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What’s New: Asics, Brooks and Saucony

There’s something for everyone! Sneak a peek at the new styles hitting our warehouse shelves this month.

Top 10 Shoes from Summer Outdoor Retailer 2013

We saw more than 75 new shoes at this season’s trade show, but these 10 are the ones we’ll be eagerly awaiting the most.

Kinvara 3: Saucony Improves Upper, Outsole

Saucony’s much anticipated release for Fall 2012 actually hits stores in late spring. Since inception, the Kinvara has pretty much been a homerun. So did Saucony mess with perfection? We take a closer look at the Kinvara 3.


Saucony’s Minimalist Movement: the Kinvara 2, ProGrid Mirage and Hattori [VIDEO]

Saucony gets minimal with their 2012 collection by completely dropping the 12mm offset and focusing on the advantages of 8mm and below. We take a look at the trend’s evolution through the brand, and see what’s in store for the coming year.

The Lowdown on Saucony’s Spring Line [VIDEO]

Saucony moves closer to the ground this spring. Inspired by the barefoot movement, the running shoe maker is updating its flagship styles for efficiency. See behind the scenes footage from Outdoor Retailer – Summer Market 2011.

‘Runner’s World’ Picks Top Shoes for Fall

It’s that time of year again. Fresh off the presses, the September issue Runner’s World contains the 2011 fall running shoe guide. Most of these shoes can be found in one convenient location… RunningShoes.com. Check out some of the best running shoes for fall.

Best Running of the Bull Shoes

What does one need to be successful in the Running of the Bulls? Saucony answered that question last year with a pair of blazing red, special-edition kicks geared toward the annual festival for risk-takers in Pamplona, Spain. Olé!

Best Running Shoes for Zombie Apocalypse Survival

For Zombie Awareness Month, one staff member stepped into 12 pairs of running shoes in order to determine the best set of kicks for the always-looming zombie apocalypse. After testing out shoes from six brands, she gives us her top picks.

‘Runner’s World’ Showcases New Balance Neutral Shoes

New Balance’s cushy neutral kicks were recently featured in Runner’s World and Running Network magazine. Which ones made the cut? Discover the best New Balance has to offer for neutral runners.

‘Men’s Fitness’ Features Mizuno Wave Musha 3

The April issue of Men’s Fitness pointed to Mizuno’s Musha 3 as the best racing shoes out there. What is it about these kicks that make them so superior? Let’s take a closer look at the magazine’s 2011 running guide to scope it out.