The Lowdown on Saucony’s Spring Line [VIDEO]

The minimalism trend is impossible to ignore. Saucony can attest to that.

The running shoe manufacturer is revisiting the geometry of three of its franchise styles for spring 2012. The ProGrid Guide 5, the ProGrid Triumph and the ProGrid Hurricane will all be updates that include new midsole heights.

“It benefits runners because it allows you to land more midfoot if you so choose,” said Tim Knowlton, VP of Sales at Saucony. “It doesn’t necessarily change your gait cycle, but it allows you to be more efficient, to land with less impact, to get more cushioning under the foot.”

Check out the video above to learn more about what Saucony has in store for spring. Click on the images below to for a more close-up look.

Which Saucony style will you be wearing this spring?


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