OR Show 2011: New Trail Runners from Salomon [VIDEO]


At Outdoor Retailer 2011, Salomon‘s display wall of current and new styles caught the attention of many visitors. Finding a few moments to talk with Running Shoes News, Jeff of Salomon outlined features of current models and previewed new styles for Spring 2012.

Named the best debut trail shoe by Runner’s World, Jeff had a lot to say about Salomon’s XR Crossmax. He stated that this was one of their favorite awards because the staff of Runner’s World review the shoe in their laboratory and runners are brought in to evaluate it. “They have a set of wear-testers that take and put the shoe through their paces,” said Jeff.

XR Mission

He also shared details about the XR Mission, which is very similar to the XR Crossmax. It is very, very lighweight and has a little bit more spring in its ride than the Crossmax. Another interesting feature for this shoe is that there are distinct versions of the style for men and women. The uppers are gender-specific and ensure better ride and fit. Look for the new style in the spring of 2012.

A more vibrant color scheme to the XR Mission.

Bright and bold will be the trend for Fall 2012. Salomon will be offering a number of its new styles in showstopping color schemes, such as the XR Mission.

Spike Cross sole

For those year-round runners, the Spike Cross has a sole with supreme traction with tungsten spikes. Perfect for snowy and icy conditions, the front of the foot is coated in a Climashield membrane that keeps feet dry and maintains breathability.

What styles are you most looking forward to from Salomon this fall?

One Comment on “OR Show 2011: New Trail Runners from Salomon [VIDEO]

  1. I’ll be definitely looking forward to an allround training shoe like the XR Mission; it’s look promising and way more attractive with flashy color schemes.
    I always disliked trail shoes because of their dull brown/dark gray-green colors.

    A spiked lightweight addition to an already appreciated Speedcross would be nice for speedwork out of paved roads; I’ll considering that option as well.

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