Top 9 Ugliest Running Shoes Ever

Technical running shoes are often criticized for being “ugly.” Usually these negative comments come from non-runners who lack the appreciation of a good pair of shoes.

But to deem something “ugly” is really a subjective thing. Everyone has a different idea of what ugly really means. For example, many believe Vibram FiveFingers to be the epitome of icky footwear. Others peg that on Crocs or Uggs.

Running the gamut of cringe-worthy to oh-my-gosh-look-away, we dug up what we believe to be the top nine most hideous and horrifying crimes against running shoe fashion ever committed. Did we forget your favorite? Be sure to add a link to it in the comments section.

Running Clogs

While they might be excellent stability shoes, we can guarantee that wooden cushioning is not the way to go.

Futuristic Footwear?

This shoe atrocity was inspired by Back to the Future II. If this is what the future looks like, let’s not go there. Ever.

Just Bieber It

Let’s hope Bieber fever is not contagious. And someone finds a cure for it. Quickly.

Track Meat

Part of Lady Gaga’s new shoe line perhaps? Either way, this is a surefire way to distract opponents and give flies something to buzz about. Yuck.

Crusty Combo


It might be just us, but the color scheme of this shoe sort of reminds us of the layers of the Earth. Whatever it is, it’s unfortunate.

Rainbow Brite

Please don’t wear these unless you are actually serious about time traveling back to 1985 to stand in line for the Rainbow Brite movie.

Devil of a Shoe

Sure, this is really only an ad. But if someone actually wants to pump up the volume in these fire-engine red speaker kicks? We will be OK with it. Because to be honest, we can’t decide whether this shoe is atrocious or actually awesome.

Eyesore Kicks

Dragons, lizards, snakes … whatever it may be, these sneakers definitely have a creepy reptilian vibe that we just can’t escape. And those eyes. They have to be the kind that follow onlookers around the room.

Hannibal Lecter’s Shoes

What takes the cake of repulsiveness? This human flesh shoe. Is it real? No. But does it look real? Yes. And it also moves by using animatronics robotics. Beyond sick.

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