Finding Humor in Running

Running Humorist Mike Antonucci

Some runners take their sport very seriously. Then there are those who take it, well, less seriously. Mike Antonucci is one of those people. And he is proud of it.

As the brains behind, Antonucci does what he can to find the most LOL-inducing stories every day. He created the site due to the plethora of uber-serious publications dedicated to running. “Let’s lighten up!” he exclaims on his “About Us” page. “Running is funny … and fun.”

Perhaps it has to do with all those endorphins floating around. We decided to ask Antonucci and find out.

Why is running so funny?

Have you seen the people out there? It’s the only thing you can do that makes your body feel great while you look ridiculous.

When is it not so funny?

When you have completed a marathon and there are 17,000 people in the line in front of you for a cup of lukewarm tomato soup—for which you would gladly sell your soul at that moment.

Do all runners have a sense of humor?

Runners as a group do have a better sense of humor than most amateur athletes. You never see someone show up for a round of golf in a rhino suit or play tennis while juggling.

Can you share with us your most funny running memory?

I once thought I could qualify for Boston. That’s pretty funny now that I remember it.

What about the most funny running video?

That’s like choosing your favorite child, but I like this TV ad called “The Day after the Marathon.”

Can you explain The Carnival of Running?

The Carnival of Running is a weekly compilation of humorous and odd running stories, races and blogs. Sometimes they share a single theme. I’ve had carnivals devoted entirely to Santa races and pancakes.

Is running and laughing at the same time advisable, or is it the same as laughing while drinking milk?

I would suggest Gallow-laughing, where you run for 3 minutes then laugh for 1.

What about the funniest type of running shoes? Does such a thing exist?

Well, I’ve written quite a bit about stiletto races, and I’m sure everyone thinks I’m going to say Vibram Five Fingers…. but funniest running shoe has to be the kind that look like hairy hobbit feet.

Running shoes built for The Funny Pages.


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  1. Thank you so much for using time in order to publish “Finding Humor in Running
    | News”. Thank you so much for a second time

  2. I have searched the net for about 20 hours looking for a funny shoe that looks like Big Foot and the shoe goes about 4 or 5 inches above the ankle. The section of the shoe from the ankle up to the top have nasty looking black hairs on it. I am having the 11th surgery on a foot that was injured ten years ago. I want to have them on my feet with a sheet covered them so when the doctor comes to look at my ankle prior to surgery, he’ll pull up the sheet and see these outrageous shoes.

    Any help in finding this particular style of five finger shoes would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I regularly read Running Is Funny. Mike has the best sense of humor and I always learn about the sport. I’m nowhere near a marathon yet, but I can say after running a half and multiple 5 and 10k races, I’d rather run funny than serious!

    Jessica Chapman, Founder,

  4. I have to say that the running shoes feet are probably one of the best and funnest running shoes i have seen in a very long time 🙂 I cant wait to get my hands on a pair of them !

  5. I laugh while running all the time, which is great but it always makes me pee my pants, which isn’t so great.

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