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Top 9 Ugliest Running Shoes Ever

Ever spot something that just makes your nose crinkle up in disgust. And it’s not the scent of the shoe we’re talking about. Oh no. We dug up nine ugly shoe styles that give Vibram FiveFingers, Uggs and Crocs combined a run for their money.

Best Running Shoes for Zombie Apocalypse Survival

For Zombie Awareness Month, one staff member stepped into 12 pairs of running shoes in order to determine the best set of kicks for the always-looming zombie apocalypse. After testing out shoes from six brands, she gives us her top picks.

Q&A: The Running Moron

While his nickname might suggest it, Brett Stevens is no fool. Sure, he might not be an Olympic athlete, but his Average Joe take on running is certainly turning a few heads. Find out more about the man behind the blog The Running Moron.