Contest: Win Pearl Izumi Streak II

Ever wonder what you look like when you run?

For most, it’s a thought that doesn’t often occur. Yet it’s during those seconds and minutes where your mind is free to roam while your feet pound the pavement. You let go of all the thoughts that might hold you back and just go for it. You tap into the initial reason humans first picked up their feet so fast. You embrace the need to survive. You run like an animal.

And since that’s exactly what Pearl Izumi running shoes urge its wearers to do, it seems only natural that we would incorporate that mantra into this running shoes giveaway. So, please tell us:

What animal do you run like?

It doesn’t matter if your running style is a physical replica or a copy of the mental mindset of a beastly being. Maybe it’s just a creature that provides great inspiration. Whatever animal comes to mind, share it in the comments section of this blog post. You will automatically be entered to win a pair of Pearl Izumi Streak II to further enhance your running abilities. Include a link to a photo of either you or your animal clone for bonus points!

Pearl Izumi Streak II


  • Weight: 7.9 oz
  • 1:1 Seamless Upper creates an unparalleled fit with a seam-free interior
  • 1:1 360° Lacing anatomically conforms to the foot for a tailored fit regardless of foot shape
  • NEW 1:1 Energy Foam cushions the forefoot upon impact and then returns energy back to the runner
  • Outsole-grade EVA and blown rubber outsole combines for great cushioning and weight savings
  • Segmented forefoot for a smooth, efficient ride
  • NEW Ortholite® sockliner for amazing step-in comfort and long-lasting cushioning
  • NEW 100% recycled lace webbing and laces
  • Heel/Toe offset: 19.0mm/10.0mm

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will be announced on Nov. 9, 2011.

Featured image via TriJim

66 Comments on “Contest: Win Pearl Izumi Streak II

  1. i run like a the beauty of its slotting in front of predators

  2. Wishfully I want to look like a lean Jaguar, with speed, grace and agility.
    Reality is that it resembles a wobbly penquin who breathes like Darth-Vader on hills.
    Oh well…..its okay to dream!!

  3. I must say I run like a giraffe with body and head extended forward!

  4. I think I resemble a penguin. At times, when looking down to check my gait, my feet look like flippers 🙂

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  6. I wish I could say that I run like a cheetah, but the honest truth is that I look more like a donkey

  7. Just saying.. I am on my third pair of Pearl Izumi’s… These shoes are so very comfortable and easy on the hips and knees.. I’m entering because my local shop doesn’t carry them anymore! As for my running style.. Though my PI’s may make me look fast, I run like a shuffling snail! Slow and easy.. but hey, it’s all about getting out there and running!

  8. I currently probably run like an ostrich:) I hurt my back on a long run last week and now have a bit of an awkward hobble!!

  9. I would imagine I would run like a penguin. I have some extra weight that I’m working on so right now I feel like I “waddle” when I run. But I’m hopefully that one day my waddle will be a comfortable run. Today, it was two miles 🙂

  10. Sadly, my husband says I run like a penguin. LOL!! I think that he means I take small steps and somehow shake my hips back and forth quite a bit. Embarrassing but true!!

  11. A tree sloth’s top speed is .003 mph (not kidding). He would probably beat me in a race.

  12. Some people would consider her an animal in some regard… SO I think I run a bit like Phoebe from friends, you can see it here Seriously, I don’t flap my arms around but my legs do this crazy thing where they splay out to the sides as though I am trying to kick someone next to me while running. I didn’t know I did this until I watched a video of me running during my triathlon! Too funny!!!

    If it needs to an actual animal I guess I run like a hotdog wearing sneakers: My legs do the SAME thing!

    I am working on having my legs run straight like everyone else but I think the size of my hips and butt (they’re a bit big) make it hard to keep them in a straight line.

    I would love to win a new pair of shoes as mine have definitely taken a beating this training season!

    Erin from

  13. A giraffe… I’m really tall with long legs and it looks awkward when I run lol

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  16. I run like a handicapped gorilla. Painful to look at… good thing I run before most people get up in the mornings.

  17. i run like a boxer dog. sll the energy and excitement of getting into the outdoors and going for a jog. can sprint when needed and can run at a good pace at other times.

  18. I run like a Mama bear, fast when I need to be but mostly just at my own pace. I run behind my triple jogging stroller complete w/ my 4yr old daughter, 3yr old daughter and 1 1/2 yr old son. I run w/ strength, purpose and always aware of my surroundings and the safety of my cubs. 🙂

  19. My loving husband says I run like a penguin. He says I put in a lot of effort but I don’t get any place fast. I hope he knows how to make himslef dinner tonight! Thanks HONEY!!!

  20. I consider myself to run like a gazelle, light on my feet and fast, but the reality is I’m more of a Ostrich.

  21. a cheetah….wishful thinking 🙂

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  22. I run like a fat, overfed, bored and skitddish house cat who only thinks about food and keeping you up at night. Why? Because according to “The Oatmeal” the average house cat, as perfectly described above, can run FASTER than Usain Bolt by three MPH, which makes them and now ME, hella fast, sneaky and awesome. I run like you would never expect it and I won’t puke on your kitchen floor!! PROOF: BOOM! #themoreyouknow #yepIhashtaggedoutsideoftwitter

  23. I most resemble a Coyougar when I run… Yes thats right a coyote/cougar hybrid… I run like a coyougar…

  24. I imagine I run like a wombat. I have no idea what wombats really look like when running, but I imagine them to be round, not particularly efficient, and I’m sure road races are not their natural habitat. So there I am: a road-race-running wombat who enjoys sporting the bright lime green color that just happens to be featured on those awesome Pearl Izumi kicks. Pick me!

  25. Irun like a sled dog.
    I push through snowy, icy, frigid conditions with relative ease, but heat makes me pant and snarl.
    I love running as part of a team: human and canine alike. : D

  26. I run like a drunk squirrel. I look pretty silly and I don’t have much athletic ability. Hopefully that will change eventually!

  27. Ha! I’m gonna pick a turtle. Yep, I know they don’t run, but we got the same pace- slow and steady. 🙂

  28. Since self delusion is my best friend. I am sure my face is masculine, stern, placid focus; my pecs are chisled marble; arms seem to be pulling the world past me; the back of my body and legs are indefineable due to dimensional phasing…….. Yep, that’s it. I’m sure. The only thing that would make me perfect are these Pearl Izumi Streak II’s.

  29. I run like a grizzly going down a hill…in other words I’m slow. But I’m also just as determined to finish strong. Maybe one day I’ll run like a Thoroughbred.

  30. Love the shoes!! I run like a t-rex because I hold my head high and in the words of Ricky Bobby, “I don’t know what to do with my hands….”

  31. Many days I feel like a hippo…not necessarily the girth but the pace. 🙂

  32. I run like a T-Rex, OK not a real animal, my arms are tucked in tight and my mouth is wide open.. The more I PUSH the more I look like a T-Rex….it ain’t pretty, but it is me. For the record in my mind I think I look like a gazelle when I run, the reality is not so pretty.. Clamoring along like a pre-historic animal.

  33. Have you ever seen a hungry cheetah chase down its prey…wicked fast…yeah, that’s not me. I’m more like the stumblin, bumblin brown bear. Fast enough when I need to be, but slow and methodical most of the time.

  34. I’d love to say I run like some graceful animal. A deer or a lion or something. But I think I’m really more like a duck. Kind of all over the place and with no idea what to do with my feet.

  35. Like a shark cruising through the ocean looking for it’s next prey ie: another runner — NOT

  36. I would love to say that I run like the roadrunner, ha ha… I’m going to say that I run like an ostrich: Long strides, not phenomenally fast but not slow and without a lot of “wing” movement.

  37. I run like a flamingo, a pink one. My neck is usually bent out forward in a U shape like my beak is too heavy for my frame. I really need some posture training. When I used to wear my pink Target track suit and my pink Nike Shocks I’m pretty sure you could have put me in the Flamingo pen at the Zoo and no one would have noticed. I think these shoes will help me a lot.

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