Shoe Spotlight: Under Armour Fat Tire


When a couple of Under Armour employees were out running the trails, they saw a few “fat tire” bikes whiz past them and inspiration struck. What if the ultra-rugged tire tread found on Wild Grip’R bikes was adapted and repurposed for a trail shoe? And thus, the Under Armour Fat Tire running shoe was born.



This innovative trail runner incorporates key Under Armour technologies such as a Storm water-resistance treatment and Charged foam with a thick, grippy Michelin green compound outsole. The hard-to-miss outsole packs plenty of plush while the micro-lugs handle rocky terrain with ease. From its bold colors to its bouncy feel, it’s unlike any shoe you’ve ever worn.

Would you wear the Under Armour Fat Tire? Let us know in the comment section below.


One Comment on “Shoe Spotlight: Under Armour Fat Tire

  1. Would love to. Saw my friend with them this weekend. Want a pair bad.

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