Top Runners of Instagram

These photographers offer variety in their ‘grams—more than just shots of their Garmins or evidence of their shoes slapping pavement. Although you will certainly find these portraits sprinkled throughout their feeds (they are, after all, runners), you’ll also find pictures that give your stream a steady mix of creativity and inspiration.

Run happy.

Source: @vo2_max

Source: @vo2_max

USER: @vo2_max

BIO: Differentiating between existing and living. #FurtherFasterForever

WHY HE DESERVES A FOLLOW: He lives in Hawaii and posts envy-inducing pictures that’ll make you want to hop on a plane immediately. Why can’t we all run through paradise?

Source: @runbimma

Source: @RunBimma

USER: @RunBimma

BIO: Social Media Specialist at @Saucony. Louisiana-raised runner, recently relocated to Boston with my girlfriend @kateyoung to work at Saucony.

WHY HE DESERVES A FOLLOW: He started the Claim Your Journey movement and a running tour, Run Louisiana, through his home state. His pictures offer a snapshot into the life of a man who is inspiring people simply through practicing what he preaches. (Bonus: He snagged a sub-19 5K PR earlier this year and is chasing a 1:25 half.)


Source: @garyrobbins

USER: @garyrobbins

BIO: Outdoor enthusiast. Sometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises.

WHY HE DESERVES A FOLLOW: He has run multiple ultramarathons, including the HURT 100 ultramarathon in Honolulu, of which he is a multi-time winner. His pictures showcase anything from the tippy top of mountains to white-sand beaches (and everything in between).

Source: @msprincessleigh

Source: @msprincessleigh

USER: @msprincessleigh

BIO: Christian, Mom, Phi Mu, #sweatpink Ambassador, one of #ThoseAlabamaGirls loves #runDisney Half Fanatic #1445 Marathon Maniac #6744 Run it Fast #192

WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: Her feed has to be one of the more colorful ones out there as she chronicles her love for RunDisney. You’ll see your favorite princesses pop up from time to time along with snapshots of the most magical place on earth.

Source: @mileposts

Source: @mileposts

USER: @mileposts

BIO: mommy x3. runner. dreamer. marathoner{x24} 3:11. 10 mile 1:06. published writer. saucony blogger. women’s running magazine cover model. #irunthisbody

WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: She is constantly updating her photo collection—as in, three to five times a day—and offers a mix of running life, family life and inspiration to go farther.

Source: nycrunningmama

Source: nycrunningmama

USER @nycrunningmama

BIO: Mom of 2, Ultrarunner, Marathoner, Triathlete, Tng for Ironman Lake Placid, Running Coach, Former Army CPT/Vet…Lots of pics of running & kids =)

WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: This former Army captain trained for Boston during her third deployment and came home to nab a time of 3:21. Expect an equal mix of running, family and courage from her snapshots.


Source: @bryan_cichon

USER: @bryan_cichon

BIO: Dad, runner, traveler and triathlete in training. Mostly iPhone. Life, food, drink, music, running, cycling, travel & love. Life is short! Live well.

WHY HE DESERVES A FOLLOW: It seems like he conquers any race he sets out to complete and has a fantastic time along the way. His photos showcase his love for any starting line (especially those races with a frothy pint of beer at the end).

Source: @oiselle

USER: @oiselle

BIO: Go fast. Take chances.

WHY IT DESERVES A FOLLOW: Oiselle’s feed chronicles the company’s mission of encouraging feisty females to go fast and take chances. Expect a mix of racing camaraderie, new products and cameos by racing pro Lauren Fleshman.

Source: @nutbutterrunner

Source: @nutbutterrunner

USER: @NutButterRunner

BIO: A food & fitness nut serving up a dose of healthy living. Interested in all things #healthy #food #running #fitness and of course… #peanutbutter

WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: For the running foodie, her stream is a must to add to your favorites. Along with photos of her crushing her runs, she posts what’s cookin’ in her kitchen, photos that are sure to make your mouth water as you scroll down.

Source: @ehalnon

Source: @ehalnon

USER: @ehalnon


WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: She shows you don’t have to sacrifice social life for running life; they are, in fact, the same. Follow along as she displays her love for sweating, craft brews and all things Vermont (though D.C. is home for now).

Source: @

Source: @mokabest

USER: @mokabest

BIO: Unconventional, undomestic mom of 4 & pro triathlete.

WHY SHE DESERVES A FOLLOW: She’s shooting for a spot on Team USA at the 2016 Olympics. Her feed displays her love for the outdoors, training and her four kiddos.

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