d love to see him beat me while wearing them.

  242. He is the love of my life and my inspiration in running and everything. He makes me a better runner and a better person.

  243. I love that she is the Ethel to my Lucy.

    Road trip for a “redemption marathon”? She makes it happen…especially if outlet shopping and Grotto pizza are also involved.

    Laughter, tears, flying through a run, or gutting out the miles.

  244. Relative newbie to running, but I’ve been lucky enough to score two running partners. One friend lives close and isn’t afraid to just call me up and say she’s on her way to take me for a run. I have vowed to not tell her “no” and so she just gets me out the door when otherwise I might be on the couch. The other friend has described our runs as “cheaper than therapy” which I totally agree with. She also lacks navigational skills and once turned a 5 mile run into a 8.4 mile run (my longest ever!) – and the weird thing is I kind of love her for it. Sending out love to all the fantastic running buddies out there this Valentine’s Day!

  245. My running buddy is my adorable boyfriend, Micah. I love being his running buddy because he tells me the funniest stories from his childhood while we are running. Each sweat session is an adventure into his past and it allows me to learn more about him. Running with him is so much fun because he’s super clumsy and any small rock or twig in our path instantly becomes a hazardous object and another laugh for me. After we’ve run our mile, my abs are throbbing, not from the exercise, but from the laughing and giggling so much. I love my running buddy because he takes my mind away from the task. Instead of complaining the entire time about sweaty hair and achy calf muscles, I’m enjoying another adventure with him.

  246. I love my running partner for a zillion reasons. The first is because we both love dessert just as much as we love running! The second is that she doesn’t get annoyed when I have to stop and pee (which is all the time) and three she patiently waits that extra second for me to triple knot my older than dirt running sneaks so they don’t untie (but they always do) during our half marathon training. And the zillionith reason is we always pump each other up doing the day before our evening runs with Twitter mentions and text messages with a lot of exclamation points!

  247. Forest Park, located in Portland, Oregon, is a real runner’s oasis. But when the weather turns cold and wet, which in Portland seems to be every season except one half of our summer, Forest park becomes a dank and slippery mosh pit of muddy trails. Every Sunday for the past six years or so, Lucy and I would trudge our way through those damp hilly tracks. For the first half of our run, she would lead the way, getting so far ahead I couldn’t see her black floppy ears anymore. But then she’d stop and wait, panting the biggest doggie grin you’ve ever seen. As soon as I would get close she’d go leaping and bounding to her next mindless doggie milestone. By the time we would reach our halfway point about 4 miles in, which was about all she could handle in her older years, she was spent. The return trip was me calling back to her to keep up. “Come on, Lu, you can do it!” We kept each other company out there on those lonely trails. But her love of the run, her focus on plodding ahead even when it hurts, and never giving up, is something that I’ll always hold. I’ll miss you Lu.

  248. My best running buddy is any guy who blows himself up, falls off the main pack and runs the rest of the way with me, instead of just a little in front of me, for the rest of the run!

  249. So, I typically am a solo runner. Usually it’s just my and my iPod and the road. However, this past year a friend of mine (her name is Amy) was telling me about a half marathon that was going to be only 20 miles away from our town and the price was ridiculously cheap. Let me tell you about Amy for a second. Amy is a beast. I first met Amy and her family when my wife and I moved to our current location to take a new job at a church. I’m an avid runner and there was a 5k race in town on Halloween and I decided to run in it. Amy was running in it too. She talks herself down, but she is a beast. I thought that I would just keep up with her pace, but a mile into the run, she was one of the runners leading the pack (like #2). The blew me out of the water. Ever since then, me and Amy always have talked running. Back to the Half Marathon. I had always wanted to do one and she had never done one either. The only thing was that the Half was only 5 weeks away. That’s really no time to prep for 13 miles when you consistently only do 6 miles. We worked it out and I made a 5 week training plan for us to up our mileage to where we at least ran close to the 13 miles the week before the race.

    We get to the race that morning and we both thought to ourselves and then said outloud – “why didn’t we just sign up as a team?!”. Well, no changing that now, we both were nervous and afraid that we didn’t train long enough for the race. We said we would do it, there was no refund, and the race started in ten minutes so we buckled down, stretched and prepared to run. About 2 minutes before the race – you can just see Amy go into the “beast mode”. She was ready. I, however, was not in beast mode. The gun went off and she was out of the gate. We both finished the race with a PR being that it was our first half, but Amy conquered that race. I conquered it in my own terms, but Amy beat it up and had it for breakfast.

    As I went home to recover from such an exhausting race with a headache, leg cramps, and dying for an ice bath – Amy went home to take care of her twin 3 year old daughters. I saw her at church the next day with just as much energy as she had before the race just the day before.

    That’s what I love about my running buddy Amy. (she knows that we call her beast by the way)

  250. My name is Kasondra and my MOM is my running Buddy! I am 23 years old and she is 51 years old and gave birth to 6 baby girls (me included) ranging from 26 years old to 10 years old. She has always motivated me to stay in shape and be healthy because she loves going for walks and runs. I now live with my husband about 10 min. away from where she lives but we still get together to walk and run to have our mother-daughter talks. Talk about someone who had six babies and looks good that is my mom…. but she works hard for it.

    This year she impressed everyone and ran a 10K. I am how many years younger and all I ran was a 5K. She has been an amazing “coach”, “mom”, “wife” and “friend” whom which I truly believes deserves these Mizuno Wave Rider shoes.

  251. My running buddy is my Yorkie, Waffle. She is always up for a good run, and keeps up really well. I love seeing her so happy when she runs!

  252. My running buddy is my dad. A few years ago, my dad was in a horrible accident at a company picnic, where an ATV went out of control, and long story short, landed on my dad’s leg. It crushed every bone in his right leg, and left him with rods and plates holding his leg together. After several surgeries, my dad was home, albeit in a wheelchair. He was in so much pain, but he was determined to be able to walk again. He told me every day that his motivation was to walk me down the aisle at my wedding. A year went by, and he was able to stand on his own. A few months later, and he was able to use a walker to get around. Eventually, he was able to get around with only a cane. He was inspired by my new-found-love of running, and went through hundreds of hours of PT to build up the muscle he’s lost. Fast forward to last year, where my dad and I ran our first half marathon together. Since then, he and I have ran almost a dozen races together, and he is stronger than ever. The best part of this all, though? My dad was able to walk me down the aisle at my wedding this past summer. I am so inspired by him. I am so touched by how hard he has worked to get to the point where he is now!

  253. Right now I am my own running buddy…..sad face. But I am slowly but surely getting my wife into cycling and hopefully running. Maybe I can get my dog to start running with me. It gets lonely out there sometimes.

  254. My wife is my running buddy. She encouraged me to start the couch to 5k program last fall, and we’ve been running ever since. Occasionally, she surprises me with a race registration to make sure we don’t slack-off our training program.

  255. My all time favorite running buddies are also my favorite people; my two children. They love to go fast so they motivated me by screaming “faster mommy faster”! They make me strong in so many ways.

  256. my running buddy is my girlfriend i was such a couch potato and seeing my girlfrein running daily really made me want to step it up

  257. my favorite running buddy is my mother in law! She really motivate me seeing how great of shape running has ket her in and its also good boding time that we get to go out alone a couple times a week.

  258. I have a couple running partners including my dog and my boyfriend, but my favorite partner is my 6 yr ok’d daughter. She rides in the jogging stroller and just let’s me go, she sings to me and if I have to slow down (the stroller plus her= 70#) she encourages me to go faster and cheers me on like I’m winning a race. Any day that the sun is shining she will ask to go. There have been days that I was too tired to think of running and she dragged the stroller outside by herself and got in… could I say no? I have gone farther and faster pushing her than with any other partner.

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  260. My favorite running buddy is me. It a quiet time for self reflection, my strengths, my weaknesses and it inspires me to take on any challenge. If I can run in 14 degree weather with a smile on my face or finish a marathon I have the endurance within to succeed and inspire others to reach their full potential.

  261. What I love about my running buddy is the lack of time we spend running together, the un-answered text msgs and avoided phone calls! Lol In theory, we are the perfect compliment to each pressing on while the other pushes and vice reality, I am running my own schedule, pushing myself to be dedicated to cold weather runs and staying focused in her absence. In due time, she will find her place and settle in to the routine. In the mean time, I run for the love of it and know one way or another we will be on our way to our first two person marathon relay in March…we will both be winners in our own way or another! 🙂

  262. My favorite runny buddy is my whole family. My wife’s always understanding about my runs and when we have the opportunity to run together its great to catch up and push each other. Only thing better is when we bring the kids too, pushing the stroller as they look for wildlife and we play ‘i spy’.

  263. My running buddy is my son. He is in high school and runs twice as fast as me, but it is something that we have in commong and spend a lot of time together because of it. I am so proud of him in what he has accomplished in track and cross country. In one 5k race, he finished in 18XX and then ran back down through the outside of the course and ran along side the course to encourage me. At another race, he finished, got something to eat and drink, then walked a half mile from the finish to cheer me on as I finished. No matter how successful I am at running, it is a bond we will always share. I have had a few defining moments in my running career, but none come close to spending quality time with my son!

  264. My current running buddy is a 70+ gentleman who I see every day walking his heart out with a huge smile at a 3% incline on the treadmill next to me. He is recovering from a triple bypass heart surgery and is a huge inspiration to me to keep going!

  265. My best running buddy is my wife. While we don’t actually train together, she has been my support since I began running 8 1/2 years ago, 3 years after a heart attack. While constantly worrying about me, she still supports what I do, including starting a nonprofit to encourage heart patients to be active. We’re meeting up with other heart patient runners in March at the Cincinnati Heart Association mini marathon, and have just started to organize our yearly Heart Education And Rehabilitation Team (H.E.A.R.T.) annual get together in October at the Baltimore Marathon. What better way to run as a heart patient in these events than in bright red shoes.

  266. My running buddy is my father. He passed away last year and took half my heart with him to heaven. He was my best friend, my hero. When he was alive, he came to every triathlon and race I participated in. Even though his failing heart fatigued him, he still cheered for me with every breath. Now that he has left me, I feel closest to him when I am running. I talk to him and love when the sun shines on my face or see a rainbow in my path. In that moment my heart feels complete and I know he is there with me cheering me on every step of the way.

  267. I love my running buddies from the Team in Training! Not only do they motivate me to get out each weekend to train for my races through the year, we are also raising money for a good cause- to help cure blood cancers! There are many cold mornings that I don’t want to get out of bed but knowing my buddies are waiting to cheer me on gets me going!!

  268. My running buddy is my seven year old Golden Retriever, Brady. He is the love of my life! By taking him on runs I am not only getting him some much needed exercise, but I have a super motivated instructor! Those four legs can move! I hope to spend time with him like this for years (decades) to come. There is no feeling in the world like looking down at Brady as he looks up at me and smiles saying, ‘Thanks for taking me with you, Mom!’

  269. My running buddy would have to be my husband. He is my motivator, my encourager, and my competitor. Their are days when I feel like just giving up or not going and he continually keeps giving me encouraging words. Running is something that I just recently started doing again and its something that I have always loved and use to be very good at. Many times I have felt very discouraged because I am not where I use to be and if it werent for my hubby, I would have given up a long time ago.

  270. My running buddy is my husband. Funny part is I can’t stand him running with me most of the time because he does push me, he tries “coaching” me and most of the time he takes the route I do NOT want to. There is always the other side of the story which is he is my biggest fan. I can ALWAYS depend on him to be my cheer coach, (when he isn’t running the race with me) with our 2 and 4 year old. I see him and the kids at least 6-7 during a half marathon. I can ALWAYS depend on him to encourage me to run even on the days I feel like being a couch potato. And when I told him my goal 2 1/2 years ago was to get the pregnancy weight off and run my first half he jumped right in and was the one who helped me realize my goal was achievable. (I gained 90 pounds w/ my 1st pregnancy and 70 w/ my second and I’m back w/in 10 pounds of the original weight..) I just finished my 10th 1/2 and again it all is attributed to his nagging with every workout we do and I love him for that. = – ) And to out do me he decided his goal was to train and do a half ironman… LOL

  271. My favorite running partner is my husband, Todd. About two years ago we started dabbling in running. Pretty soon Todd signed up for half marathon training at our local Fleet Feet store. While he was there he decided to sign me up for a 5K program. We have been running ever since! We don’t always get to run together, but he is always pushing me to go a little farther, a little faster etc. This past October he ran a 15K by my side. That was the farthest I had ever run. Not him, he had just taken part in a half marathon the weekend prior. So even when he is not running by my side, he is still pushing me. I usually call him or text him when I finish my runs.

  272. My running buddy is the best ever….she never beats me, she is never right behind me, she pushes me when I need it and she encourages me always. I can run with her whenever: I never need to wait on her or worry about her rescheduling. She will run however far or wherever I want and whenever for that matter! I could not ask for a better running buddy…she even like my running music! She is myself!! So she is the BEST!!

  273. I think its awesome that almost everyone has a husband, wife, bestfriends, or group to run with! My buddy (for now) is my music app. After losing 30+ pounds through diet and dvds, I was walking as usual one day and thought ‘why don’t I jog a little.’ I made it through fifteen seconds of one song and thought I was going to need a good samaritan to wheel me back home. I kept at it, not knowing what pace or stride was; outside of a salsa product and a few sticks of gum.
    And, the more I moved to the beat the easier it became. Within weeks I was breathing bettter grooving to oldies, waking up at 5am jogging and praising with Gospel, then rock & running right down the street to hip hop. One block became two, and one song became intervals of three… Along with that came the freedom of running wings and weight lost. I am currently learning more about running for exercise and marathon training, as well as shoes and attire. So in short, when I do meet an amazing running partner WE can learn, encourage, and empower each other while competing against the Party Rock Anthem, can’t wait!

  274. I run mostly by myself anymore, so my best running buddy is/are my Mizuno Wave Riders. I have run farther, faster, and without injury in the last 5 years that I have run in my Wave Riders. I don’t even look at other shoes anymore, I just look to the newest version try them on and go!

  275. I love that my running buddy pushes me to go faster and run further. The good conversations along the way dont hurt either 🙂

  276. My favorite running buddy is my husband. It may not be frequent but he’s there when it counts, like at a half marathon, that he didn’t even train for. He toughs out the chaffing and talks me through the tough parts.

  277. My running buddy and I have played many sports together over the last 15 years. We both love running and have recently been able to get our schedules together and start running and training for a half marathon. We are both striving for the same goals. We both work the same job, but in different areas, so we both understand he frustrations of work and when our schedule change last minute, we understand why. We are able to release the tensions of work, kids and husbands. She knows the routes better in the area we are currently running and I know the training plan, so together we make a good team. We are both working towards our third half marathon and have already decided we will be doing a full this year. We are both following the same training and meal plans. We know it won’t be easy, but we know that together cheering each other on, we can achieve our goals we have set.

  278. My running buddy always keeps me motivated , it may be race day or just a running day! She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to stop running with me. She finished radiation the day before I was running a 1/2 marathon…one we were suppose to do together. She was there to cheer me on every step of the way and in sept. she was back in her running shoes…this time to run a 1/2 with me! If that isin’t motivation I’m not sure what is!

  279. It would be my wife because she keeps me upbeat with her funny stories and anecdotes when we are running! Her silliness keeps me lighthearted that I don’t feel much the strain of a work out.

  280. My husband is my favorite running partner because he is the only one I know who can keep up with me. When I get tired, he runs up in front of me because he knows the competition fuels me:-) He pushes me to achieve me goals. I love him.

  281. I’m a father, 39 year old and turning 40 now in March, I have a weight goal to reach by my birthday and I started running on January 6th, 2012 (YES, just recently and in the middle of Indiana’s winter). Anyway, with two boys ages 7 and 2 and working at the same time I’m finishing my masters degree at nights, I could not do this without the support of my lovely wife, she gives support and I hope to get her started on running as well, I bet she would love a pair of Mizuno’s. To my surprise, I’m loving to run and this past week I ran 20 miles (5 runs of 4 miles ea.), my current pace is 10 min/mile and I’m still adjusting my form and going strong. My goal is to run a half marathon next year and I have only 8 lbs to go in order to reach my goal weight, running was what I needed to get the final boost I needed.

  282. favorite running buddy is the little guy in my gps watch that keeps pace and challenges me. never talks; doesn’t smell; doesn’t hold me back, but annoys me to motivation. =)

  283. My favorite running buddy is my dog Maxie. He doesn’t get to run with me much anymore because he’s getting up there in age, but he always made me feel safe. He also never had anything negative to say; his positive energy kept me going. =)

  284. My favorite running buddy is my husband because he is the one setting the example for exercising and he is always there to encourage me when I get lazy or tired. Without him, I don’t think I would have kept running and working out.

  285. My running buddy never-stops-running. She will run a half marathon this weekend and another next. She runs in the pouring rain, blistering heat, and even snow storms. She will meet me whenever and wherever to run. She is the epitome of a runner. She inspires me, challenges me, and motivates me. My running buddy loves to run…and run…and run. That’s what I love about her.

  286. My running buddy get so much enjoyment out of running, not sure if it’s the wind in her fur or just the feeling of being free that it motivates me to keep going even when I’m ready to stop and head home. I just love watching her run!!

  287. I love that he keeps me motivated-especially during the cold winter months! 🙂

  288. I am a stay at home dad with 2 kids. I can’t wait to run with my 5 year old son. But right now my running buddy is my wife. She works a full time job and lets me get up early to get my run on. She understands its good for my soul. She gets the added benefit of my awesome rockstar legs. She lets me do my never ending weekend 5 and 10k races all over NJ. SHe is the best non-running buddy a person could have.

    Infact she even told me to tell you that I can have the running shoes. size 11 please!!

  289. My running buddy is a new buddy. My significant other finally began running and agreed to allow me the pleasure to join her. Even though she just started running and I am going on two years. I feel very happy to be able to do this together.
    She has been my partner inlife for 11 years. Together we have a son. In the past 10 days we were in the ER because he has had 2 accidents which both caused him a concussion. Scary stuff! She balances me. I am very emotional and outward with my feelings. She is calm, collected all the while having the same feelings as i do. Without her being my buddy for life, I couldn’t get thru the hard times. Now, we get to enjoy the outdoors running for pleasure instead of to the ER!

  290. My running buddy: Plain and simple…without him…. life would suck. He keeps me determined, motivated and goal oriented especially when it comes to running. He finds the funnest races for us to enter, and keeps a smile on my face the entire time. I am honored that I finished my very first half marathon Jan. 7th, 2012 with him by my side all the way to the finish line. Actually, he was one second behind me, but who’s counting? 😉 If he is going to beat me, he is going to have to get into some Mizuno’s. Hmmm…I’m not sure this was such a good idea. HAHAHA!

  291. My running buddy is my best friend and former roommate, Lisa. She started my running career by entering me in my first 5K and has been there supporting me ever since. She not only runs with me during both short and long runs, talks to me and keeps me going, but she is my biggest cheerleader encouraging me on every 1/2 marathon and marathon I have run. The last four years or running would not have happened if it weren’t for my best friend. I have found the runners high and some of the best times of my life, especially when I’m crossing each finish line or reaching that final step of a hard run. I thank my lucky stars for Lisa and everything she has done for me over the years.

  292. My favorite running buddy is my wife of 11 years. We’ve been through a lot together including each of us losing a parent to cancer..running is a good coping mechanism. We have run a marathon “together”..(she actually finished well before me..but we ran the first half together).. and a couple of half marathons together. We also have done a biahtlon together.. we both wear Mizuno wave riders..until recently.. My wife, Jane Doe (to spare embarrassment) recently tried another brand.. and it did not work out well for her.. Let’s not venture as to why she tried a non MIzuno running shoe.. it was a mistake, let’s leave it at that. Here’s why it was a mistake; she now has a stress fracture in her pelvis.. Before jumping to conclusions, it was not caused by blunt force trauma.. it was caused, in theory, by changing shoes.. she is currently recovering and hopes to run again soon. I made her promise me that if she did, it would be in Mizuno Wave Riders… maybe the 15 anniversary editions?? I hope!!

  293. My running buddy is my husband. When we met I was a runner and he was a junk-food eating, smoking, couch potato. After five years of harping on him to get up and do something, he finally took my advice, quit smoking, and started training. Last year he became an Ironman and completed a 50k trail race. I am so proud of him and love that he now shares this passion of mine. 🙂

  294. My running buddy is my best friend, i love running with him because there is no stress or pressure to run super fast. But he always encourages me to try and do the best i can. Its just us and the trails, so peaceful. We are signed up to run our first half-marathon in may, and i can’t wait!!

  295. I run by myself due to how slow I am but love my marathon message board peeps. They keep me on track and talk me into signing up for races I never thought I could do.

  296. My running buddy is my neighbor. When we are out running, we keep busy talking. She is having martial problems, so I try to cheer her up and I get my running done too. I ran with her in her 1st race ever. She was so happy to complete her 1st race.

  297. My running buddy is my mind. Running to me is a great way to clear my head and reduce stress. My mind challenges me to run a little longer, run a little harder, sprint, attack a hill, speed up, slow down. Running is all me and my head! Love it!

  298. My best running buddy is God. Some of my best talks and prayers happen during my runs. I lost my little brother 5 years ago to brain cancer, and it took me a long time to accept that he was never coming back. Running and my faith helped get me through the worst of the grief. When I run, I feel like I can talk to my brother and God and I feel free!! Running is my sanity. I have been running for almost 14 years now, I thank God every day for a strong and healthy body and the ability to run.

  299. My running buddy is my best friend. I love her because I never feel inadequate when I am running with her. She doesn’t make me feel like I am running to slow or not far enough. There is no pressure, no stress, no expectation, just us and the road. Its perfect!

  300. My best running buddy is my friend Suzanne. I would have never run my first marathon without her support and encouragement! Even though she now lives 7 hours away we are planning several 2012 races together, including another marathon and a 50K! Suzanne gets me moving even when I have zero motivation to do so, and she’s pushed me to run farther and faster than I ever thought I could. My other running buddies are the girls I met while training for the marathon through Team in Training. We ran in 100-degree heat, Hurricane Irene, the October Blizzard of 2011, and on some of the toughest hills in the area. Talk about bonding! Even after the marathon we continue to run every weekend. I’m so very blessed to have such supportive, encouraging, and amazing running buddies!

  301. My favorite running partner is my Sister. Even though we only get to run together a few times during the year (she lives about 500 miles away) we always reconnect over runs during our visits. This past 6 mos. or so have been the best – she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September ’11 and after surgery, etc, she started chemo. Despite having chemo every 21 days (which concludes this week) she has continued to run 6 days per week after teaching high school! I’ve visited her more often during this time – and to my surprise she continues to outdo me on the runs!

  302. My running buddy is my best friend and sister. We’ve been through so much, started our getting healthy journeys together. she made her goal before i did, i’m so proud of her. We are each other’s support, keep pushing the other when the other wanted to just give up.. “just one more hill!” or “we’re almost home!”
    We’re now separated by distance, as we’ve each moved to a new home, but we still cheer each other on as if we were right there next to each other battling one hill after the next.
    Love & Miss you sis!

  303. My running buddy is a pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9’s! They are always there when I need them and never let me down 🙂

  304. Favorite running buddy: my daughter. As a young kid she cheered me on in various local races and has traveled near and far to do the same. As a freshman in high school she joined the XC team and after running her first 6 miles she said to me, “I never understood why it was such a big deal to you when you ran 16 (18, 20, 22) miles. I think I get it. I can’t imagine running more than 6.” Fortunately she kept running and now has completed her first full marathon. She’s away at college so our running together is limited to visits, but it’s always one of the first things we do when we get together!

  305. My favorite running buddy is my husband. Our 1st date was to go for a run together in November 2005. Now, we have a 4 yr old and twin 2 yr olds and so now we all run together as a family with one of us pushing the triple jog stroller- yes, I said TRIPLE stroller and you don’t do that unless you REALLY do love running together. My husband is in the Navy and so we do not live close to family but when they do visit and we have the rare opportunity to run alone together (because someone else can watch the kids) we still consider this our “date time” and always remember how we started- on a run. We were able to run our first family race together last year for Valentines Day in the sweetheart couples division for the Palm Springs 1/2 marathon, with my husband pushing the twins and I pushed the oldest son . We have a poster size picture of the whole family crossing the finish line hanging up in our living room because we started this family with running, and running will always be something my husband and I enjoy doing together, as well as using it to promote a healthy lifestyle to our children. There are many times I have to run without my husband because of his service to this country; however, even when we are not physically running together we are always with each other in spirit. I just found out that even though we planned a family trip to Boston for me to run the marathon this year, he will be deployed and not able to go. I do know that not a mile will pass without me thinking about all the things he tells me to help motivate me and keep me going strong. He is the best running partner I could ever ask for.

  306. My running partner is my sweet baby girl niece, I almost didn’t get to meet her. I had a heart attack a year before she was born. So after that wake up call from God. I got my butt in gear and started to walk, then run. I started to train for Walt Disney World’s half marathon 9 months out from the 2012 race. On October 26, Azlynne was born and every step on the road running that I have taken since her birth has been for her. I run longer and farther to keep myself in shape and alive so that one day, she may run with me.

  307. I have many running buddies these days, from the group that meets weekly and ranges in size from two or three to ten or twenty, a mix of both beginner and veteran runners, to my 5 sisters spread across the U.S. who encourage one another from afar and gather occasionally for inspired runs, to my one friend and occasional running partner for nearly ten years who is always up for a challenge on every run. Not to mention my husband who encouraged me early in our marriage to follow my dream to run a marathon and has kept me interested and supported in running ever since. Running tendrils link me to so many wonderful people.

  308. My husband is my running buddy, He has ran with me from the begining of this weigtloss journey. He has ran in front of me and motaveted me every step of the way! Now as of today I am a 100lbs lighter and did every bit of it with just running EVERYDAY! He is now overseas and training for another marathon, and I wish I was with him first one I have not been with him, I think a new pair of shoe that I helped him win would help him in this journey! Because I know he has helped me on mine.

  309. I am my favorite running buddy. I have 5 young kids and boy do I need the quiet time alone in my own head. I started running alone 2 years ago, lost 60 pounds, and still love to run solo almost everyday.

  310. My running buddy is a friend from work. We’ve gone to bunches of races together, and he makes running fun. We’ve tried out some new running drills together, and it was nice to have another person doing the same thing so we didn’t look quite as crazy.

  311. My running buddy is my husband Dave. He keeps me motivated to go further and run harder every day. He also doesn’t mind me talking nonstop during our runs. When we got pregnant he slowed his pace so I wasn’t having to push so hard to keep up with him. Plus, he always pushes my to eat more protein, but especially after a hard run or workout. I do go for runs by myself but I prefer to run with him.

  312. I wouldn’t be able to take on all the miles and challenges without my running girls – we support each other through our long runs.

  313. My hubby is my favorite running partner. He doesn’t run with me often. What makes him a great partner is that he has never complained about watching the kids while I’m out for a 2 hour run or running a race. He makes the kids breakfast so I can finish up my treadmill run before he heads to work. A great partner is also a good supporter. He makes signs for the kids to hold(Kick Butt Mama!) and carts them around to different spots in races to cheer me on. Thanks, Babuz!! I love you!

  314. I had difficulty to find one this past two years but finally find one. It turned out that she leaves at an apartment across mine. We both need motivation to run and we become each others motivation.
    However after the first week of running I had a shin splint and have to stay away from running. She was always there beside me. And when I told her that I will take it easy and will start with 1 mile. She was there beside me running 1 mile (although I know that she can easily do 10miles). I found out that running is not just finishing those miles. It is also becoming each others crying wall so that at the end you will not only get physical activity and but also will able to rejuvenate your whole body.

  315. my running partner is my good friend shaun. he is in pretty darn great shape. i like running with him because u have to run with someone in better shape to push u! i must say,since we have been running together ive improved greatly! now, the only thing i could use now are some great shoesto make me perform that much better!!!!

  316. The best running buddies I have are the left side and right side of my brain. Nothing makes them work better together than a good run! This is when I get focused, when I come up with the most brilliant ideas for my life and business, and happiness sets in for the day! My brain works best when my body does. Nothing motivates me more than my Mizunos – my favorite running shoe of all time. I would chew off my own arm for some of those limited edition ones! Yum!

  317. My running buddy is my best friend and sister! We have made the committment for a complete health makeover after both of us were diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 years old. Together we have changed our eating habits, level/amount/type of exercise, and we motivate each other to make healthy choices each day. Lacing up our shoes and hitting the pavement has strengthened our fight, even on those days when we feel like giving up 🙂

  318. I have the best running buddy named Heather. We started running together over a year ago, when I was pregnant. She lost weight, I gained weight (the good kind!). We met everyday at 5:30 am. There were cold mornings when I did not want to go, feeling tired from pregnancy, etc. and she gave me the motivation I needed- knowing that she would be there waiting for me! I couldn’t wait to recover from having my baby so I could resume running with her. Together, we have logged hundreds of miles and lost some serious pounds. Now, I’m waiting for her to have a baby so we can run together with jogging strollers!

  319. My running budy is my coach,he really change my way of life, he trained in about 20 years many athletes, and If I have to be honest he is the only one that understand my need to fit every day .
    His patience when I started and his daily intrest to make me be a better human,day by day, cause hes not just giving me trainning , he also gave me some good advices of life.

  320. My running buddy is my husband, so of course i 14 switch. Im looking forward to the 15s!

  321. Sadly, my running buddy is often my Garmin… though I’m starting to find people in this neck’o’the’woods that will run with me! Most often, when I run with another person, it’s my mom, so there’s tons of things I love about her! 🙂

  322. My favorite running buddy gave me this piece of advice AFTER the half marathon we ran together. She keeps me laughing when we run AND as you can see keeps me laughing with her advice!! Together we completed 14 races together this year!!!

    1. Running on a treadmill gets boring. I don’t care what movie/tv show is on- it is boring. It is also depressing seeing the treadmill next to you get used by three different people as you chug along wanting to die.
    2 Running outside is dangerous. There are potholes and dogs. There is wind and rain. And, wildlife- see below.
    3. Never get into a fight with Geese, losing a body part is NOT worth getting a faster time on a training run. I hear snakes are pretty dangerous too.
    4. You do not compete against another runner. You compete against a clock, which is WAY worse. A clock does not get tired on mile 9. A clock does not need to take a pee break. And, a clock never has an off day. You are lying to yourself when you think running against a clock is better then trying to beat a fellow runner. A fellow runner can trip- a clock can’t. A clock also seems to work just fine in ALL temperatures. Me, not so much.
    5. Never, ever think you are too good for body glide. Running proves that your body has chafing in places you never thought was possible to chaf.
    6. If a runner tells you they are most nervous about finishing the race- they are lying. They really are worried there will not be a port-o-potty at mile ten when their bowels suddenly remembered how to work.
    7. If you choose to stop mid run, bring a stroller or a dog- please move to one side. Yes, fellow runners will say hi and tell you your dog/kid are cute. But, we are really annoyed that you chose to stop walking right in front of them.
    8. Running is mental. It really is. You can train for months- but unless your head is in the game, you’ll never make it to the finish.
    9. Water stops- if you are handing me a cup- please do not tell me it is gatorade if it is NOT gatorade. Enough said.
    10. Runners live off of what that garmin says- we care about the pace times, our mileage, our heart rate, etc. You will want to crawl into a hole and die when you realize your “racing buddy” did not record your last race or will not turn on the morning of a race. You will then get further pissed off when Target customer service has no sympathy for the fact that your race could have been disastorious because their product failed to turn on.
    11. Blisters. You will get blisters that bleed and blisters that swell so big you want to pop them. You learn to take pride in these battle wounds.
    12. Shoes are important. You know when you need new shoes. Your feet tell you its time- you must listen.
    13. Some days you would rather die then do a training run. Those are the training runs that matter the most.
    14. Training is a big time commitment. Some days there are million other things you need to be doing then fitting in an 8 mile run.
    15. Lucky for me- training also provides free access to cable TV. Thank you, Direct Supply, for not only supporting my training by providing treadmills for me to occupy hours at a time. But, also that you for allowing me to become addicted to NCIS and Law and Order SVU. I am pretty sure I have now seen almost every episode to air in the last 5 months.
    16. You better believe we are going to get mad when you only provide water bottles and half a banana at a race. We did just pay $50 to run this. We are expecting some sports drink and power bars for a $50 entry fee.
    17. Running in the rain does suck. A hat helps. But, we are lying if we say we “liked” that rain run. No one really enjoys getting pelted with rain and having soggy feet.
    18. After spending hours training and preparing for something- having someone stand at the finish line cheering us on when we’d rather crawl then run IS very important. It is also very important that you forget to mention how terrible we look, how sweaty we are, and how some 75 year old man just finished ten minutes ago.
    19. Yes, it is important that we do spend money on good socks, shorts, bras, etc. So don’t ask. Please refer back up to 5. Chaffage happens. These things ARE important.
    20. Running is most fun when you are along side the people you care about the the most. Thanks mom, Jessica, Mary, and Uncle John for making my two half marathons happen. I could NOT have done it without you all by my side! And, thank you to everyone else who trained wtih me, supported me, and helped me along the way!

  323. I say, “5 miles.”
    He says, “You can do 6.”

    I say, “I’m feeling blah.”
    He says, “Go run it out!”

    I say, “I can’t.”
    He says, “I know you can.”

    Sending a big thank you to my favorite running buddy (my husband), because even when you’re not there, you’re in my head.

  324. My running buddy is of the 4 legged variety. She’s my best guy friend’s dog and my favorite dog ever. She keeps me motivated because she never seems to run out of energy. And when I’m hurting after the run she cuddles with me!

  325. My running buddy is Max, a golden retriever, who is my son’s service dog. Max is a life saver to my son and a great companion to me on my morning runs. I knew getting a service dog would be great for my son and would open up so many of life’s doors that we never thought would be open to him. I did not realize what a great companion Max would become for me. He loves our runs and it helps to keep him healthy, active, and burn off some of the extra energy he has. He focuses so much better at his job on the days he runs with me. I can’t imagine going running with out him and I can’t imagine my son’s life with out such a great friend.

  326. My husband is my best running buddy, biggest cheerleader, and best support system. One year ago, on January 13th, I suffered a very rare type of heart attack called spontaneous coronary disection. I underwent emergency bypass surgery and spent a week in the hospital. Being a runner and only 35 at the time, this was a shock to our family. My biggest question was “When can I start running again?” With Erik’s help and encouragement, (and the doctor’s ok) I started running again eight weeks after my heart attack. I was able to run a 5k four months after the heart attack. My husband had never been a runner before, but we helped eachother and he ran a 10k in a stellar forty-two minutes! Our shoe of choice has been Mizuno after a marathon running friend turned us on to them. We tell everyone who is starting to run about how wonderful they are! Thank you for the chance to tell my story!

  327. I’m so excited to have my sister-in-law as my new running buddy. We’re training for our first Boston marathon together as well as raising thousands of dollars for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Even more, we’re becoming good friends, which makes me so happy.

  328. My favorite running buddy is my boyfriend. He used to run and doesn’t actually anymore…. but he fully supports my crazy running habit 🙂 He doesnt mind when I wake him up early as I’m trying to get in a run before work. He bought me a Nike + watch for my birthday because he knows I like to keep track of my distance and time. And… he was there last year when I ran my first 5K to cheer me on and take me out for breakfast to celebrate. He’s the best and I wouldnt run as much without him.

  329. my running buddy rocks because we can laugh and be silly but also be open and honest…makes the run go by pretty fast!

  330. What do I love about my running buddy…my 18-year-old son. He will compete in his first half marathon with me this May, the Fargo Marathon. It will be my second half marathon. We thought it would be something really special to accomplish together before he heads to BCT and AIT for the U.S. Army for 25 weeks in August, He encourages me like nobody else could knowing what he will be going through during his training. God Bless America!

  331. My favorite running buddy is the voice inside me that tells my mind to wander off the trail to regain focus. The voice that tells my legs not to quit. The voice that tells me not to hit snooze one more time. The voice that tells me I am setting a good example for my 3 year old. The voice that tells me “to be tough, only tougher. Be strong only stronger. Be yourself, only better. And, above all, never waiver, never quit, never settle”. I love my Mizunos and all they have made me realize that I already am and what I can be.

  332. I have about 10 running buddies. We get together every weekend to run outside in our cold Maine winter, pretty much regardless of the elements. We come back with dirt in our teeth, icicles on on lashes and brows, and smiles on our faces. Without them i would probably do another boring 5K on the treadmill, instead, we constantly challenge one another to run further, faster, harder, while also running smarter. We have runners of all abilities and speeds, and we never drop anyone! in fact, our group keeps growing. i look forward to our runs all week long, to build on my own personal running abilities while also growing our friendships.

  333. My running buddy is mostly long distance these days since I moved almost 400 miles away this past summer. But my “sole sister” Sue still helps to motivate me via email, text, facebook, and twitter everyday! We share running triumphs and woes, as well as the day-to-day junk that we’d vent about during a run (sick kids, crabby husbands, pesky coworkers, et cetera). We plan to do several races together each year–including a 50K in 2012–so we still have matching training schedules. She’s awesome!

  334. I have 2 different running buddies – my boyfriend and my family. Both are ultra supportive of my passion of running. They would probably consider it more of an addiction but all are committed to my love of the sport. I love the feeling of sprinting towards the finish line knowing that my ‘fans’ are waiting for me, cheering like crazy people…makes me feel like a rock star. I love all of them with all my heart and hope to give each one of them the same support they give me.

  335. My favorite running buddy is my friend Jill. She always pushes me and motivates me to do better than I think I can. When I struggle or have doubt in my ability, she lets me know I can do it. I wouldn’t be the runner I am today without her. Thanks Jill.

  336. My favorite running buddy is my husband, who also happens to be my best friend! He is my favorite because he believes in me…even on those days I don’t.

  337. What do I love about my running buddy……Tracy? I love that she called me on a cold Monday in February 2007 and ask me, (a nonrunner at that time), to start training for Nashvile’s Music City Half in April 2007. Reluctantly, I said, “Sure”, only to find out we had to start training the very next day with a 3 mile run! We ran that Tuesday and every run day after that until the race. We have continued running since and have ran in many more half’s, 5K ‘s and trail runs together and seperately. I was even ask to coach the 3rd grade X-Country team at my kids school. I love that she movtivates me, encourages me, yells at me at times and has pushed me to a place I never would have gone alone. I love that, “My Little Running Buddy”, changed my life, my husband’s and my children’s lives because now we all love running……… our Mizuno’s of course!

  338. My favorite running buddy is my best friend from high school. We joined our track team our freshman year and fell in love with running together. We understood each other- we constantly talked about every possible aspect of the sport and we spent the majority of our day together (we took nearly the same class schedule and ran together at cross country or track practice). Then, on the weekends we’d spend ever second together- we did homework, watched movies, cross trained, ate ice cream, gossiped, and, of course, ran. Our performances mimicked one another- it seemed like we always got the same place in the mile and two-mile at nearly every meet we competed. We fed off each other’s success and by the end of our senior year we reached the pinnacle of our high school success when she won the Massachusetts state 2-mile and I won the 1-mile and we both earned all-american honors.
    We were known as M&M (both of our names started with M) and people often confused us. I’ve never felt so naturally at ease with another person. We came so far together and I’m convinced I would not be where I am today without her. Two years ago we were forced to part and start our college years. I miss my first training partner and best friend all the time. We both compete at the D1 collegiate level now but through all the hard workouts and races I’ll never forget that my bond with running began with a bond with my best friend from high school. I count down to every holiday and summer vacation when we can once again be inseparable and run our old routes as if no time passed.

  339. My favorite running buddy used to be my yellow lab Charlie — constantly upping my pace and keeping me going because he was just having so much fun that I didn’t want to make him stop. A few years ago he had to have a knee replacement surgery on his left hind leg (they are not just for humans, haha) so he can’t really run anymore. My boyfriend has luckily MORE than picked up the slack — forcing tempo runs when they are the last thing i want to do, always getting me out the door on a Saturday morning when all I want to do is sleep and making “running dates” a regular part of our week. When i ran my first half this past October he was there to jump in and run with me right when I looked like I wanted to stop and walk and pushed me through. This summer we are running our first half TOGETHER and I’m soo excited 🙂

  340. My running partner is my sister in law, Danielle. She has been running longer than me and is always a great motivator. In those moments I think I can’t, she is always there to push me and tell me I can. We can talk about anything, and when I’m winded and can’t talk, her chatting keeps my mind off of the misery! On those great running days when everything is perfect, it is truely a pleasure to be running along side her.

  341. My running buddies are my 2 dogs. They inspire me with their enthusiasm. They never say they are too tired to run. They never complain that its too hot or too cold or they were out too late last night.Brooks(sorry about the name) and Lexie keep me focused. They are always on the lookout for some creature. Makes me able to keep up a steady pace as well as do some speedwork in there. Originally I took them to run for time outdoors for 2 house dogs. But now its really benefited me. I no longer need to wear an ipod to keep me entertained nor carry a taser gun for safety. Its been a win-win run-run success story.

  342. My running buddy is the voice inside my head! Telling me not to slow down, do not worry about the giant hill coming up, keep running! I always thank that voice when I’m finished!

  343. I love when I’m running with a buddy. They provide additional motivation to not just let myself “give up” on a run by either slowing down my pace or cutting my run short. When I run with my boyfriend, I am extra motivated to run faster since I know he is doing me a huge favor by running with me, since my comfortable run pace is at least 90 seconds slower than his. There are often times when I go out to do a 3-4 mile run–and I’m just not feeling it 1-2 miles in. Without a running buddy–those last 2 miles are painful to keep myself going. Anyone who doesn’t have a running buddy should definitely get one!

  344. I have 2 really good running buddies. During the Spring-Fall months, I run with Tina and Kim. They both are simply amazing. They are always willing to push the extra mile and keep the conversation and motivation going. There is never a boring run with them around. During the winter months, I only run with Kim. She is definitely my “kick in the butt” during this cold months in the north. Whether we have to run the treadmill or whether we can brave the icy roads, she is there 100% of the time to make sure we are getting our runs accomplished. She is inspirational and a great motivator. We can carry a great conversation while running and she is a GREAT source of knowledge since she has ran marathons.

  345. My favorite running buddy is my toy poodle, Teddy. He gives me an excuse to catch my breath every once in a while when he find a smell he can’t resist, and bolts ahead of me to drag me up hills. He is also very dependable and caring. One time, I fell on the pavement and he sat down with me licking the cut on my knee and barking for help until I was able to get up and limp home. I know if I ever got seriously injured, he would never leave my side and would be able to get help for me! He is also the reason I began running!

  346. On semi-sporatic occasions my husband is my running buddy. He’s more a sprinter, so when we go out on our runs he goes out fast and I am forced to try and keep up. I complain and whine during the run, but he tells me I’m gonna love him later for it. And, of course, he’s right. When he’s not running with me, my true and always faithful running buddy is my iPod Touch. I turn on my playlist and let ‘er rip. The songs motivate me to keep with the upbeat tempo and they allow me to escape while on my runs!!

  347. My favorite running buddy is my 35# Australian Shepherd, Hera. Why? Because she’s ALWAYS ready at a moment’s notice, and sometimes even keeps me hostage, blocking the door, until I take her with me. 🙂 She also offers up a great excuse to take a short walk break on those few days that I’m not feeling the groove. Love the little gal, and she also happens to be a redhead.

  348. After 26 years of running alone, last year I decided to train with a group for the Boston Marathon. Right away, I realized what was selfishly my “me” time was also a very lonley experience. Our team had about 20 members and it’s where I met my now very special friend and running buddy, Michael Buckely. We have gone on to run many more races together and are again training for Boston this year. He is one of most selfless and inspirational person that I know. In fact, we call him the Mayor as he befriends everyone. Even though we are at different paces (he beats me), throughtout a training run or a race, we motivate each other along the way; we are intune with our behavior, pace, etc can run an LSD in perfect harmony. We communicate weekly about you guess it -running and what moves us. I never feel lonley if I lag behind because I can always sense his prescense and hear his verbal affirmations. He has a very calm demeanor and does not fret over PRs or a “bad” run – all are lessons learned and that attitude is greatly infectiious to other members of our team including me. Thanks to him, I no longer live the life of the lonley distance runner.

  349. My favorite running buddy happens to be my favorite person as well, my Boyfriend. I always say how lucky we are that the time we spend running is some of our together time, while the friends we have along for the run are away from their significant other. We are each others biggest cheerleader. It’s amazing the things you can find out about someone on a run, without a word being spoken. I love my running buddy. And I love that my second love, running, brought us together.

  350. I am an emergency room RN with three young children. I wish I could say I have a running partner but with awkward hours and with keeping up with my boys schedules, I am sort of left on my own. I run late at night or at the spur of the moment when I have an hour to spare. I enjoy my runs alone…it gives me time to think and regroup. I talk to myself and find self motivation. It is the only time I truly have to myself in this busy world. I just finished the Houston Half Marathon in my Mizuno’s…..they served me well!!!

  351. My running buddy is my sister, without her I would have never attempted to run. She encouraged me to run with her. Within the first week she had me running 2 miles nonstop at our local lake trail. For someone who never did anything atheletic I thought that was exceptional. She later talked me into boot camp classes and entering races….things I never would’ve dared dream or do on my own. My sister has helped me change my life and become a positive role models for my kids. My daughter has been running some 5k with me since she was 4. So you see I love my running buddy for giving me courage and confidence to accomplish things I never knew I was capable of.

  352. The thing I love most about my running buddy is that they push me to be a better runner. If I didn’t have a buddy to run with I wouldn’t run as far or as fast as I could go. They make me push my limits which in turn causes me to be a better runner every time I run. I love my runnung buddy!!!!!

  353. My husband Aaron is the perfect running buddy. We compensate for each other perfectly. I love running, he doesn’t, he’s fast, I’m slower, we balance each other out. I get him out and running he pushes me to improve my time, I inspire him to run longer distances. Running is a great reflection of our marriage, give and take and helping each other to be the best that we can be.

  354. My favorite running buddy is my mind. We (Yes, I often refer to myself multiple person fashion, it makes all the multi-tasking a little less crazy when the long days are spread out amongst “us”) have had to continually talk me into going out for runs in spite of several injuries this past year – torn labrum in each hip, inflamed inguinal ligaments (again, both sides), and bouts of asthma along with anemia that isn’t helped by iron supplementation. Most other runners I know would give me a free pass to slack or cut back, but “we” know that we can press on and push through these issues and train smart . At the end of the day, as much fun as it would be to have a running buddy to root me on, I know that ultimately I have to want it bad enough to go do it, and the running buddy in my mind is going to push me beyond what my body wants to do into what it needs to do. That, and a pair of sweet kicks are a never fail combination to get my run on 🙂

  355. My running buddy is my Dad. Watching my Dad run nearly every morning of my life and hearing about his marathons, ultra marathons, and half marathons inspired me to start running. Running with my Dad has brought us closer and definitely improved my running. He always pushes me to do my best and helped me achieve an under 2 hour half marathon for my first half. I can’t wait to run my first full marathon with him in June.

  356. I have two running buddies.
    My mini australian shepard .
    My Stage IV cancer.
    My red merle ,19lb energetic’ wiggle butt’ gets me out and on the back roads moving. He runs two miles to my every one, remembers the palce where I fell once and stands there to be sure I get by that gnarly root, and continues to happily accompany me down the road. He will gladly run 12 miles and sleep at my feet content.
    My Stage IV cancer pushes me out the door with its cold reality ‘ I can eventually win’, my running is my response ‘ I am doing everything I can to keep you away’ . Cancer and its treatments have prevented me from being fast. My feet can really hurt after the miles (due to the side affects of chemo). I am tired and there are some days when running seems untenable.Then the dog pulls his leash from the basket, and I tie on my shoes. Cancer sighs. I get to win for another day!
    The dog pulls, and cancer pushes, my two running pals.

  357. My husband, Jason, is my running partner. We treasure our running time together. We both like to stay healthy for ourselves as well as for our two kids. We take that time to talk about our week and plan out our future. Running seems to make everything more clear to us!!! I couldn’t imagine not having that one thing in common. I think it keeps our bond strong.

  358. My ‘running buddy’ is my husband, Doug. He introduced me to running in May of 2010. He ran his first half marathon, which I went to watch. The crowd and excitement got me, and I started running two days later. (I had never run so much as a mile before!) It’s been non-stop ever since. Since May of 2010, we have completed handfuls of 5k’s, 10k’s, 10 miler’s, as well as 5 half-marathons and 3 full marathons! All along the way, my husband has done nothing but support and encourage me. He’s waited behind with me on slow days, and allowed me to ‘beat’ him on days that I needed a boost. He pushes me when I need pushed, pampers me when I need pampered, and together we’ve accomplished more than I ever thought we could. We’ve held hands across finish lines, we’ve whined together at Mile 20, we’ve celebrated like rock stars after every finish, no matter how far back we were in the pack. Most of all, I’m just thankful that I have my best friend with me during these incredible moments. The best reward isn’t just finishing…it’s being able to turn to him immediately, and say, “We did it!”.

  359. My husband is my running buddy. I love that he believes in me and never gives up on me. He speeds up if I’m in a fast mood without complaint. He slows down when he knows I’m in pain but won’t say anything about it. He runs with me at 5:30am in the dark every morning to make sure I’m safe and not alone. He makes me see things from a different perspective than when I run alone. I no longer need music when he’s with me, because he’s what gets me through. I love that we get to start our day together on a run, working hard and finding peace in togetherness.

  360. Mizuno has had a direct effect on my relationship with the woman I am now madly in love with. When my relationship with Rachel was first blossoming we were both avid runners, but we did not really know that about each other.. It wasn’t until I told her I was looking to get a new pair of Mizunos that she also told me she ran Mizuno, and we became closer. Apparently running was in our blood. She ran in High School, as did her father. I took after my father as well, and began running to supplement soccer and then military training.

    When a rather tragic rugby accident caused a partially torn miniscus in my left knee, my girlfriend was there for me. She encouraged me throughout my extremely slow rehabilitation process, and she gave me the drive to keep moving. Although I will never be as comfortable as I once was, Mizuno and Rachel have both given me what I need to continue going further. I knew Rachel was special when she showed her compassion to me during that trying time in my life.

    I truly fell in love with Rachel during her first marathon this past November in Tulsa. Sporting her Mizunos, and after a minimal amount of training, she punished the Route 66 marathon for a sub 4:30 time, even after she ran an additional .3 miles. Seeing her physical, emotional, and mental toughness during that event let me know that she was a person of character and drive. I was all in after that.

    It is because of Rachel that I am who I am. Her steadfast faith and determination in herself and those around her makes her presence addicting. We are both training for a marathon, my first and her second, and with every step, every drop of sweat, and every second that ticks by, she and I move even closer to an even deeper appreciation and love for each other.

    Thanks Mizuno for setting us up!

  361. My favorite running buddy is not just one person, but the fabulous group that I belong to called the Phillips Phlyers! We are a group of Northeast Ohio Runners who motivate, inspire, laugh, and run together. We encourage each other to push further and go faster. We support our injured runners with words of encouragement and excitedly welcome them back when they recover. Each of us have our own paces and distances, but our love of running is constant. Our friendship extends far beyond our running shoes. When we lost a Phlyer this year to a tragic accident, we rallied around his family, raising money for his young son and sharing running stories of what a great guy Johnny was. They are now honorary members of our wonderful, crazy, happy group. They make getting out the door on those cold, rainy, snowing, blustery days in Ohio worth every minute! <3

  362. i love running found running in 2009! i have no running buddies yet! i have done 3 half marathons and a ton of 5ks and hope to do a full marathon this year!

  363. My favorite running buddy is my mom. As I was growing up we did not get a long that well, like a lot of mothers and daughters do. Now, as I am in my 20’s, she has turned into my best friend. She is actually the one who got me interested in running, the one who gave me the extra push and the one who is my biggest cheerleader. Right now we are training for a half marathon together and I cannot think of anyone else that I would rather run it with.

  364. My best running buddy is the cool night air. There is nothing like having to put on a long sleeve shirt for a night run in the cool air. Always gets your lungs burning, and makes you feel fast. A good playlist on the ipod doesn’t hurt either!

  365. I love my running partner Connie, because she has been by pillar though my weight loss path over the last 2 years. She has never been an athlete and now she is a runner. She is my pacer and my strength during a race and while we train. Me losing a HUNDRED POUNDS has been all because we I want to live as long as I can and to be with her. She is everything to me and why I am here today.

  366. What I love most about my “running buddy” is that he is my husband and life partner, too. We met running, and although it is far from the only thing we have in common, running is a central part of our lives. In December, we ran our first marathon together — it was a struggle for us, and it took us a LONG time, but we did it together, and we were married a few short weeks afterwards. I think, metaphorically, that says a lot about our marriage, and our lives, and the knowledge now that no matter what adversity we face, we know that we can conquer it together!

  367. My sister keeps me going strong! We are signed up and ready to go for Boston on 4/16! Our long runs have become something to be excited about. She’ll sleep over the night before, she has special time with my kids and in the morning we get up and RUN! She pushes me and I push her…without her running wouldn’t be the same.

  368. My FAVORITE RUNNING BUDDY is my dog Rylie. She is a 6 year old boxer/shepherd motivator. When she can be overly hyper and slightly annoying and the days I feel like a slug on the couch; I can count on Rylie as an energy booster. We run all over our yard and sometimes up & down our street. I have lost 25 lbs so far and my dog is a part of my progress and success. xoxox for Rylie!

  369. I love running with my friend Alyssa a few times a week! The miles fly by when we chat and joke around! She is my confidant and a speedy runner, inspirational!

  370. My running buddy is my wife. While she hasn’t actually ran in years, she indulges me by getting up with me every workday at 5am so that I can go get my miles in before work. Did I mention that she does this without complaint (most of the time). My old running buddy was my German shorthaired pointer, until his age caught up to him and he decided staying in his bed on cold, early mornings made WAY more sense. Oh well, I’m left with my Sansa mp3 player for motivation. 🙂

  371. I have become the runner I am today because of my running buddy, my husband Bob. He makes me feel like I am training for the olympics when I do my long runs. He will get up early and designate a place where he will be so I can grab water, gatorade, GU, a cool wet towel, etc. If I run really early when not too many people are out or if I run in desolate areas, he will follow me in his car with his hazard lights flashing! It’s like I have my own secret service agent by my side! I tell him that it is not necessary for him to do that but he tells me that he my safety is #1. I have to admit that I feel pretty spoiled and it is so nice to have that luxury when training, I am continuing to set PR’s in my races and it is all because of my running buddy! The cool thing is that after all these years of watching me run, he is starting to run himself and there have been times when I have been the water girl and it feels awesome to be able to give that back to him. XOXOXOXOXOXO

  372. I love running with my sister! (when she’s in town) She’s a great runner & really keeps me motivated to keep going. Talking and laughing with her helps the time fly by while we run. I live in FL & she lives in VA, so when she does come to visit, i cherish the time we get to run together!

  373. My running buddy is my friend Jenny Nelson. Why I like her as my running partner is pretty simple. “she’s always there”. When I want to run she’s there to motivate me and challenge me to do better, and when I don’t want to run she’s there to encourage me to run and make it a lifestyle change. I’ve always been against running with others in the past because of me being a loner but I’m glad I’ve changed my ways and Jenny was a big part of that.
    Thanks Jen

  374. My running buddies are my husband and 2 boys! They help me to get warmed up (hubby and I walk/jog, boys ride bikes), I head out on my run, then they catch me at the end of my course to cool down. They tell me about anything interesting they encountered while they were out and they ask me the same. They know when I have a race and are always willing to go and cheer me at the finish line.

  375. I truely miss my running buddy. My husband of 23 years passed away in 2007. We ran together since we first married back in 83. He always cheered me on as I ran in races. He never minded all the extra hours I spent running as he worked his butt off to provide our 2 daughters and me a great home to live in, food on the table and of course my Mizuno’s ( many, many Mizuno’s). Every time I buy a new pair I think of John and his sweet kind smile. He was always my coach, my cheering section, my spouse, my life.

  376. If I ever run with someone it’s always my husband. He doesnt have a lot of time to run with me all the time but I love it when he does. And even when he can’t go with me he is so encouraging and supportive. On days when I’m feeling less ambitious he encourages me to stick with it and leaves notes on my treadmill telling me to “keep it up”! I’m so grateful for his support and love it whn we actually get to run together!!

  377. My running buddy is my Gps and heart rate monitor…this watch keeps my training in line and keeps me fro lagging or going too fast for a given day. I have learned a lot from knowing my heart rate and my distance as i train.

  378. My running buddy in my iphone. Why? She shows me motivating images. She sings to me. She talks to me (NikeGPS). She keeps me safe. She calls people when I am hurt, scared, or frozen. She keeps track of my milage. Oh, she wakes me up in the morning….

  379. My running “buddies” are my two small children (ages 4&2). Runs for us mean putting creative healthy snacks together, hopping in the double stroller, and hitting the roads or trails for plenty of frresh air. They inspire me in more ways than they will ever know. My favorite part is when my 2 year old looks up at me with her ornery smile and yells, “Faster Mommy!” 🙂

  380. I have several running buddies:

    1. my colorful imagination
    2. the constant stream of songs in my head
    3. the smile on my face that I don’t know is there until I pass by storefront windows
    4. my Mizuno Wave Riders, from models 6-15
    5. the numerous friends I pass on my runs through a small town where everyone knows my name
    6. the absolute joy that comes from being so fast that I can’t keep an actual human running buddy!

    Rock on, Mizuno! I’ll never wear another shoe!

  381. My running buddy has been my friend for 25 years. We started running together 5 and a half years ago. We both have high school seniors this year so we have stress!! We solve all our problems while pounding the pavement. We get mad, we vent, we laugh, and we get over it while running! She understands me and is the perfect running buddy.

  382. My running partner and I have actually never met in real life. We met on a forum for a mutual interest we shared and became friends. We’re both approaching our 40th birthdays this year and started talking about how we wanted to get in better shape. She started running and I soon followed. We live an ocean apart but every day we talk about how our runs went and motivate each other through stress, illness and celebrate the good times. Now we’re both planning on running (separate) half marathons in April! I don’t know what I would do with out my running-partner-in-a-different-time-zone. She has become a sister to me. I look forward to the day when we hopefully will actually meet and go for a run together!

  383. I don’t have a running buddy 🙁

    My friends don’t run (or live anywhere near me), and my wife’s knees can’t take it.

    I used to run with my dog, Owen, but since developing tendonitis in my knee and a chronic bone inflamation in my leg, running with him is out, as it pulls me off balance and puts undue stress on my legs, exasperating the injury.

    So, when I do run (and I do where Mizuno), it’s solo. Reminds me of high school. In a lot of ways.

  384. I love running with my boyfriend. It’s great to spend time together and get fit at the same time. I love that it’s important to both of us to keep in shape and take care of our bodies, and staying healthy together makes it even more rewarding!

  385. I have two running buddies, my husband and my dog. My husband is a great running buddy, “coach” and number one fan. He is always there to support me and keep me going. I love having my dog as a running buddy also because she will never let us sleep through the alarm because it is “too cold out”, “too hot out” or any other reason that may come up.

  386. My running buddy is knowing that my loved ones are looking down from heaven and saying we are with you for the long run. Believe in yourself.

  387. My running buddy is my friend, Grace. She cheers me on, helps me set goals, and lets me know about all the races in the area. She inspires me to “find the time” to get out there, because she does it even though she has 4 kids under 12 at home who have so many activities, I get dizzy looking at her calendar! Speaking of her kids, all 4 of them have participated in running as well. How about a 10 yr old beating your time in the 10mi for motivation? That is Grace’s girl! Grace has helped me by making it clear that I don’t have to be fast I just have to get out there. She gives me an “atta girl” no matter how many or few miles I get in during the week. I don’t know sometimes if I would keep going if it weren’t for her motivation and inspiration!

  388. What I love about my running buddy’s is that they are faster than me, and skinnier than me. Which is the perfect balance since I’m extremely internally competitive I always want to beat them. They pretend that I’m the ‘rockstar’ and that they couldn’t have made it without my drive, but they really know it is them that drives me. The best thing is that we didn’t even know each other before starting to train for our first half marathons through a run-group. We became instant running buddies by pure chemistry and smiles alone. For the record…they ran their first half in 2.20 while I ran it in 2:22….so now I have to sign up for another 13.1 just to prove I can beat them. See? I told you! Best motivators (and I’m so proud of them too)!!

  389. My running buddy and I ran our first marathon together, step for step. I am currently training for my 2nd marathon alone as she did not get in. It’s not the same and I totally miss her chatter on those long runs.

  390. I love my running buddy because she is my mom. 30 years my senior, she still gets out there and runs her dupa off with me! At age 23, I’ve hit the peak of my running distances and my mom has been there every step of the way to encourage me. She is the best running buddy a person could ask for, I’m so lucky and thankful that I get to spend such greta quality time with her and exercise at the same time. Everyday we take a step closer to lengthening and strengthening our lives together. I hope I get to keep running with her for another 30 years!

  391. Mizuno Mamas!
    I love my running buddy, Sally. We met at the beginning of marathon training last year. She loves to laugh, tell stories, and gets me motivated when I’m not up for running. Together we survived our first marathon and have continued to run. Most importantly, we love our Mizuno Wave Riders. They are our staple running shoe.

  392. My running buddy is my sister, even though we live 6 hours apart. While training for our first marathon we did most of our long runs together. She is the reason I started running in the first place and a great support! I love her!

  393. my fav running buddy is Jen B, on of my Team in Training Teammates! She keeps me going with an upbeat personallity, and she doesn’t mind that I am so much slower. It is great that she challanges me, and at the same time doesn’t push too hard.

  394. through thick & thin, my running buddy has motivated me to go from almost a non-runner to a half marathoner. and despite my “run to get it done” attitude, i am always amazed at her “run because each step makes me happier” attitude.

  395. My running buddy is my wife, so I love just about everything about her. I’m so proud of the fact that she gets out and runs when less than a year ago, she’d never run in any race in her life. She’s improved a lot. Love it that we have something we can do together.

  396. My running buddy is my best friend. It is amazing to run with her! We talk the entire time, catch up on life, it is a great social time! We trained for a marathon together but ran different marathons a week apart. I hope that one day we will be able to run a marathon together! Running is amazing & it is even more amazing when you have great friends to run with!

  397. My running buddy is my husband! He keeps me at a great pace and makes sure I’m up and at em no matter what the weather is!

  398. My sister is my perfect running buddy. We both are struggling to become better runners and pace each other well. We also motivate each other to get out the door and run more often than not.

  399. My running buddy is my two year old Weimaraner, Rooney (named after the Man Utd futbol player). Once I ditched the headphones and playlists for the sounds of nature and a happy pup, my trail runs have taken on a new level of enjoyment. Here’s a pic of Rooney enjoying a quick break on a trail. I dare you not to smile at that cute face!

  400. My running buddy is my chocolate lab. No matter how fast or slow I run, she’s content to just be outside with me. She also makes sure I don’t miss my run by sleeping through my alarm! I love that she keeps me motivated, because she loves our morning runs as much, if not more, than I do.

  401. My running buddy is my husband and I love running with him becuase he is patient and motivating. He is a much better runner than I am, but has encouraged me to get out there with him so we can have this time together to get our minds off the things that stress us day to day. We have entered many races together and rather than focusing on his time, he focuses on finishing together. He is the perfect partner, no matter the event – including the marriage marathon!

  402. My running buddy is one of my best friends. Two years ago when I got back into running, I only ran solo. I put on my headphones, shut the world out & took off. This was great, I thought. Then a friend of mine asked if she could start running with me. She was wanting to lose some weight & train for a 5k & thought she would probably need someone to keep her motivated. I was less than excited, but I couldn’t tell her no. Now she is the reason I run nearly every day. I thought she would slow me down, but instead we push each other. Our workout sessions fly by & our speed, endurance & friendship is only getting stronger.

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  404. I have 2 running buddies. They’re called feet. My run just isn’t the same without one of them.

  405. My running buddy is my best friend. We started running together over a year ago, training for a 10K. My friend wasn’t much of a runner at the time, but after a few runs together she realized she was a natural. We’ve spent countless mornings in the sun, rain, wind, and snow just for the pure joy of the run and the fact that our running time together brings about some of the best conversation. From break-ups, new jobs, big moves, new boyfriends, memorizing books of the bible and just making up stories as we go, running has taught us something about our friendship. Even when it’s hard, we run, even when it’s cold, we run, when it’s sunny, we run. We just keep going, and the same goes for our friendship. Through all of life’s travels we do it together.

  406. My best running buddy was a pair of Mizunos! They were my first love that I can never forget!

  407. My running buddy is my dog Ayla. When I want to quit she looks up at me and I can see her joy at the simple act of running. It motivates me to keep going and enjoy it like she does.

  408. My favorite running buddy is my dog, Sway. After spending two months cooped up at the pound before we adopted him, he is more than ready to get out the door a few days a week to run. The best part is after 6-7 miles and I’m starting to tire, I look down at him to make sure he isn’t struggling and he just looks back up at me with the biggest dog smile. It motivates me to keep going the last few miles.

  409. My favorite running buddy is my brown dog, Otis. If not for his energy as a pup, I would have never ran in the first place. He’s the reason I go out, every single day, rain or shine, cold or hot. He’s also my favorite because even though he can run much faster than I can, he doesn’t judge. His enthusiasm to go out for a walk or run is contagious.

  410. i love my running buddy, Melanie because she turned me into a Runner. She knows exactly how far to push me and helps me become a better runner with every run. She and I can talk and run or … just run… for hours. I wouldn’t be the runner i am today without her!

  411. My running buddies are Ashley and
    Alyssa twin sisters ! When I started running at age 41 ( 15 years ago ) they were our neighbors down the street ! They use to yell and cat call me from their bedroom window when I would run by their house. When they were in High School they both ran on the cross country team! Four years ago I ran into Alyssa at the local half marathon ( her first ) she ran with me that day and we had a great run. In the last four years Ashley has joined us for a number of runs!! This past summer they Trained with me to do their first full marathon!! We logged many miles together!! They never had a father figure growing up so they have adopted me as their running dad and I them as my running daughters!!! They are my motivation as I am theirs!! I am so lucky to have two of the best running buddies!!! I feel so blessed to be with them for their first Marathon 26.2 miles 3 days before their 27th birthday!!

    • You are an amazing running partner. I’m very touched and feel ever so fortunate to have you in my life not only as my “running dad” but also as a friend! Completing my first marathon was one of my proudest moments and I know running side by side to you and Ashley made it that much more special! I love our conversations while running and your motivating comments which always help the miles pass quickly! You are not only motivating, but inspirational! I know your determination and commitment for not only running, but for all things in life has rubbed off on me making me a better mother, daughter, wife, nurse, friend, and runner. You’ve taught me much more than running tips and I will forever be grateful to have you in my life! Thank you 🙂

  412. The one person that I can always count on to be my running partner and best friend is my mom. Not only do we keep basically the same pace, but we’ve been through so much together and always have something to talk about to make the run fun and easy! But really, the real reason why she’s my best running buddy is because we can fart, burp, need to stop to pee, gossip, argue, joke around, and basically be completely ourselves around each other. I have so much potential blackmail material from the years that we’ve run together, and if need be I’m not afraid to use it! *cough*the time she didn’t make it to the porta-potty*cough* Hopefully we can continue to be each other’s running partners until we can’t run any more……then, we can be motor-scooter partners! 🙂

  413. My husband is my running buddy and he is the best running buddy ever. He keeps me motivated, pushes me when I need it and is always my biggest supporter. He has helped me to finish 3 half-marathons and a full marathon. Running not only makes me stronger, it makes our marriage stronger.

  414. My running buddy is my husband. He doesn’t run, actually, he hates running. But even though he doesn’t “get it” he never fails to support me. On my long runs he’ll bike along, acting as my pacer, motivator and pack mule! If I’m slacking off and being friends with the couch he will nag me until I go run, even if I don’t initially want to. Its always worth it. He tags along to races, plays cheerleader and course photographer. He puts up with my whining, excuses, crazy runner notions and lets me spend an insane amount of money on gear and race fees.

    He might not run along with me but he is definitely my running buddy! Although I’ve finally discovered running groups so he might have some competition…

  415. My running buddy is my friend Andrea…running with her and talking to her makes the miles disappear!

  416. My running buddy is my husband, and he always motivates me to reach new heights and PRs. 🙂

  417. It wasn’t until my running buddy became pregnant that I realized how much I love her. Since she’s had to essentially cut running out for the next several months, I’m really missing our time together. Obviously it was nice to have a running buddy to make me exercise on those lazy days, but what I miss most is the time spent talking about relationships, body image, life decisions, work, family, and everything else. No topic was ever off limits. We were able to solve problems and to process so many feelings while pounding the pavement.

  418. I don’t have a running buddy yet because everyone would leave me in the dust. I’m working up to maintaining a good semi-long distance run. I’d rather sprint but I’m getting more versatile 😉

  419. I met my running buddy through a co-worker. We were chatting, and I mentioned that I run and he mentioned his wife was a runner too. After a chance meeting in Costco, and a few email exchanges, my co-worker’swife and I met for a run. It was like meeting my long lost twin, a twin who loves to run and is my pace, only she is taller and looks more like Meg Ryan than me. Our families became fast friends, it’s like we’ve been friends our whole lives.

    We encouraged each other, had awesome run days, had sucky run days, helped one another with injuries and motivation, laughed together, leaned on each other for support. She has a way of making running fun when you know it’s going to suck and you are going to regret it.

    They’ve since moved to Arizona, so physcially, I am without a running buddy but we still encourage each other virtually. I miss her, and miss being able to run on the weekends or evenings together. I miss our kids and husbands hanging out.

    She is still my inspiration and my running buddy, even though we are in two different states. This fall we are visiting them, and guess what we’ll do? Go for a nice long run.

  420. Usually I prefer to run alone, but occasionally my running buddy is my husband. It’s usually a speed workout for me because he runs so fast! Soon I will have two running buddies: my twin babies arriving in April. The jogging stroller is a must!

  421. I love my running partner because we are both very intune with each other. If I’m quiet on a run she fills the void and the same with her. We go out saying we are going to run a certain mileage and if one of us wants to stop and give up the other encourages us. She didn’t start out as a close friend but during many long runs she has turned into one of the closest people to me. It is great to find people that share your passion!

  422. My running buddy is a 14-year-old cross country runner that I’ve coached the past 2 years. She hasn’t had the best home life and was in need of a mentor. She’s awesome because when we run I get to hear the teenage gossip and angst and the carefree feeling of running is multiplied!

  423. My running buddy is a Martian named Kreestov. Everyday he flies through earths atmosphere, risking burning up into a little crisp, to sit on my shoulder and tell me Martian jokes as I run. We giggle and talk about what life is like on his planet and I answer his questions like “what is the function of a rubber duck?” or “why do earthlings insist on hugging it out?”. It’s a worthwhile running relationship…….oh wait he is telling me now I shouldn’t tell others about his existence…errrr woops. In close second is my good good friend who runs at midnight with me, runs in costumes with me, and tells me never to give up! I’m a winner with both my running buddies but not many people can say they have run with a Martian on their shoulder!

  424. My running buddy is myself and I am the best running buddy I’ll ever need. I like running with other people but at 6am I have to rely on my own willpower to get out of bed and put on my running shoes. No one else can push me to go farther or faster than I can push myself, and I am thankful to have a body and mind that can find peace through pounding pavement.

  425. Without my running buddy I wouldn’t be as strong or as fast as I am now. My buddy motivates me, challenges me and inspires me!

  426. I LOVE my running buddies because they are beautiful and keep me motivated to keep running even of they’re not with me. My youngest daughter hits the road with me a lot and we are getting ready to run our first race together! I’m so Psyched to get to run with her! My daughters keep me motivated to keep running so I can continue to watch them grow into the beauiful young ladies they are becoming and my wife so we can grow old together!

  427. I love my running buddy not just because she motivates me to run on miserable cold wet mornings, but she makes me feel good because she listens to all my advice! She is a more beginner runner, and I have been running many years (though just decent recreational speed, not competitive) and since I have more experience, she is up for trying everything I suggest, like hill repeats and speed work on the track, and calls me her coach! She recently ran her first ever 10k in 55 min! Also, she is a PT so gives me advice about running after an ankle injury. I’ve mostly run on my own, but love running with a buddy. The conversation makes long slow runs fly by!

  428. I love that my favorite running buddy, my dog Oliver, keeps me motivated to get out the door. He doesn’t judge my pace, although he does encourage me to run faster with a little tug on his leash. 🙂 He doesn’t care if I need to walk a bit or tie my shoe. He’s just there with a big goofy grin on his face ready to sniff the trees, chase some squirrels and breath some fresh air.

  429. My favorite running buddy is my roommate. We started running together as a way to lose weight and we are now training for our first Marathon. My favorite thing about him is that he helps keep me motivated.

  430. My favorite running buddy is my mom. As of the summer of 2010, my mom could not even run a block. Using her competitive nature to my advantage, I challenged her to run a 5k with me. While I was away at college, she would run in the morning with our dog and call me every day to update me on her distance progress. I would come home almost every weekend to run with her as well. After we completed our first 5k, I challenged her to run 12 races within one year- including a half marathon. At first, it would be me pushing her on the long runs during the weekends- reminding her of what an accomplishment she was completing and how far she had come in just a few months. Over time, my mom became the motivator. She became excited about running and was always there to push me when I had my rough days. She did her research and made sure we were always prepared with the best running gear and running fuel. She began looking up more races for us to do to meet our 12 races in a year goal. Within a year- together, we ran over 12 races including multiple 5k’s, 8k’s, 10k’s, a half marathon, and a duathalon! And- there is no end to my mom’s running now that she has completed her goals! While we may not be able to run side by side as we train for races- she is always a phone call away to motivate me to be just like her. Some of my favorite memories over the past year include: long runs with my mom training for the half, running with my mom the day before my wedding this December- my last run as a single woman, running with my mom around the hospital as a way to clear our heads while my dad was in the ICU for over a week, running with my mom and best friends in a “Race to the Alter” wedding race this November, and the list could go on. At first I though I would be the one to push and motivate my mom to become a runner. I have quickly learned my mom is the runner in the family- who is always there to push and motivate me to become a better runner and a better person. I am always excited to head home for a weekend to spend time on a long run with my favorite running buddy- my mom! She is the best motivator anyone could ever ask for!

  431. My running buddy is my daughter! She’s three, so she adds 31lbs of toddler weight and 20lb of jogging stroller to the hills in our neighborhood. I love running with her because I love teaching her healthy habits, and because midway up every hill she says “go, mommy, go” and “you can do it” to help me along!

  432. My running buddy is my big sis and she’s a keeper because I can fart on my runs and know she’ll never judge me for it. We all know trying to hold in a fart while running is impossible.

  433. My sister is my one and only running buddy. She always pushes me to keep on pace and it’s the perfect way to catch up on life!

  434. My favorite running buddies are my dogs! While its rare we get to run together (Im away at college), I love coming home, putting on their leashes, and seeing what sort of fun we will have- they certainly keep me entertained!

  435. My running buddy is the best. He is never too competitive. He never wants to talk when I’m out of breath. He is super-reliable and always up for a run. My running buddy is me. I run solo.

  436. I love my running partner cause she’s my dog and whenever I get tired her tougnue flapping in the wind perks me up and keeps me going:)

  437. I love my running buddy because he makes a mean batch of post-run pancakes

  438. My running buddy is my father. He is almost 34 years old and on saturday/sunday mornings he puts me in the running stroller and we go for 2, 3, 4 loops of the park.

    I am never really sure, because I mostly fall asleep in the middle of the second loop. Until then, though, we love shouting “doggie!” when we see one and saying hello to other babies.

    When we come home mamma is at the door and I jump to her arms because I missed her and because it’s so cold out there!!

  439. I’ve been running for 26 years. I no longer have coaches to guide me, teammates to encourage me or PRs to chase. I commute 2 hours each day, work full time and go to school part time. Running is often the last thing I want to do when I get home. But every night after work my labradoodle eagerly greets me, excited to go running. He’s the best motivation I’ve ever had, he doesn’t care how slow I go and with him, there’s no such thing as a bad run.

  440. My running buddy is my dog. He is a great motivator because I always have to take him out and if we are going out for a walk we might as well go for a run. He also never needs to be persuaded to run, he is always excited to go out, even more so in “bad” (re. cold and rainy) weather. He can go farther than me, even when we go 12, 15, 17 miles at a time he always has the energy to help me finish strong. In short, he loves to run and makes me love to run with him.

  441. We are at the same time the same time the same and the opposite magnet poles: the same pole as we are very stubborn, pursue our goals until we die, … but just the opposite as I’m much more impulsive, more competitive, race harder and in a more instinctive manner while she is much more quiet, race thinking much more, …
    So, training together is a very instructive lesson for both of us as we compliment each other and made training that we couldn’t do if we do them by ourselves.

    Apart from that, we love making photos to our shoes ands clothing and try to compliment our dresses when training so, the possibility of having the same model and nearly the same colour… and even in a shoe that suits our needs perfectly… ummmmm… impossible to find a better present 😀

  442. Even though she rarely runs with me, per se, I’d have to say my wife. So supportive of the craziness! <3

  443. I’m little by little getting to be a better runner. No running buddy yet!

  444. My life partner, Alison, has run for many years – she had a wall full race medals long before I knew of my own love for running. During an especially stress point in life in ’08 she encouraged me to take a daily walk. I did. After a while, parts of those walks turned into slow runs. Then the entire “walks” became runs. Then those runs got faster and longer. Running literally saved and changed my life. I look, feel, and act different. I am ever so fortunate to have such a wise life/running partner. While she has other running buddies, we share a few wonderful runs together each week. We now run some 60 miles each week and race to raise support for children with autism. Alison has a team organizing a 5k this spring for children with autism and we are planning to run Chicago in October together – also for children with autism. I think giving her a pair of these red Mizuno kicks for Valentines Day is an excellent idea! Thank you. 🙂

  445. My running buddy is my husband. He’s been a great motivator but I also believe I have been a great motivator to him as well. I was never much of a long distance runner and he has pushed me to keep up with every day. My husband also was never a cardiovascular fan. For him it was always weights,weights and more weights. Now that I’ve got him into it we both push each other and it’s become a nice bonding experience for us as well. Not to mention he does make the best green protein smoothies afterwards!!

  446. I love that my running buddy is always up for a little friendly competition. Beating him is the best motivation!! HaHa 🙂 Gotta love my cocky little the nephew 🙂

  447. My running buddy is my sweet sister! We like to run/walk in Audubon Park when the weather allows us to do so. We keep each other entertained by trying to guess which song the other is listening to- via hand motions and lip syncing. It’s a ridiculous and fun way to keep us moving!

  448. I love my running buddy, Theresa. We share much more than gossip and a few laughs, we share a common determination to keep fat and laziness at bay. We have embraced our inner runner and are teaching her to push faster and further. We have been running together for the last 2 years and have participated in a couple Breast Cancer Awareness and local charity runs. We both run on our own some and then 2-3x per week are able to run together. Those days when we are together you can feel the pace quicken. The time flies as we run around our small rural Iowa town. We run in the streets sometimes in the early morning and other times after work. We have both had a surgery in the past month and are on injured reserve. We are looking forward to hitting the pavement again in February. Our goal this year is to increase our daily mileage. I feel we are an example to our community of fitness and friendship.

  449. My favorite running partner is my wife. Why? She’s not a runner but she understands that I need to run. She never complains…. Let’s me wake her up at 5am so I can get my long run in. Travels out of town on the weekends to races. Is there at the finish line cheering me on as If I am the winner!

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