Poll: Where Do You Keep Your Running Shoes?

When you’re not out hitting the pavement, where do your running shoes go?

A recent poll conducted at OregonLive.com asked readers where they stored their running shoes. The poll’s creator swears that her running shoes multiply like rabbits when she’s not looking.

So far 34 people have participated in the poll, with the majority reserving their closet as home for running shoes at rest. Others store their shoes in the entryway, mudroom/utility room/garage or place them wherever they decide to take them off around the house.

Apparently nobody leaves them out on the patio or porch, which makes sense because you don’t want a daddy longlegs setting up shop in your Mizunos, do you?

So, where do your shoes go when you’re not wearing them? Take the poll.

[Image via Flickr]

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